How to add loader gif between activities in android java

How do I make loading gif of 3 dots between activities that I already built? after pressing continue button I want loader to be showen for 5 sec and then redirect to the next activity.

Make Simple GIF

Looking for someone to make one to five Gifs for a project, if you can make gifs please pm me with your price or particulars. These will be simple designs.

python – Is there any way to stop the lag in this Gif opener?

Recently, I made this gif opener using tkinter:

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import filedialog as fd
import time
import threading

def getfile():
     file = fd.askopenfilename()
     window = tk.Toplevel()
     def run_gif():
          i = 0
          while True:
                    photo = tk.PhotoImage(file = file,format="gif -index" +' '+ str(i))
                    gif = tk.Label(window, image=photo)
                    i += 1
                    i = 0
def display():
     root = tk.Tk()
     root.title(".gif opener")
     root.configure(bg = "lightgreen")
     label = tk.Label(root, text = ".gif opener")
     button = tk.Button(root, text = "File", command = getfile) = "50", y= "50")


However, every time I open a gif, the animation is really laggy.

Is there any way to make the gifs flow smoother? Any help will be appreciated.

Add image above gif with ffmpeg

I cut out the top part of a 320×356 gif as follows:

ffmpeg -i image.gif -filter:v "crop=320:226:0:130" out.gif

I have a text image that I want to put where the cut out part was; how do I do this? Preferably with as little quality loss as possible (but also preferably without an explosion in file size). Also if there’s quality loss from the crop, is there a better way to do it?

SVG animation , LottieFiles Or Gif , Which is better?

Please compare 3 method for animation:

  1. SVG animation
  2. LottieFiles
  3. Gif

Which is better in:

  1. SEO
  2. Load speed
  3. Browsers support
  4. File size
  5. Better working futures for the web

Why can’t I download a .gif attached to an email in the Gmail app?

This behavior seems to be a bug: the “save” is not greyed out at first, when it does become greyed out after clicking on “save”. And strangely, the “download again” is also greyed out even after clicking on save. Also the user interface seems to use the terms save and download interchangeably, which gives an inconsistent user interface.

enter image description here

Why can’t I download a .gif attached to an email in gmail?


enter image description here

enter image description hereenter image description here

"Save" is greyed out.

Using Android 10 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

web application – Is GIF safe to display inside HTML tag?

If my site let user to provide any link to GIF file then display it in image tag like follow. <img src="user_provided_url.gif" alt="some_alt" title="some_title">.

Assume that my site correctly filters out all attack coming from messing with URL text, such as XSS. Can a GIF be crafted in a way that it can harm my site by just display it?

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