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can I use free version of mongodb (for camercial use) without publishing source code?

can I use free version of mongodb (for camercial use) without publishing source code??? I just want Download mongodb And use it in a project for datebase. (Google translate)

Is my context free grammar of this language right?

L = { a^m b^n a^o a^p b^q : m >= n, o >= p + q }

That’s what I tried to do:

S -> aSb|bSa|A

A -> aA|ε

Is my CFG right? I’m missing something? My difficult it’s in this part o >= p + q


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partitioning – “0 bytes free” after partition resizing, but there is much unused space

Using GParted, I resized two Ext4 partitions on my external HDD, making them smaller.

But now the OS says there is no space available on both of them.

This is the outptut of df -H for those partitions.

Filesystem    Size    Used    Avail    Use%
/dev/sdb5     782G    744G        0    100%
/dev/sdb6     635G    616G        0    100%

The very output above makes no sense at all, how can it say there are 0 bytes available when almost 40 gigabytes are not used e.g. in /dev/sdb5 ?

I tried executing both the following commands automatically via GParted
(I show them just for /dev/sdb5 but I tried them on both partitions).

e2fsck -f -y -v -C 0 /dev/sdb5
resize2fs -p /dev/sdb5

but nothing changed.

I can modify existing files in those two partitions, and in particular I can delete files , but even if I delete a big file the OS still says there are 0 bytes available.

What is going on here?

PS: It still says 0 bytes available even if I am root.

icloud – system storage full after migrating to new iPhone, old phone has plenty of free storage

I have an iPhone 11 128GB with around 30GB of used storage.
Most of the photos are uploaded up into 200GB iCloud which is full at the moment.

I got an iPhone 12 and transferred data & settings over from iPhone 11, device to device as described here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210216. The transfer itself took around ~30min.

What I ended up with, is an iPhone 12 with 122GB of storage is use, photo library taking around 90GB of it. My assumption is that for whatever reason a LOT of the photos from iCloud got stored locally on iPhone 12. The phones have same amount of photos in the libraries.

My questions:

  1. how can I get rid of the photos that that are currently LOCAL on iPhone 12, while they are living in the iCloud (uploaded from iPhone 11).
  2. iPhone 11 128GB has ~90GB of free space, iCloud somehow decided it still needs to upload the photos into the cloud, filling it up completely and making my phone backups impossible. Is there a way “back” to fix this?

Thank you

memory – How to check how much “free” iGPU VRAM the system have in MB?

How to check how much free iGPU VRAM the system have?

I thought it was a simple easy task, but so far I don’t find any useful result by googling.

I knew how much VRAM I have. I knew I could run system_profiler SPDisplaysDataTyp at cml. I knew I could check GPU % of each application in Activity Monitor > % GPU Column. I knew there is Activity Monitor > Window > GPU History Window etc..

But none of them tell me how much iGPU VRAM the system uses and how much free VRAM is in MB value.

Do anyone know how to check the info?

CML way is preferred.

if not, Built-in tool is preferred.

if not, Open source tool is preferred.

if not, Free tool is prefered.

Thank you very much.

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