Is it worth using next generation image formats with only partial browser support for SEO?

We are building a website for a client and we are trying to make it as SEO optimized as humanly possible and the question now is how to deal with images.
Here is an example of pagespeed result:
enter image description here

It mentions different formats of images to use, however, it looks like the JPEG ones are not very well supported by browsers, and WebP is mostly supported.

The question is, is it even worth dealing with conversions into a different format or simply compressing the images and making them smaller is sufficient enough?

I will do B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation and Build Targeted Email List for $1

I will do B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation and Build Targeted Email List

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Maryam Choudry


unity – Road Intersection mesh generation

For the last month I was learning about meshes and how procedurally generate them. For what I need it looks very straightforward.
For my little app I planning to have a road tool (very simple), user draws lines and curves and road is generated with specific width (flat).
So I can now create a drawing tool and generate simple mesh along the curve or line.
Next step is to be able to construct intersections…

I looked at lots of example but couldn’t find any descriptions how it is done.

  1. Could you please advice what approach to take, how to identify intersection of two or multiple curves and generate mesh junction?

  2. Also could you please advice on bigger picture, should I have sort of underline system for city building app, like graph, to know where to place road intersections, buildings and so on?

Thank you

This is a quick prototype I did (not in code)

procedural generation – How do I generate platforms in a specific position in godot?

I am making a rougelike game in Godot. Currently, I am stuck with the world generation. I know how to add children, but I am wondering if there is a way to add those children in a specific position. I also need to know how to add nodes to an array, and then choose one from the array to spawn.

content generation – What is the hardest thing in game development process?

Polishing because it’s the biggest unknown. And don’t forget Game Design 😉

It’s generally said that the first 90% of a game take half your development time, the other half is spent on the remaining 10% (at least i was taught that at university). The hardest stage is polishing, because – as you said – creating the core game mechanics and assets is all doable and relatively plannable.

But when it comes to how exactly those mechanics interact with each other, there is just some unpredictability and it can be very hard to “get it right” and make the game “feel” right.

Performance / optimization / debugging can also be an issue here. There are a lot of well known (and arguably good) games which were released because the developer ran out of money but could have been so much better with a few more months of polishing (e.g. Stalker).

I think most abandoned amateur projects were abandoned during polishing aswell.

However, if you know exactly what kind of game you want to make and how your concept will work out (which you usually don’t and probably shouldn’t), or you are making a game where performance won’t be much of an issue (like some 2d pixel art), polishing phase can also be very short.

Also, if this is your first game ever, try something very small in scope and focus on finishing it. Probably do a few very simple games as practice before you devote a year of your time, or do a prototype of your game containing some core game mechanics.

quantum computing – How would a hard fork for a new key-pair/address generation algorithm be implemented practically?

If an upcoming hard fork entails a switch to new method for key-pair/address generation, how exactly is it going to be carried out? How would all the old addresses going to change to ones that are compatible with the new algorithm and how is the transfer of ownership going to be conducted exactly?

For the blockchain to keep the same state after the fork, there would have to be a new address for each old (incompatible) address that holds the same amount of BTC and has the same owner.

One way I can think of is adding support for both the old and new key-pair/address generation methods temporarily, and then prompt all owners holding addresses generated using the old method to send their BTC to new addresses generated using the newer method, and finally dropping support for the old method. With ~30 million unique BTC addresses as of today, and a current block size capable of processing 2-7 transactions per second, this transition would need between 50-173 days to complete, during which the blockchain is completely incapacitated, and miner fees being higher than usual. I suppose it could also trap any BTC that hasn’t been transferred to a new address by owners in a timely manner within the old, incompatible address.

I will provide 100 B2B lead generation and LinkedIn lead for $2

I will provide 100 B2B lead generation and LinkedIn lead

If you’re thinking to grow your business or determine your audience B2B Lead generation/Business Lead is that the because of do that. Include that LinkedIn lead generation is additionally important. it’s many users all around the world and you will find all profession people here.

Data would be delivered in excel/csv in format below :

  • Company name,
  • first name,
  • Last name,
  • E-mail,
  • Phone no,
  • Website,
  • Address(Street, City, Zip,State)


  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Real estate lead
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Targeted Lead generation (Target Industry/Location/website/Title etc)
  • Email Campaign

If you’ve got any question, please be happy to contact me.


9 – Need some directions and advice on starting a new generation of Drupal

I have a multi-questions on starting a new generation, so far I am using Drupal 7 and need to move forwarder to Drupal 8-9

I am currently running Drupal 7, multisite on Ubuntu on AWS, a normal multisite, manually instaled and working just fine.

In line with new and faster tools such as docker and Aegir, I believe it’s time to change.

My requirements are:

  1. Latest stable Drupal
  2. Work on AWS
  3. Multisite on the same computer (directly or multiple Dockers)
  4. Able to be protected by let’s encrypt SSL

So my questions are:

  1. Is Drupal 9 ready for production? Do the above mention tools support it? Do most modules and themes supports it?
  2. Should I use Aegir? Docker or both?
  3. Can I connect some of the sites to an external Database
  4. Can I connect some of the sites to external file storage such as AWS/S3

And if most answers will be positive (as I believe it will), I would like to get some recommendation on the best or most practical tools to use and if possible could I also be pointed to articles or youtube tutorials to get me started?

Thanks in advance and my apology on the multi questions.

key generation – Why we are still required to move the mouse when generating the keys in VeraCrypt?

During the setup of a new encrypted volume, the VeraCrypt requires a random mouse movement within the window. If someone looking from the outside can see that a monkey sitting in front of a computer playing with the mouse.

There are good solutions to generate cryptographically secure keys like the usual devrandom [1] on Linux and BCryptGenRandom on Windows. During the random key generations in TLS, nobody is asked to be a monkey. In OpenSSL openssl rand 128 handles key generation very fastly.

So, at this age, why we still need the mouse movement on VeraCrypt? Is there any specific reason that I miss it?

Automatic anchor text generation

I want to launch a project with about 2000 keywords, is there a way to automatically generate the Partial match anchor text and the LSI anchor text?

Thank you!