FSB v10.4.5 w/ fsbp-conversion-pro_v4.3.1, – Product Page FIX?

If your your running FSB v10.4.5 w/ fsbp-conversion-pro_v4.3.1 and some of your product pages are blank, this may FIX it. Note: If your Color, size, etc options/variations are not working, this may also fix it.

This may not be exclusive to FSB v10.4.5 w/ fsbp-conversion-pro_v4.3.1 combination.
I am Hosting with Hostgator, this may be or, not be relevant.

If you don’t have this problem, IGNORE….


Line:656 – Quote this out.
Like this: //throw new SmartyCompilerException($error_text);

Use at your own risk. ALWAYS BACK UP BEFORE EDITING!!!!

@Carey Baird, if there’s any apocalyptic consequences do to this change, pls let us know!



Installation of WordPress and FSB | Fresh store builders forum

  1. Jeffrey Helms

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    I'm new to Fresh Store Builder and I certainly like the look of the store I've seen. I have an existing WordPress site and I want to use FSB with that site. How do I install FSB with the existing Word Press site? I found a video about installing FSB but I did not install it on an existing site. Can anyone help?

  2. Clint Butler

    Clint Butler
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    July 1, 2015
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    Create a subdomain or subdirectory and install it there following the same instructions.

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  3. Jeffrey Helms

    Jeffrey Helms
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    Dec 28, 2015
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    Thank you. I was not sure if that was the right way to do it or not. I appreciate your contribution.

I noticed the __MACOSX file in the root with new FSB updates

The __MACOSX file was noticed in the root with new FSB updates.
I do not use a Mac, so I have no use for it.

I just wanted to confirm that this folder can be deleted without causing an implosion on my site … :)


I can not log in to my FSB site – http://jbaguitars.com

It seems like a server error … I understand this

Can not connect

Firefox can not establish a connection to the server on jbaguitars.com.

The site may be temporarily unavailable or very busy. Try again in a moment.
If you can not load a page, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a security or proxy server, make sure that Firefox has permission to access the Web.

Is anyone really making money using FSB?

I think people are asking for some direction in fields like:

If you have a store that earns a lot of money, can you give a generic description, for example: objectives of 10 categories, have 1,500 products, use longtails for traffic, linked to an FB account with automatic publication, run link creation campaign drip feed, write professional content? for blog etc …

As you can see, there are MANY different possibilities, I know that there is no "unique" formula for each product, but people are looking for similarities between performance stores and those that do not. I understand that no one wants to reveal their golden secret! but maybe pointing others in the right direction would be good.

For my part, I built a dozen stores a few years ago. They became sites of authority through the old SEO blackhat tricks. I was starting at FSB and earning around $ 300 / month. Then Google started its algorithms … After one store was de-listed, another was declassified and the rest … only lost traffic. So I left them for a long time. I recently returned to some of the (less than 10 now) and went back to work on A. providing the correct information to become an authority site, B. providing the best experience for the user, C. incorporating traffic creation techniques long duration, D Writing useful single content. My stores have multiple categories and some with more than 10,000 products (some with less than 200 as well). The business is slowly returning, although painfully slow! However, I have a site that outperforms others, is the one I enjoy the most working, do you see the correlation?

Get on Google AND Bing and research the latest traffic creation and seo "whitehat" techniques. Do the most important work yourself, buy the minimum if you must (writing content). And stay with that. I know some people here with more than 100 stores. Does it matter that you have found a way to earn $ 100,000 / year with 100 stores or one? I would be happy that I am making money …

FSB store price update frequency

Hi all,

My FSB has more than 6000 products and is in the shared hosting account. Sometimes it is delayed a lot. I thought I could change the frequency of price updates to, that is, every 12 or even 24 hours
(less load on my shared hosting account). The question is, should I? Maybe I'll get an Amazon ban for not updating the prices more often. But I did not find such information on Amazon TOS, maybe I did?


Amazon Keys: problem of saving and testing FSB quick configuration

@Michael C @UK Rob, sorry for the problems this may have caused. If you have this problem, try saving the keys using the second method. If you go to Tools – Change parameters – and then click on Tags, keys and codes and add the keys and tracking ID in that location. You must ensure that the 3 required fields are complete, the Amazon key, the secret key and the tracking ID.

Once the keys have been saved, you should be able to add products without problems, if you still have problems, send a ticket and we will see the problem. Please provide full login information to get help quickly.

Are you using Google Drive to host CSS, custom JS files in FSB stores securely?

Hello, @Carey Baird … I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

As you may have noticed, I like to customize my sites a bit.
I currently host all my custom css and js files from a master site that in return
Feed all my other sites.

I have invested a lot of time and effort in personalization, so my concern is that if my master site is deactivated or, what is worse, all my other sites will go down, since they depend on the css and js files that are supplied from said master site.

Therefore, these concerns made me think of additional services / security methods for the master site.
Did I have a thought, Google Drive? Which would be more stable and secure than a Google server. Right?
Based on the literary research I have done, it is technically possible to do so.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you!

Use of AWS Drive to host / feed the secondary FSB directory in stores – (Multi-site concept)

Great suggestion @ David Austin.
Yes, this is the address I was exploring.
But limited information from ftp software companies on this type of features was found.

This is the idea …

Accommodation side:
Several FTP hosting servers are synchronized with the local server directory

Local side:
Using the Github or Sublime atom
With these platforms you can edit, synchronize with the same folder that is already synchronizing with the FTP software.
Atom or Sublime also have other packages such as Live Sever, js, css, to suggest errors, etc.
With the correct configuration, these tools are impressive …

So automation is something like this:

Creation in Atom or, "" -> Synchronized to the local folder -> From the local folder synchronized to FTP -> From the synchronized FTP to unlimited sites.
-> Since FTP was also synchronized with AWS S3 Bucket or another cloud for (Backup).

Something like that… :)..

After I finish the socialization project this weekend, I'll start testing ftp software to see what can be done …


FSB Email Marketing + CPA Offers + Amazon Affiliation Commissions, FSB gives us infinite opportunities.

I just tried a new system and get impressive results. I'm working on something new, it's a combination of the FSB store, in addition to creating my email list and promoting cpa offers on my email list. Now I have multiple sources of income and all that with the help of FSB.

1. I am creating a list of specific buyers, I have complete control and I can promote these buyers again and again. I am thinking about promoting CPA offers to my list and I will continue publishing the results.
2. On the other hand, I am also receiving Amazon commissions for their purchases.

Here is the email list in just two days. It's not a big list, but 50 people opt for my list in two days, see the scroll bar on the right side, I'll take it to the next level soon.


The day I bought FSB, I'm in love with him. I have a 9-5 job and I can not work on this with all my potential.

I just wanted to share the results and the possibilities we can have with the new FSB email marketing function. Keep up the good work Carey, your software is amazing.

I would also like to share, I'm looking for partners, all you need to do is have a FSB store, to get more information, send me a message and we'll talk there. (I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask) but if anyone is interested, let me know.

Thank you!