vpn – Can me and my friends play games on LAN if we all connect to the same OpenVPN (Pritunl) remote server?

We want to play some games on LAN connection (for example AoE, CS), however, it may be possible that our university (the location we meet in) has disallowed LAN connections.

I have a rented VPS (Virtual private server) in the Netherlands that I use for my VPN needs and I was wondering if I could use it to play on LAN with my friends. Given that my OpenVPN settings are the default that Printunl sets, will we be able to play on LAN if I connect all of my friends to the same VPN network hosted in the same remote server?

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How to see a friends mutual friends when they have hidden their friends list on Facebook?

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How can I add a lot of friends in my fake facebook profile without being banned?

Create the Page first. Make sure that you add another admin — another account of a friend of yours — just in case your own account gets deleted.

Put valuable content into the Page, something that your fans to find valuable enough to Like it.
You can use Notes to post articles. Have the Notes application bookmarked at your Page’s profile, so your nodes can be easily visible (showing at the left when you open the Page profile)

You can use the following two approaches to add fans; there are of course much more other tactics one can think of

Make friends, then suggest the Page
Add friends to your account(s). It’s possible, even recommended, to use more than one account. Make the account(s) like the Page. Search for targeted audience, not just anyone but people that will actually be interested in your Page. How to effectively add friends is another whole story. When you have a decent amount of friends in your account(s), invite them to like your Page. You can do that because you already liked the Page.

Suggest the page using messages
Simply send messages marketing your Page. This is more tricky. Make the messages sound as personal as possible. Something like you searched for people with similar interests and stumbled upon their profile, thought they might also like that other Page (yours). Explain why you think they’ll like it. Most of the time people will buy it. At least they will not flag you as spammer, which they would definitely do if you just tell them to check this link out.

One hint on collecting potential fans.
Scrape similar pages’ walls for posts, likes and comments. Those are your best candidates for fans. They already like a similar page and they are active – they comment and like posts.

Another hint is you could use a tool to help you with most of the stuff.



Buy – Facebook accout with min 500 friends | Proxies123.com

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fbx – Facebook Friends Profile Picture and Leaderboard in unity

I am creating a leaderboard of player and his friend. So far I am downloading the pictures each time the user goes to the leaderboard scene.

How to check how much mobile data is being consumed each time the I download 50 something profile pictures? the profile pictures are of 225×225 width and height. If anyone knows this kindly tell me. Is that alot of data being downloaded each time?

Why do my friends say I have a "half moon icon" next to my avatar pic in Hangouts?

I’ve never turned anything on or off/changed my status… So how do I fix that for them, so they get my texts when I send them real time.

encryption – Hello friends, problem with a bitcoin core backup that has become .axx

Do you know if my wallet.dat which has become wallet.axx due to incorrect handling of an external program
(I do not know the name of the program, but it is used to encrypt Windows files)
has the possibility of reverting to initial format “.dat”
by myself ?
And above all without damaging the backup “Core” that it is ?
Thank you in advance !!

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