dnd 5e – What is the spell save DC for the spells gains via the dark gifts in Curse of Strahd?

In Curse of Strahd, in Amber Temple,

the player characters can interact with amber sarcophagi and make deals with the vestiges trapped within them to gain dark gifts. Some of these dark gifts allow you to cast spells (only those in the X33 areas, found on pp. 191-193; the dark gifts gained from area X42 are different in nature and are not relevant to this question).

The descriptions of these dark gifts do not make any mention of a spell save DC, should the dark gift allow the casting of a spell. For a player who has a spellcasting class, I guess you can just use their class’s spell save DC (that’s what I ruled when this came up the other day, although if they had different spell save DCs if they were multiclassed, which one?), but for non-spellcasting classes, clearly they have no spell save DC from their class.

For some of these spells, clearly a spell save DC isn’t relevant, such as:

mind blank (X33b; North Sarcophagus) or raise dead (X33a; East Sarcophagus)

but for others, it is, such as:

lightning bolt (X33a; South Sarcophagus) or suggestion (X33b; South Sarcophagus)

but it doesn’t seem to mention anything about a spell save DC for these spells anywhere, either in each specific dark gift’s description nor in the general information about dark gifts in the sidebar on p. 191.

Am I missing something, or is there another way to determine what these spell save DCs should be?

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Gifts: How can I check if a file is a gif? file (it's for a task)

Hello, I am doing this challenge and one of the tasks is to open all the gifs and find a code, but one of the GIF / files does not open and the suggestion is to check if all the files are .GIF files but don't know how? help? thanks in advance ;]

Are gifts requested by my host, but purchased by me, items "requested from someone else" according to customs in Japan?

No, it does not count as an "item requested by someone else"

The question is not really clear in English. But if you take a look at the same form in French, question 1.6 translates as such:

Items that you can trust on for a time.

… which means, this time unequivocally:

Items that someone else gave / trusted you

This question is designed to find out if someone asked you to pass something through customs. If you are only bringing a gift for someone, you can check "No" even if they asked for that gift.

Basically, you should check "No" whenever you know what you are wearing. If you bought the gift yourself and packed it, that's fine. However, if a stranger gave you "a package" to deliver to Japan, then you don't know what you are carrying, it is a problem, and in this case you should check "Yes".

The original Japanese C5360 form also seems clearer than the English version. Says the following:

他人 か ら 預 か っ た も の

… which seems to translate to:

Something that gave me a stranger.

However, I am not a native speaker, so I cannot translate the meaning of this sentence with the same certainty as the previous French sentence.

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I am looking to invest in website gifts for small businesses and new businesses.

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