data – Why doesn’t this map of covid-19 cases in california counties show San Francisco as having at least *some* cases?

Why doesn’t this map of covid-19 cases in california counties show San Francisco as having at least some cases?

data = ResourceData["Epidemic Data for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19", 

calData = 
  Module[{s = {}}, 
   Do[If[data[[k]][[1]] == Interpreter["USState"]["California"], 
     s = Join[s, {data[[k]][[2]]}]], {k, 1, Length[data]}]; s];

usaCountyCases[s_, c_] := 
 First[data[Select[MatchQ[Interpreter["USState"][s], #State] &]][
        Interpreter["USCounty"][c <> " county, " <> s], #County] &]][
    All, #ConfirmedCases["LastValue"] &] // Normal, 0]

caCountyCases[countycode_] := 
 usaCountyCases["Ca", calData[[countycode]][[2]][[1]]]

countiesValues = 
  Table[calData[[k]] -> caCountyCases[k] , {k, 1, Length[calData]}];

min = 0;

max = 100;

GeoRegionValuePlot[countiesValues, PlotRange -> {min, max, Automatic},
  ImageSize -> Full]

Postscript name of San Francisco font

I’m using MacOS Catalina 10.15.4. I want to change the system font on my MacBook Air. I know (or think) that the system recognises fonts using the postscript name of the font. I know that below Mac OSX Yosemite, the name is .LuciadaGrandeUI and for Mac OSX Yosemite, the name is .HelveticaNeueDeskInterface-Regular. However, above Mac OSX Yosemite, the font is San Francisco. What is the postscript name of the font?

usa – Multiday parking in San Francisco

I would recommend obtaining a long term parking permit at one of the various BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. As of August 2019 the daily rate is $7 for all stations where parking is available, which is far lower than any garage parking spaces you will find in metro San Francisco. It should be noted that none of the BART stations in SF proper (Embarcadero to Balboa Park) have any parking facilities.

Once parked, depending on your station of choice, it will cost you between $3 and $7 for a one-way trip to the downtown San Francisco stations on the BART system.

Related links:

BART airport/long-term parking permit reservations

Fares, schedules, maps available at

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Why are leftists attracted to third-world community communities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco?

[Politics] Open ended question: Why are leftists attracted to third world community shitholes like NYC, LA and SF?

San Francisco: Do ​​SF, LA and Las Vegas have very large bookstores?

There are some, but they are becoming quite rare these days, many have closed since electronic and digital commerce (read: Amazon) have changed people's habits, while others have drastically reduced their size.

The largest library chain in the US UU. It's Barnes & Noble, and you can find their locations using the store search engine on their website. However, stores can vary significantly in size. The other important player used to be Borders, but now they are long dead.

There are also some independent bookstores, but they are few and far between, and they often have more used (second-hand) books than new ones, so it depends a lot on what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that the Los Angeles metropolitan area is very large, so you should probably give a more specific area. A good bookstore in Anaheim is not very useful if you are staying in Santa Monica, for example.

You probably have the best chance of finding interesting bookstores in San Francisco. See the lists here and here for instance.

As for Las Vegas … I think it qualifies for the proverbial desert.

However, if you're looking for specific books (instead of just wanting to search for physical books), I'm afraid your best option is probably Amazon. There is a reason why they killed everyone else …

routes: San Francisco to Sedona, Grand Canyon, Antelope (and horseshoe bend)

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) is the closest airport to these three destinations with commercial flights. I was able to find round-trip flights from SFO for less than $ 200 in AA.

From the airport, there is little difference in driving distance if you rearrange the destinations, provided that Sedona is the first or last, but if it goes in the order you indicated, Sedona, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon is perfectly reasonable and will give you a A lot of scenic driving between the points.

You can place multiple destinations on Google Maps and play by rearranging them, if you wish, but you probably won't find anything shorter.

Of course, while you can drive between all these points in one day, you will probably want to spend more than a few minutes on each one! Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

Google Maps driving instructions screenshot

There is a problem of homeless people in Los Angeles and San Francisco because people are too rich there, not too poor. Who can pay a house of $ 5K / month …?

I do not know. I guess it depends on the individual and his skill set. Kentucky and Alabama may not be the best places to look for work. Texas could be a better option. I was talking to someone I know about how expensive it is to live in California. Some houses cost millions. And neither are all incredibly elegant houses. They are the average family home.

Many homeless people go to California from neighboring states. They go there because of the weather.

I would like to see Republicans and Democrats meet in California to address this problem and find some bipartisan solutions. Trump recently attacked the governor of California for this problem on Twitter. I think the governor has to accept responsibility. He is former mayor of San Francisco. But I don't see Trump really trying to help the homeless.

Visas h1b – San Francisco To Hydrabad through Hong Kong with 15 hours of layover, should I submit a pre-arrival registration for a hotel stay in the HKG transit area?

I am an H1b visa holder and work in the USA. UU. Traveling to India through Hong Kong, where there is a 15h stopover. I have seen that there is a pre-arrival record that Indians must pass if they are leaving the HKG transit area. However, I plan to stay at a hotel called "Regal Airport Hotel" that is located within the HKG transit area.

Will I still have to go through the pre-arrival registration? What are my other options? However, I do not plan to leave the transit area.

Thanks for the help!

Protect yourself from Sim exchanges. August 6th San Francisco

Learn how to protect yourself from Sim Swaps inspired through @Sean Coonce & # 39; The most expensive lesson of my life: details of the SIM port hack & # 39; life-details-of-sim-port-hack-35de11517124 panelists @Jonathan Haas CoFounder / CEO @Bramah Systems @Guido Appenzeller CPO @ Yubico @Lance Vick Security Researcher @Michael Terpin CEO @BitAngels @Robert Boyd VP @Telegraph Hill Software #simswswapprotection Mar August 6 San Francisco
Panelist Michael Terpin also wins the legal battle against AT&T

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