germany – EU Travel at the end-of-year

I’m a brazilian passport holder with a French residence permit living in France. We now have a nationwide lockdown here which will be lifted the 15th, being replaced by a curfew.

I would like to know whether it is possible to travel to other countries within the EU/Switzerland during the christmas holidays at the end of the year. The french government made some exceptions on the curfew for the special days. Is there any quarantine imposed?

I am mostly interested in Germany, but to make this question also useful for other community users I would also like to ask the situation on Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

germany – How long between flights is still a “Transit” through Munich airport?

This is, for you, a catch22 situation, since you must stay overnight to get a test result.

The rules for transit are the same for all german states:

Exception: transit
The obligation to self-isolate at home does not apply in the case of transit through Germany. In this case, however, you are obliged to leave Germany immediately. The specific regulations of the Länder apply.

In many German versions of this text, the following is often added:

Übernachtungen in Deutschland sind nicht möglich.

Overnight stays in Germany are not possible.

So entering, without transit, a quarantine is needed, but since you are not a resident (thus have no accommodation) a quarantine is not possible.

Hotels are presently also not an option:

According to the decision taken by the Federal and Länder Governments, from 2 November until at least 20 December hotels and other accommodation providers may only provide overnight accommodation to people whose travel is essential. It is no longer permitted to provide overnight accommodation for tourism purposes.

To my knowledge, there are no exceptions presently forseen to allow a stay at an airport hotel to await the result of a test so that one could then travel on.


Covid test for infant from India to Germany

I am going from India to Germany (Frankfurt) in the next week with my 4 months
baby. From Frankfurt, we will go to Karlsruhe.
We got our visa. I will do Covid test for myself before 48 hours of our journey.
For my child also, is it required to do covid test? – USA, Switzerland, Germany, Russia SSDVPS Hosting! | service is the perfect solution.

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germany – “Transit” through Munich airport

I have a ticket from Munich to Bangkok in late December.

In order to board the flight I will need a recent covid test and a fit to fly certificate. There is a test centre at Munich airport that will do this for me.

I am a UK passport holder and will be travelling to Munich from Portugal.

There are restrictions on entry to Germany but they don’t apply if you are only in transit. The details of this exception are left up to the individual Länder.

There must be some form of regulation that defines what counts as “transit” in Bavaria. Can anybody point me to it? I have found this but as far as I can tell (with my GCSE German) it doesn’t deal with the issue.

My specific problem is that I need to arrive in Munich well in advance of the flight to Bangkok, so that there’s time to get the covid test done (unfortunately I can’t get it done in Portugal). The Bangkok flight goes in the early afternoon, so in reality I would have to arrive in Munich the previous day. I am concerned that the authorities will not count that as transit and will send me straight back where I came from, or maybe to the UK.

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covid 19 – Can I leave Germany before the end of my 10 days of quarantine?

I need to travel from my home in Switzerland to my partner’s home in Germany.
I only have a few days to spend there and according to the current regulations I would have to spend 10 days in quarantine.

My question is, am I allowed to travel directly to my partner’s home, spend a few days there without leaving the house, and then go straight back?

Thank you.

indian citizens – Can I fly to Germany from India?

India is currently a high risk area and there are strict restrictions. Germany are only allowing a small class of people who are satisfying criteria e.g., high skilled labor etc.

I have a flight from Frankfurt to Kolkata (Dec 13) and return on Jan 15. I work in Wurzburg. Currently, I have a provisional residence permit (Fiktionsbescheinigung).

I fall in the highly skilled labor class. I have a job contract. However, when you return from high risk area, are the border controls very strict? What kind of questions do they ask?

work – Visa Rejection for Germany

I applied for a work visa to Germany having received my contract from the Employer as a parcel delivery driver. I provided all the necessary documentation requested by the Embassy in my country but all in vain.

The reasons are as follows;
You intend to enter Germany for gainful employment as Parcel delivery.
A necessary offense according to the Employment Ordinance or the Residence Act is taking into account your nationality and the desired activity unavailable.
A visa according to 24a BeschV as a professional driver is out of the question here as you do not have a corresponding Driver attestation within the meaning of Article 5 (1) of the Regulation
EG) No. 1072/2009.

1-How can I appeal and what supporting documents does the Embassy require to for me to prove to them.
2- Can some explain to me if it’s an offense for me to acquire gainful employment as a parcel delivery driver

Can I get a visa to Germany outside my home county as a student in the USA?

I’m a Kenyan college student currently in the United States on an F1 Visa but I would like to go to Germany to visit my family in the summer of next year, can I apply for a German Visa in the USA ?