Galaxy A52. Dreaded “cannot connect to google servers, try again later” after reset

Morning all I know this question has been asked before, but all replies point towards removing a specific app.

My issue is different. I’ve just had screen replaced on my A52, got the phone home and performed a factory restore.

I can’t even get my phone to go past the cannot connect to google servers try again later, page. This has rendered my phone unusable.

I once managed to get through by turning off WiFi, but couldn’t use any Google services, so I restored again.

Are there any tips specific to this issue at all ?

Thanks in advance.

applications – Install Galaxy S5 Weather Widget on S21

I just replaced my Samsung Galaxy S5 (which I loved) with a new Galaxy S21 (standard model from Verizon). The phone is nice and, of course, much faster…but there is one remaining thing from the S5 that I really want to try and bring to my S21. That is the weather widget, which I believe was by AccuWeather (but might have been third-party developed?). This was a really nice 4×2 widget with a nice little background that changed with the weather and also updated to the town/city you’re currently in. If it’s sunny you get a grassy field with blue skies; if it’s raining you get raindrops on a window; if it’s snowy you get a snow-covered house. I loved that.

Current AccuWeather widgets for the S21 update the town/city well enough, but they’re all smaller and not nearly as pretty, without the changing backgrounds. The S5 widget looks like this:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Weather Widget

So, here’s what I would like to accomplish: bringing the S5 weather widget over to my S21. Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

(Note: An S21 tag is not yet available and I don’t have enough reputation to add it, so I used S20.)

rom flashing – Is it possible to install Android Gingerbread on a Galaxy Nexus?

I have an old Samsung Galaxy Nexus from years ago and I was wondering whether it’s possible to flash an older Android version like Gingerbread on it using a custom ROM. Since it was originally launched with ICS, I’m not sure if there are any Gingerbread ROMs for it and whether it’s even capable of running Gingerbread.

imei – How to fix “Not registered on network” on samsung galaxy grand prime +?

I bought this smartphone from Turkey and it is most probably a clone/modified handset. The IMEI number written on the back of the device is different than the IMEI number shown in settings. I currently am living in Bangladesh.

enter image description here enter image description here

However as shown in the picture, in the settings there are two numbers under the heading of united Arab Emirates!

enter image description here

I tried flashing this phone with stock firmware but no result. Everything works perfectly except the SIM card. I have tried with several sim cards but none is working. Every time I tried to call it says ‘Not registered on network’.

One of the street mechanic was able to fix this problem a few months ago but then I reset the phone and the problem came back. I couldn’t find that mechanic due to covid-19 lockdown. Other mechanics failed to make the sim work. Other connectivity such as wifi and bluetooth are working fine. Please help me solve this issue. I can provide any details you want.

Why can’t Microsoft teams see my camera’s content on my Samsung Galaxy S9?

Microsoft Teams does have access to the camera:

enter image description here

But Microsoft Teams doesn’t see anything on my camera:

enter image description here

Why can’t Microsoft teams see my camera’s content on my Samsung Galaxy S9?

My default camera can see my two cameras’ content without any issue.

Switching between the two cameras didn’t help. The two cameras have the same issue in Teams.

Rebooting the phone didn’t help.

applications – Is there a way to make an app behave exactly the same as the app from Google Play Store and Galaxy Store?

There can be a subtle difference on how the app behave:

  1. Xiaomi phones using Dual app for Pokemon Go
  2. Galaxy phone using Pokemon Go from Google Play Store and Pokemon Go from Galaxy Store
  3. OnePlus using Pokemon Go from Google Play Store and Pokemon Go from (there is no other choice because it doesn’t have a OnePlus Store)
  4. Xiaomi phones using method (3) above just to experiment

I noticed if it is (3) and (4) above, then if we click on the Pokemon Go Store, the page is all blank. If I show the app from on the OnePlus App info -> Advanced in Settings, then it shows “None”, as opposed to “Google Play Store”.

Is there a way to make the app behave exactly the same as if it comes from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store?

android 11 – Samsung Galaxy S20 doesn’t see the NTFS part of the flash drive

I wanted to download the file and move it to a flash drive.

Fortunately, I have a flash with USB-C, so I plugged it directly into my phone.

However, I have the flash divided into two parts – FAT32 part and NTFS part. And the phone saw only that part of FAT32.

Why doesn’t Samsung Galaxy S20 support NTFS and can it be solved somehow (without ROOT), please?

