Anyone can help me suggest or give a sample query to generate this sample output in the SQL server or in the mysql database

enter the description of the image here

Anyone can help me suggest or give a sample query to generate this sample output in the SQL server or in the mysql database

What kind of character would give me the fastest speed to walk? [on hold]

I know that certain classes, races and skills can increase the speed of the base, but how to build and multiclassify a character optimized for pure speed?

What character formation would give me the fastest speed to walk?

I know that certain classes, races and gifts can increase the speed of the base, but how could a character be constructed and multiclassified by pure speed?

Target website with backlink for ranking?

Can someone give me some suggestions?

If the website is not classified, what are the good platforms through which I need to backlink?

so the website can start sorting.


Give me tips for wordpres theme

I want to start the wordpress site for music albums. Can you give me advice for a good topic?

Thank you.

How can you do SEO for a video?

As everyone wants to classify in google or on youtube.

But I want to classify my video in google,

Give me some tips and suggestions so I can train in them.

Bookmarks, ppt, pdf, it's not worth the work.

waiting for some good advice


6.0 marshmallow: I'm not sure how to give life to the dual sim variant of mate 8 64 gb

I'm lost here, I have nougat in my companion, partner 8, but I forgot completely that you had to root the nougat in a particular way. Anyway, I do not have access to erecovery, power + volUPvolDown does not work and I can not access fastboot. The only thing I get is power on the screen and my message "your phone is unlocked and can not be trusted, blah, blah".

I need to update a file recovery.img, system.img and any other relevant img. How can I do this with my phone in this state?

Speaking legally, if you are married and a spouse, you do not want a person to live in your home, but does it give you permission to stay?

What is the law about that? If I give someone permission to stay in my house, buy it and have my name, can my wife expel them legally?

What difference does it make to have a contract signed by me and give them the right to stay in my house? A lease made before my wife and I got married?

I am a man of principles. If I tell someone that they can stay somewhere, I mean all the intents and purposes, they can do what I told them they can do. Even if it's not nice anymore. Being a principled man, I do not think it's right to throw someone out of my house just because my new wife does not like them to live with us. My roommate / tenant rights lived here for years and have nowhere to go at this time. Now I understand that I am married, my wife has the right to claim more than half of my things. And I respect their opinions and I agree with her that the house would be better only with her and with her. However, I gave this man my word that he can live here during the underlined time when the contract indicates he can do it. That expires at the beginning of next year.



BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
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Theory of complexity: does a minimum expansion tree always give a lower limit for the weight of any Hamiltonian cycle of the graph?

A minimum spanning tree path (MST) is always the number of edges V-1 and the Hamilton Cycle (HC) always the number V of edges.
Because the HC has an additional advantage, we could say that, in general, the weight of each Hamiltonian cycle of a connected graph will be smaller.

If we take an advantage of each Hamiltonian cycle, we will find an MST and, therefore, the weight of the MST will always be lower than the HC.

  • Is there a way to prove this where the MST tree is not necessary and belongs to the HC?
  • Is there more definitive proof of this?