dnd 5e – Can I use the cleric spell light and a magnifying glass to light a fire?

Not by RAW: "bright light" = / = "sunlight" = / = "The Sun"

Magnifying glass. Lighting a fire with a magnifying glass requires
light as bright as sunlight to focus, tinder to light and about 5
minutes for the fire to ignite
. Basic rules, p. 51)

None of the rules indicate heat as a characteristic of various light spells, although some characteristics of spells that are "sunlight" also cause radiant damage. The light cantrip is not described as sunlight, nor "as bright as sunlight."

Sunburst / Evocation 8th level / Bright sunlight in a
60 foot radius centered on a point you choose within the range.

And that spell doesn't last the required 5 minutes.

It is not clear whether the "radiant" damage includes or not "heat" or if it is some kind of magical sacred radiation. Not all light sources can do what the sun does.

  • For example, my LED flashlight illuminates our kitchen quite well
    when I hang it from the beams, but I can't concentrate that light
    in something that will cause a fire. Yes, I tried a challenge from my son.

Is this a great idea to light a fire? Yes.

Under Rules as fun, I could rule as DM that with a little time and effort, a clergyman could (with a suitable magnifying glass or with a similar element like a lens of a spyglass (Expensive!)) Concentrate enough heat of light on something that ignites a fire. But a tinderbox is much cheaper. Do you want to disassemble that spyglass and may not be able to use it?

1,000 gp spyglass
100 gp magnifier
Tinder 5 sp.
(Basic rules, p. 51)

There are a couple of other cantrips that can light a fire as part of their basic function: druidcraft, produce flameor that old standby prestidigitation

• Instantly light or extinguish a candle, a torch or a small
bonfire. (Basic rules, p. 102)

Animation – Text and video on a glass / window

I am a beginner user of Unity and I am interested in high tech issues.
So I am looking to make a futuristic high tech game room in HDRP. Therefore, I am looking to have some effect on my window in the room. The plan was to do it in order to turn it on / off, show a movie and show the text changing all the time. It is not necessary to interact with the windows, but rather as an animation on a transparent surface. Is this something an n00b can do, or is it really complex?

wi fi – Cannot configure wifi and / or bluetooth in Google Glass EE 2

I have a Google Glass Enterprise 2 Edition (yes). I can't connect wifi or bluetooth (the main objective is wifi).

For wifi, I tried the following first:

  1. On the glass: Settings → Wifi → Selected network.
  2. On the MyGlass website: "Continue with my computer" → Enter Wi-Fi information → Generate QR code.
  3. Glass asks you to scan the QR code, I scan it, it says "invalid QR code". A considerable search produced no additional information for troubleshooting.

Then I tried using the MyGlass application on an Android device. I tried the following in a Google Pixel and a Kyocera Brigadier:

  1. Install the MyGlass application.
  2. Enable Bluetooth
  3. There really are no instructions on the screen; It seems that a video tutorial is supposed to be embedded in the application, but it never loads. We clicked on "find my glass" in the application. He did not see the glass.

I tried to pair the Glass with the phones manually, first from the side of the Glass:

  1. Enter the Bluetooth settings on the phone to make it visible.
  2. The phone appears in Glass, select it, pair.
  3. The pairing seemed successful, but then disconnected immediately.

Then I forgot all the devices and tried again from the side of the phone:

  1. Enter the Bluetooth settings in Glass to make it visible.
  2. "Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2" appears on the phone. Select it, par.
  3. The pairing seemed successful, but then disconnected immediately.

In both cases, after pairing, if I select the Glass from the Bluetooth menu of the phone, it says "Connecting …" → "Connected" → it disconnects immediately.

In all cases, I could not make any progress in the MyGlass application.

Therefore, I cannot configure Wi-Fi and I cannot pair the device. Does anyone know how to do any of these?

Add icons to the glass starter

Is it possible to add application shortcuts to the Glass Launcher in Google Glass (Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in my case)? If so, how?

To be clear, I want to say that I have developed an application and I would like to add its icon to this screen (currently, the only way I know how to start the application is manually through adb):

enter the description of the image here

Is there a glass ceiling in the United States?

Just look at the numbers. Sure, there are corporations, law firms and large retailers with female executives, but most of them are run by men.

An executive woman has said something like: "To get to the top in business, a woman has to be smarter, better educated and more agile than her male competitors. Fortunately, this is not particularly difficult."


Keyboard – Handling Bluetooth mouse inputs in Google Glass

I have paired a Twiddler 3 device with my Google Glass XE. When the keyboard is connected, when you move the joystick, the mouse moves on the screen. I would like to be able to handle the joystick events in my Java code for an Android application that I am developing.

I have reviewed the Android and StackOverflow documentation, but I can't find anything that answers this: How can I handle the Bluetooth mouse movement events on Android, specifically on Google Glass?

My headset is at API level 19.

filters: can the rear glass be repaired with a broken lens?

Zenitar 16 / 2.8 with cracked rear glass – I know it's a filter. The lens do not focus on the infinite without it, and the damage is so bad that the lens can not to be used with that. The size is unusual 26.5×0.5. Transparent replacement filters do not appear to be available. The only filters of this size for sale seem to be sets of colors that people probably discard because they only retain the transparent filter. Can the filter be repaired? Is there anything else I can do to keep the focus infinite?

cracked filter

Canon: Can the front glass be repaired with a broken lens?

Although it is difficult to know for sure by the included image, it seems that the only thing broken is a filter placed at the end of the lens. The first element of the EF 85mm f / 1.8 lens itself is just behind the baffle ring under its broken filter.

Remove the filter ring, clean the remaining parts of the filter being careful not to scratch your lens while doing so, and it should be ready.

As to whether "protective" filters really are or not …

For more information on the general topic of Filter or not filter (for & # 39; lens protection & # 39;), that's the question, please see this answer to is it an essential uv filter? here at Photography at Stack Exchange. There are many links to a lot of questions / answers here and resources elsewhere on the subject. While there are times and places (sand / dust storms, on the beach, industrial environments with hot metal particles leaving the mills, etc.) where filters are useful to protect the front of the lens, in catastrophic incidents Like yours they tend to be passive more often than not. A lens hood is normally a better protection against impacts without any of the optical penalties of a flat glass filter.

Functions: each capsule is always taken with a glass of water, one hour before each large meal.

Extra Strength Keto
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