filters: can the rear glass be repaired with a broken lens?

Zenitar 16 / 2.8 with cracked rear glass – I know it's a filter. The lens do not focus on the infinite without it, and the damage is so bad that the lens can not to be used with that. The size is unusual 26.5×0.5. Transparent replacement filters do not appear to be available. The only filters of this size for sale seem to be sets of colors that people probably discard because they only retain the transparent filter. Can the filter be repaired? Is there anything else I can do to keep the focus infinite?

cracked filter

Canon: Can the front glass be repaired with a broken lens?

Although it is difficult to know for sure by the included image, it seems that the only thing broken is a filter placed at the end of the lens. The first element of the EF 85mm f / 1.8 lens itself is just behind the baffle ring under its broken filter.

Remove the filter ring, clean the remaining parts of the filter being careful not to scratch your lens while doing so, and it should be ready.

As to whether "protective" filters really are or not …

For more information on the general topic of Filter or not filter (for & # 39; lens protection & # 39;), that's the question, please see this answer to is it an essential uv filter? here at Photography at Stack Exchange. There are many links to a lot of questions / answers here and resources elsewhere on the subject. While there are times and places (sand / dust storms, on the beach, industrial environments with hot metal particles leaving the mills, etc.) where filters are useful to protect the front of the lens, in catastrophic incidents Like yours they tend to be passive more often than not. A lens hood is normally a better protection against impacts without any of the optical penalties of a flat glass filter.

Functions: each capsule is always taken with a glass of water, one hour before each large meal.

Extra Strength Keto
Therefore, each capsule is always taken with a glass of water, one hour before each large meal. Because water is absorbed by Obesimed elements, a substance is formed in the stomach. Two capsules = two glasses of water, so the stomach is full. Therefore, this substance expands in water and is not absorbed by the body, but gives a feeling of fullness. Eating in the stomach is also digested more slowly when Obesimed is used. As a result of the feeling that people are already saturated, they eat less. There is less appetite to eat and people eat less large portions.

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Aero Glass 1.5.11 (x64)

File size: 11.38 MB

Aero Glass integrates into the Windows Desktop Manager without compromising any system component. Use the native Direct3D device to represent the effects and colors. You can change the transparency and base colors directly from the Windows Colorization Control Panel.

This utility returns the effect of full glass in window frames.

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Aero Glass 1.5.11 (x64)

ipad – How to turn off the magnifying glass (not the accessibility)

How do I turn off the circular magnifier in iOS? I do not mean the accessibility feature. For example, when I open a pdf and hold my Apple pen somewhere, a circular magnifying glass appears. This is not a problem in pdf although it is annoying. However, I have other applications for which this interferes with my work. One of my applications forces me to drag things with a clear vision of what I am dragging. The magnifying glass gets in the way of what I'm doing. I would like to turn it off, but I can not understand how. Any ideas?

probability – glass jar with N balls, M blues N-M red we take n balls and returns them.

Question of the class:
glass jug with N balls, M blues N-M red, we take n balls and return them.
Let X be the random variable that represents how many blue balls were drawn.
Class solution:

enter the description of the image here

So, why is the solution correct? I feel that he does not take into account the fact that the balls are not being returned.

film – Can we share the jug / glass mixer for developer, fixer and stop bath?

You can use the same container and mixing utensils and thermometer, etc. To mix. This is valid as long as you are careful to rinse well between solutions. In addition, the articles must not be porous (ceramic, etc.). If you have doubts about your ability to rinse properly, you can continue if the containers and utensils are seasoned. To season, keep small amounts of liquids for this purpose. Rinse well and then season with a diluted solution. Let's say you have to prepare a developer solution and have doubts about cleanliness. Rinse with a dilute developer solution (can be used or expired), then rinse with clean water. This act will prevent contamination due to improper cleaning.

Glass bong for sale – The perfect gift for your best friend – Advertising, offers

Today, giving your friend who is still young and fun loving dinner games and tea sets is simple and boring. What the bachelor wants is to simply have fun instead of accepting dinner sets and things so he can always give his friend glass water bongs. This is the last thing you can give away and it's fashionable. You can take this easily at the bachelor party and thus smoke a pot instead of simply drinking a simple beer. Also, making a bong is very simple and it is only a few minutes work.

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Using a glass bong to smoke any type of dry herb you like has become common practice, although the whole dabbing game is taking over. A large part of the "bong". market, "there are still many drug addicts who like to smoke buds instead of steam for the" purer smoking experience "in their opinion.

If you are looking to buy a new bong to replace your old one or you are probably buying your first bong, we hope that this contest will give you some ideas so you can choose the perfect one for you!

What are glass pipes – Advertising, Offers

01 (1) .jpg

Glass Pipes allows the user to inhale copies of the burning of some things. The tobacco pipe is the most common designed for use with tobacco. They are counting on a variety of commonly used materials: Briar Heather corn clay, glass foam, porcelain, cherry, ebonite, acrylic etc.

These types of tubing usually have a hole that closes with a finger during inhalation and then uncaps to clear smoke from the tubing and cool the burning cannabis. The majority or people are indulging in tobacco, not only for their taste or for their smoking function, but also for the innumerable types of pipes to enjoy their different activities. These tubes can be made of glass, which can be of various designs and colors. Glass tubes are generally complex and colorful, and contain material that becomes brighter with repeated use.

Glass, often called bowls, can be made of blown glass, ceramic, stone or metal because the inhalation of unwanted vapors, certain reactive metals such as aluminum, is ignored. When speaking of a specific tube, the term "bowl" "cone piece" often refers to the cleft where the cannabis must be burned. The majority or people are indulging in tobacco pipes, not only because of their taste or their intention to smoke, but also because of the innumerable types of pipes to enjoy their different activities. These tubes can be made of glass that can be of varied designs and colors. Blown glasses are generally complex and colorful, and contain material that becomes brighter with repeated use.

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