datetime – Sql server with French CI AS Collation date conversion

I have a French installation of SQL Server using French CI AS Collation. For legacy reason, a table column stores data as varchar which is later converted to the right type, akin to variant in C++.

Two rows in this column have data as:

2020-10-12 22:54:40

2020-10-13 04:42:10

The second one fails when converting to datetime with default options. The application uses odbc escape sequences and sql like COLMVALUE >= {ts’2020-01-01 00:00:00′} fails with error
La conversion d’un type de données nvarchar en type de données datetime a créé une valeur hors limites

I did a DBCC useroptions and the server has date format set to dmy. Why is the 2nd row failing, it looks like it is trying to interpret 13 as month. If format is dmy, shouldnt both fail?

Also it is interesting to note that on this server, the following fails:

DECLARE @datevar DATETIME = ‘2020-10-13 04:42:10’;
SELECT @datevar;

But this works:

DECLARE @datevar DATETIME2 = ‘2020-10-13 04:42:10’;
SELECT @datevar;

I am aware that DATETIME2 is more accurate and has greater range than DATETIME, however it seems that even the parsing is different for the two here.

Selling – English – French




Link image:

usa – Does a French with US green card need a Mexico’s Visitor Visa (FMM) when entering Mexico by land for a few days, and if so can it be done at border?

I read some contradictory statements regarding the need of obtaining a Mexico’s Visitor Visa (FMM) when entering Mexico by land (either by foot or by car) just for a few days: (mirror)

Fee for Mexico’s Visitor Visa (FMM): If you arrive by land and leave Mexico within 7 days of your arrival date, there is no fee for the permit. If you fly into Mexico from overseas, the fee is usually included within your air ticket’s “fees and surcharges.” The fee is approximately US$25.

All visitors entering by land and traveling farther than 20 kilometres (12 miles) into Mexico or staying longer than 72 hours should obtain a document Forma Migratoria Multiple to present at checkpoints within the country.(2) In 2016 Mexico has introduced the electronic version of the form (Forma Migratoria Múltiple Electrónica, or FMME) which can be obtained online at a price of 390 Mexican pesos.(3) (mirror) doesn’t say anything.

Does a French citizen and a US lawful permanent resident need a Mexico’s Visitor Visa (a.k.a. FMM = Forma Migratoria Múltiple) when entering Mexico by land from the United States (either by foot or by car) just for a few days, and if so, can it be obtained at the border and how much it cost?

  • A few days = between 1 to 14 days.
  • I am interested in both the case where on travels farther than 20 kilometres (12 miles) into Mexico, and the case where one doesn’t go beyond 20 kilometres (12 miles).

language – SEO stumper: site redone in English from French, no change in SERP rankings for English kws

I am relatively new to Shopify, so maybe there is something I am not getting with the backend/crawlability but here goes. In my years of doing web copy and being conscious of on-page SEO, I haven’t ever seen anything like this.
I am a copywriter and was brought on to redo/optimize the content for a site that whose original content was in French and that was using a plug-in to translate it to English.
The site has 400+ pages of completely new English content, URLs, alt text and a new theme all brought online at the same time.

Key points from before the change:

  • Site content written in French translated to English by plug-in
  • URLs in French
  • Item titles not optimized
  • Duplicate content everywhere (all products in a series had boilerplate content that was the same for every product)
  • NO alt text in any image

Key points after the change:

  • Site content now natively in English
  • URLs in English
  • Optimized item titles
  • All content is unique for every page
  • Optimized alt text provided for all images

Here’s the kicker: There has been LITTLE TO NO POSITIVE CHANGE for English keyword rankings in Google after the change. They haven’t gotten worse, but they haven’t gotten perceptively better, either.
How is this possible? 

usa – Is the US->Mexico land border open for non-essential travels? (traveler has a French citizenship and a US lawful permanent residence) (mirror) (2020-09-15) seems to say that anyone can enter Mexico:

According to Mexico: Per Travesías, “Mexico’s federal government has never closed its borders despite COVID-19. In fact, it’s one of the few countries that currently welcomes travelers from all over the world, without any kind of restriction or mandatory quarantine upon arrival.” Some states in Mexico have called on their federal government to tighten border restrictions as the U.S. case count has risen, reports the Washington Post.

However, (mirror), which pertains to land borders only, seems to imply that the US->Mexico land border is only open for non-essential travels (“non-essential” being defined here (mirror)):

In order to limit the further spread of coronavirus, the U.S. has reached agreements with both Canada and Mexico to limit all non-essential travel across borders. Working closely and collaboratively, the Department of Homeland Security is part of a North American approach to stop the spread of the virus.

Given these two seemingly contradictory statements, I am confused: Is the US->Mexico land border open for non-essential travels?

If the citizenship matters, the traveler is a French citizen and a US lawful permanent resident.

dnd 5e – Can the message from Acererak be translated into French without losing its hints?

Most of it can be translated directly, especially if you can dispense with the rhyming. A few parts require some special attention but can be translated.

I do not speak French, but most of the clues do not rely on wordplay or cultural cues that would cause any difficulty in translating them. Direct translation would probably mess up the rhyming, but little else. I explained the meanings of all the clues in this answer, so refer to that for specifics.

There are three potential translation pitfalls. They are:

“If you find the false, you’ll find the true…”

True and false are often used in English to indicate the veracity of a fact or statement, but in this case, false is used in the sense of “fake” and true is used in the sense of “genuine.” It is important that your translation convey those connotations in order for the players to properly interpret this clue. The clue means that if you find the fake door at are 23, you will find the genuine secret door behind it.

“the throne that is key and keyed…”

This might throw off your translation since the throne is “key” (adjective–meaning critical or important), not “a key” (noun meaning something that opens a lock). The throne is also “keyed” in that the scepter touched to a certain part of the throne acts like a key in opening the passage behind it. If the French word for key is not both an adjective and noun, like it is in English, you will want to translate this carefully so your audience would not interpret the throne to be a literal key that opens a lock.

“You’ve left and left…”

The first “left” here is a verb. If you get rid of the contraction, it reads “you have left.” The meaning is that when the party has left area 30, they should search to their left (direction) and find the keyhole. Many people misinterpret the clue to mean “take two left turns” and that was probably intentional on Gygax’s part, because after leaving 30 and turning right, two left turns will dump them out a magical one-way door to an area earlier in the dungeon.

It may not be possible to translate this clue into French in a way that carries that misleading double meaning. What you will want to do is write it in a way that subtly suggests characters search for the secret door to 33 after leaving 30, but also might trick them into following the corridor to the one-way door. Note that the clues are generally in the order that the party will need them, and it is likely the party will pick up on this. So whatever clue you place after the “iron men” clue, the players will be thinking of that as their next clue when they pass the secret door that iron statue hides.

Chinese Citizen Apply for French Visa (Passport Talent) in USA with H1B Extension Pending Approval

My H-1B visa expired on Aug 28, 2020, and my employer in the US applied for an extension for H-1B on Aug 13, 2020. Per 240 days rule, I can legally stay in the US and continue to work while my extension is pending for approval with USCIS. I applied for a French visa last week (Passport Talent) as I”m relocating to France for work. I submitted 1) my original I-797 showing my H-1B was valid until Aug 28, 2020, 2) USCIS receipt on Aug 13, 2020 showing they have received my H-1B extension application, 3) USCIS’s explanation on 240 days rule. I received an email today from French Embassy asking me to provide additional documents to prove my legal stay in the US . Any advice on what kind of documents I should provide? Thanks!

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