Choosing a specific future date using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advanced Search

Is it possible to use the advanced filter to select a specific future date, dynamically?
For example if I want to return all data with a “date” field populated for 30 days from today, but no data from before or after that?
From what I am seeing the only filter option similar is “Next X Days” but it’s inclusive of all days to that point.

❓ASK – Which altcoin going to lead the market in future? |

There are over 6k Altcoins in the world but most of the altcoins are scammed or vanished after some time. Normally saying that the first 500 crypto is in a good position to considering invest. If anyone asks me what is the best altcoin for investing then I will say that first of all ETH then BNB. These 2 are well managed and have many future plans that easily make the price boom. ETH would go 5K and BNB will go 1K. (It’s just a prediction)
Then you can invest in ADA, XRP, and some other reputed currencies also.

python – What’s the future for abbreviations names in libraries?

When writing a library, we encounter a dilemma in naming functions, the function names need to follow naming conventions. Recently, I encountered python panda library (released 2008), and I needed to use iloc() and loc() functions. However, those two functions made me look up for their documentations unnecessarily. In fact, I wouldn’t have looked it up if they were named properly, location() and indexLocation() for examples. Panda library is not as old as c standard library, I can’t find excuse for it to be honest. Are name abbreviations going to continue?

wp query – How can I display a category page with future sub categories?

In a recent project I had to build a custom category page.

On this parent category, I display sub categories.(just thumbnail and title)

Some of these subcategories’posts will be published in future.
In subcategory page, I managed, thanks to the answer given here, to display future and published post together and add a special class to future posts, to add an overlay with a message (eg:”coming soon”).

Is it possible to do the same in a parent category with the subcategories thumbnail ?
-display all published and future subcategories (subcategories in which post will be published in future)
-add an overlay on it and make the “future” subcategorie unclickable”..

Thanks for your help..

mathematics – Predict future position of a moving body in Phaser arcade physics

I am looking for an equation for predicting the future position of a moving arcade physics body in Phaser 3. The body has drag applied and isDamping set to true. Phaser applies the drag using the following run on each update (showing x axis only but same applies to y).

//  Damping based deceleration
dragX = Math.pow(dragX, delta);

velocityX *= dragX;

Given the above, how would I write a kinetic equation to predict the future position?

I am currently using the method below, where I am iterating over frames to calculate the position accumulatively. But this is inefficient and inelegant so would prefer a solution which estimates the position without any looping.

public futurePosition(timeInSeconds: number): Phaser.Math.Vector2 {
  const DELTA = 1 / 60; // Assume we are running at 60fps
  const DRAG = 0.3; // Drag value
  const position = this.position.clone(); // Current position of body
  const velocity = this.body.velocity.clone(); // Current velocity

  // Inefficiently looping through frames
  for (let i = 0; i < timeInSeconds / (DELTA * 1000); i++) {
    velocity.x *= Math.pow(DRAG, DELTA);
    velocity.y *= Math.pow(DRAG, DELTA);
    position.x += velocity.x * DELTA;
    position.y += velocity.y * DELTA;

  return position;

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

litecoin – What is the future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurency in the next 1 – 5 years?

litecoin – What is the future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurency in the next 1 – 5 years? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

The future of webhosting

What do you think is going to happen to our industry in the next 10 years?… | Read the rest of

ios – I’ve lost my Airpods Pro serial number complely. If i use a friends serial number will that stop them in the future using it?

In order to get a replacement case I need a serial number.

I’ve fully lost mine (unpaired, no case, no packaging and no invoice as it came from amazon)

If I use a friends serial number will that give them issues in the future such as the “This is a serial number for a product that has been replaced” warning?

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