Selling french movie Streaming domain


I am selling french streaming domain and website .

more than 2 year old and good alexa
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Kanavance CBD Oil UK

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InstaLift UK®

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Forex-Metal Now Offers Customer Support In French – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex-Metal, a premier Forex and CFD broker, is pleased to announce the expansion of its customer service team to include French speaking customer service representatives. In the past year, the Forex-Metal support team has grown to include Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Arabic speaking support agents. “The continued expansion of our Customer Service Department clearly demonstrates our commitment to better serve our rapidly growing customer base. We are confident that the addition of French support agents will improve the customer experience for our customers in French speaking countries. " says Mark Kaye, head of sales and marketing.

French-speaking support agents can be accessed by email [protected email]

To connect on Facebook, visit

I will translate English to French by native French citizen for $ 5

I will translate English to French by native French citizen

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Sale of articles in English to French




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Outdoor French Socket Made in China

◆ Our history
Found 1994 in years. We are the largest manufacturer of power connectors in Asia now
◆ our factory
More than 4000 skilled workers. 280QC, 85 engineers, 95% of the parts are produced by ourselves, including tools. Plastic workshop, hardware and assembly. The whole product area: 130000m2
◆ our product
Extension cord, cable reel, wall socket, adapter, household appliance
◆ Product application
Home power connector
◆ Our certificate
◆ Production team
Cable stripping / injection machine / welding machine.
◆ Production market
The EU, Australia, Asia and North America. Clients include IKEA, TESCO, LIDL. ALDI Kingfisher, ADEO, Etc … Billing: USD 250 million.
◆ our service
High quality and delivery date on time. Professional sales team to serve all clients. Outdoor French Socket Made in China
website: http: //

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Where is this great rock on the French Riviera?

This appeared on my lock screen but did not contain location specific details. I am trying to find where this is located. All I know is that this photo was taken on the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur). Could anyone have an idea where this huge rock is next to a city?

High rock is perched above French village connected by a stone bridge over the river

I can perfectly translate up to 1500 words in 1 day manually. for $ 5

I can perfectly translate up to 1500 words in 1 day manually.

I will translate any text from ENGLISH TO FRENCH, FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH; the work is done PROFESSIONALLY and MANUALLY.

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