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Do you agree with FOX news that black athletes should “shut up and dribble!” but white athletes “should be allowed to have opinions”?

yep…pure double standard…

so now do LeBron’s complete silence and “hey, we’re just here to play ball…we’re not politicians”comment when in China and asked about the NBA making billion dollar deals with a regime known for massive abuses against civil rights…

you know…. to show this is about principles and not petty politics….

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Why are Fox News personalities like Tucker and Hannity yelling and interrupting their guests all the time? ?

"Adequate interview"? Just as CNN is not a biased propaganda machine, no journalist named today is capable of a partial objective interview, that soul was sold in the 1960s. Most of the main news is not news, its reaction and opinion to a subject line, without context, without substance, without depth, only personality and profit. The "proper interview" is gone, we can't recreate it until we remember the taste of truth and integrity

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Presidential advisers *, Fox News, say they ignore orders to stay home and return to normal life. Are the winners going to do it?

Please go ahead. Do you think education is expensive? Try ignorance. Carlson and other Fox News experts ignore the widespread consensus among infectious disease and public health experts that the only way to slow the spread of the virus and prevent thousands, if not millions, of deaths is to keep people in their homes until the model shows that it is safe to reopen businesses, schools and public places.

Libs, why does it bother you that Fox News is the most trusted and watched cable TV network?

A fable. Once there was a nation that had 60% smart people and 30% idiots. (The rest were & # 39; normal & # 39;). Smart people were interested in what is happening in the world. They wanted a diversity of views and opinions on their news, so they watched LOTS of news channels. Idiots just wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. They wanted to be lied to. And, as fate would say, there was only one channel that constantly lied to them, so everyone saw that one.

So idiots told smart people that HIS channel must be true because everyone saw it! Just like, you know, God must exist because they believed in him. But smart people realized what a pot was.

And the moral of the story is: Hearing lies doesn't make you smart!

Sexy picture of Megan Fox black lingerie

Sexy picture of Megan Fox black lingerie

Look FORWARD online
Watch the way back online
Watch I Still Believe online
Watch KNIVES OUT online

[ Politics ] Open question: Is Fox News really "fair and balanced"?

[Politics] Open question: Is Fox News really "fair and balanced"?

11,000 scientists issued a statement last week calling for a weather emergency, Fox news did not report. Is this why studies show fox watching?

Yes, it seems suspicious to me that they literally link you with everything, but this document that was written and signed by an 11000 scientist …….. But you know I went to college and studied this shit and I'm not worried and you know what I know about everything they taught me, the industries, the community and the credible sources.

Edit: I checked the link separately, there is nothing that really links to what they are signing. I mean, why is a neuroscientist something that should be considered worthy of opinion about the climate emergency, even if it is actually linked to what the * 4 article writers * wrote? Even one of the signatures was from a graduate, so not even a scientist. Jesus Christ, this is a disaster.

Edit: I looked through the signatures again, there are many teachers. You only need a master's degree to be a teacher, but you need a doctorate to be a scientist and have already used a graduate, so not a scientist, how many of these professors are scientists or not? Why is your profession more important than clarifying your qualification if you are really signing what the * four * boys are claiming? Look at the list of signatures, there is nothing that links them to anything they are really signing. the only thing that links it is the upper line inserted "for the article" no "from etc.". so they are not even giving you the original source of what these people are signing.

Edit: **** I couldn't concentrate enough to count how many PhD students signed, but there were lots. Which means they have not completed a doctorate, that is, they are not scientists. They even included laboratory technicians who are licensed, not doctors or scientists.

So up to 11,000 scientists signed and many are not scientists and many are not verified if they are scientists or not. yes credible **** me. what a mess.

Edit: In fact, I had to Google that **** to get the bioscience article that ** includes a separate link to these signatures that aren't really linked to anything.

Edit: I'm sorry, I miss telling there are 4 authors for this, but there was a lot of **** to read, so sorry.

Edit: the more I look at the list, it worsens. 11000 scientists sign is simply a lie. There is no real link to what they are signing too. If you are willing to lie directly about that and do not clarify the link, you are simply not a legitimate man.

Edit: Oh, you have a survey to quote, yes, that's totally final. You know I'll tell you the real shit. Each news source has its own bias and personal interest, so it is important to understand how to see if a new source in particular is credible or not. Choosing one medium of news over another will not prevent you from seeing a lot of biases and personal agenda junk.