transit – Flying through Frankfurt to Croatia – passport control

I’m traveling from US to Croatia via Frankfurt International.

I vividly remember going through a passport control last time I took this trip. However, at the Frankfurt International Airport website it says:

“You are arriving from outside the Schengen Area and your destination is in a non-Schengen country: Usually no passport check is mandatory, provided that that you do not leave the transit zone. Depending on your nationality, you may require a transit visa. If in doubt, please contact an embassy or consulate of your country”

Now I’m confused because Croatia is not a part of Schengen (but it does belong to EU) and I certainly did not leave the transit area.

Would there be a passport control for my trip? Am I losing my marbles?

need a M247 Frankfurt Mikrotik VPS


need a M247 Frankfurt Mikrotik VPS | Web Hosting Talk
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  1. need a M247 Frankfurt Mikrotik VPS


    I need a Mikrotik VPS which is located in M247 Ltd Frankfurt.


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trains – Best way of going from Frankfurt to Zurich in the first days of June 2020? (COVID-19)

I am from Argentina and have a flight for June 2 from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt. It lands on June 3. My final destination is Zurich, to start my PhD. So basically I need a way to travel from Frankfurt to Zurich on June 3. I don’t know which is the situation there in Europe. Are trains working? Planes? Bus? Should I expect any inconvenience? I have some paperwork both from the university and from the embassy to help me with this journey.

Germany: Where in the wider area of ​​Frankfurt am Main is this closed railway bridge located?

In the movie Live (2020) (alternative link including stream), after about 1 hour and 9 minutes, there is a scene on a railway bridge that is part of an abandoned railway. Most of the rest of the film is shot in the vicinity of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, so this shot probably is, too. Other shots just before this scene contain a tunnel with tracks still present. Where is?

Unfortunately, the shot is at night, but being a nuit américaine, some shapes can still be recognized, probably enough to identify it for someone who knows the place.

This is a frame from the movie at 01:08:49 (click for larger version):

Still from the movie Live (2020) at 01:08:49, showing a railway bridge at night

The other close shot, apparently in a tunnel, perhaps from the same railroad (at 01:06:44):

Still from the same movie at 01:06:44, showing a railway tunnel at night

Why do feminists and other SJWs deny the existence of the Frankfurt School and its theories of cultural Marxism?

"Why do feminists and other SJWs deny the existence of the Frankfurt School and its theories of cultural Marxism?"

Cultural Marxism is the defense of radical social change. TODAY's feminists still want us to believe that feminism, in its current form, is a simple defense of women for equal rights and NOT a cultural Marxist ideology for radical social change.

If most people really analyzed what feminists were up to with their adherence to cultural Marxism, then most people would not support feminism because most people did not actually support cultural Marxist goals.

I will repeat that last one. Most people do not support Marxist cultural goals.

And this is the reason why all cultural Marxists hide their true identities and prefer to call themselves "progressives" or for "social justice" or some other nonsense that doesn't really apply to what they are doing.

It doesn't really help that self-proclaimed unconscious or unconscious "feminists" come here to apologize for cultural Marxist feminists just because they both share the name "feminist," but that only adds to the battle for truth.


Indian citizens – 19-hour stopover in Frankfurt. Have a valid US visa. UU. And Canada. You can leave the airport without a transit visa

Do I need a transit visa during my 19-hour layover in Frankfurt? Traveling with the family to Toronto. Have a valid US visa too. We are an Indian family. Can we leave the airport for a long layover and if so, do I need a transit visa for it or not? Or simply the hotel reservation will help us obtain a land pass like the one given in Japan.

Second, if it doesn't come out, what are the options at the airport for a 19-hour layover?

Indian citizens: travel from the USA UU. to India through Frankfurt with F1 visa with only 2 months of visa validity

I am planning to travel to India on March 30 through Lufthansa airlines through Munich and I will return on April 16, the point is that my F1 visa is valid until June 30, 2020 only. Do we agree to travel to India through Germany with 80 days of visa validity and have a valid I-20 with active Sevis? It would be more useful if someone helps me.

Short connection in Frankfurt

I will travel from Houston to Frankfurt than to Cairo. We landed in Frankfurt at 11:40 a.m. and we leave at: 00 p.m., it is enough time to get from terminal 3 to terminal 1

MaxiKVM – KVM Plan from € 29 / year outside the data center in Frankfurt, Germany

A long time ago, a company called MiniKVM appeared here on LEB. While that was successful and many people loved their products, support and price, some people required a little more juice.

Then that company is back in the form of MaxiKVM! Same hardware, same network, same support and the same low price. Larger specifications but only a slightly larger bill.
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Here is your offer:


  • 2048 MB of RAM
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  • 1x IPv4
  • / 80 IPv6
  • KVM / Virtualizor
  • € 29 / year


Frankfurt, Germany

IPv4 test:

Test file:

Host node specifications:

– 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214

– 192 GB of RAM

– 2x 2 TB NVMe SSD


– 10 Gbps uplink

Let us know if you have any questions / comments and enjoy!

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