Thank you

applications – How to change the compression and format settings of images taken in 8k+ 64MP on my Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

The Camera App natively supports 64MP and I have read that my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G) may be able to go even higher.

I’m taking lots of pictures in 64MP and it’s great, but I’ve noticed an issue.

The images appear to be compressed with visible compression artifacts in the lossy jpeg format.

I’d much prefer that that they are stored losslessly when taken and later I can deal with how I want to compress/handle them.

I have not yet found an app or setting that can do this.

Most of the apps and settings I’ve used to get a RAW image generally work, but none have preserved the capacity to take pictures in 64MP, instead they apply to 4k, which is not what I’m interested in especially.

I’ve tried the Camera App’s Pro Mode, Open Camera, CameraMX and Lightroom. I even tried using a special build of Google’s Camera App for my phone that I got from XDA Developers. And CameraMX just crashes at start.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is saving MMS photos to downloads folder instead of photos folder

Samsung Galaxy S7 started saving MMS photos to the downloads folder instead of the photos folder. How do I fix this?

adb – Resize /system partition on Galaxy note 3 SM-N9005

I am trying to resize the partition /system using the parted and gdisk commands. But none of these commands succeed in changing mmcblk0 partitions after execution.
The things I do are as follows:

  • install adb and fastboot and put them to the system variables.
  • enable Settings>developer options>USB debugging and Root debugging
  • install TWRP recovery.
  • run cmd in adminitsrator permission.
  • write these command in CMD :
    adb root  
    adb reboot recovery  
    adb push gdisk /sbin  
    adb push parted /sbin  
    adb shell chmod 777 /sbin/gdisk  
    adb shell chmod 777 /sbin/parted  
    adb shell  
    ~#> cd /dev/block  
    dev/block> gdisk mmcblk0  
    Partition table scan:  
      MBR: protective  
      BSD: not present  
      APM: not present  
      GPT: present  
    Found valid GPT with protective MBR; using GPT.  
    Command (? for help): p  
    Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 61071360 sectors, 29.1 GiB  
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512/512 bytes  
    Disk identifier (GUID): 98101B32-BBE2-4BF2-A06E-2BB33D000C20  
    Partition table holds up to 128 entries  
    Main partition table begins at sector 2 and ends at sector 33  
    First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 61071326  
    Partitions will be aligned on 2-sector boundaries  
    Total free space is 8158 sectors (4.0 MiB)  

     Number  Start (sector)    End (sector)  Size       Code  Name  
           1            8192           38911   15.0 MiB    8300  apnhlos  
           2           38912          156543   57.4 MiB    0700  modem  
           3          156544          157567   512.0 KiB   FFFF  sbl1  
           4          157568          157631   32.0 KiB    FFFF  dbi  
           5          157632          157695   32.0 KiB    FFFF  ddr  
           6          157696          161791   2.0 MiB     FFFF  aboot  
           7          161792          162815   512.0 KiB   FFFF  rpm  
           8          162816          163839   512.0 KiB   FFFF  tz  
           9          163840          184319   10.0 MiB    FFFF  pad  
          10          184320          204799   10.0 MiB    8300  param  
          11          204800          233471   14.0 MiB    8300  efs  
          12          233472          239615   3.0 MiB     FFFF  modemst1  
          13          239616          245759   3.0 MiB     FFFF  modemst2  
          14          245760          268287   11.0 MiB    FFFF  boot  
          15          268288          294911   13.0 MiB    FFFF  recovery  
          16          294912          321535   13.0 MiB    FFFF  fota  
          17          321536          335853   7.0 MiB     8300  backup  
          18          335854          341997   3.0 MiB     FFFF  fsg  
          19          341998          341999   1024 bytes  FFFF  fsc  
          20          342000          342015   8.0 KiB     FFFF  ssd  
          21          342016          358399   8.0 MiB     8300  persist  
          22          358400          376831   9.0 MiB     8300  persdata  
          23          376832         5095423   2.3 GiB     8300  system  
          24         5095424         5709823   300.0 MiB   8300  cache  
          25         5709824         5730303   10.0 MiB    8300  hidden  
          26         5730304        61071326   26.4 GiB    8300  userdata  
    Command (? for help): d  
    Partition number (1-26): 26  
    Command (? for help):w  

(curser blinking) and device goes to hang!!!!!

anyone can help me? I do this in parted command. It is like above.
after restarting the device, all of the partition are there, like before…