How can I use my fourth gen IPod classic to play podcast episodes in correct chronological order?

The default order when I download podcast episodes to my IPod is reverse chronological, such that the most recent episode plays first. I’d like my podcasts to play in correct chronological order, such that the oldest episode plays first. I have tried:

  • Pressing play on the podcast folders on the IPod rather than individual episodes
  • Going into my Mac’s podcast app to change the settings on individual podcasts to play in sequential order
  • Setting individual podcasts to custom play settings, changing episode order to “oldest to newest”
  • Creating my own podcast station, setting station’s play setting to “oldest to newest”

After each of the last three steps, I would remove my podcasts, sync, add them again with the new settings, and sync. The IPod still plays the most recent episode first. Many suggestions I see when you google this question involve using playlists, which no longer exist in the current podcasts app for Mac. Ditto the title.

Where do I put the sitemap for the fourth level domain?

Where should I put the sitemap.xml file in case of fourth level domain (for example


All URLs listed in the Sitemap must reside on the same host as the
Site Map. For example, if the Sitemap is located at, cannot include URL of If the Sitemap is in, cannot include URL

Does that mean you should put a different sitemap.xml file in the root directory of each subdomain? E.g: - for links ~ - for links ~ - for links ~ - for links ~ - for links ~

I currently have a sitemap.xml file at the root of, which includes all the links from all subdomains.

Rotation of the fourth order tensor – Mathematica Stack Exchange

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PD analysis: Painleve test of a fourth order nonlinear ODE

The following is the ODE to which the integrability test must be performed:
$$ left (1+ eta ^ {2} right) ^ {2} f _ { eta eta eta eta} + 8 eta left (1+ eta ^ {2} right) f_ { eta eta eta} + 4 left (1 + 3 eta ^ {2} right) f _ { eta eta} + left (2 eta ff _ { eta eta} + left (1+ eta ^ {2} right) left (ff _ { eta eta} right) _ { eta} right) R = 0. $$

Now to determine the main term of the series $ f ( eta) frac {1} { left ( eta- eta_ {0} right) ^ {p}} sum_ {j = 0} ^ { infty} A_ {j} left ( eta- eta_ {0} right) ^ {j} $ characterized by the exponent $ -p $ and the coefficient $ A_ {0} $, we substitute the following unique term
$$ f = frac {A_ {0}} { xi ^ {p}}, xi = eta – eta_ {0}, $$

in the ODE and multiply the resulting expression by $ xi ^ {p + 4} $ to get,
$$ left (1+ left ( xi + eta_ {0} right) ^ {2} right) ^ {2} (3 + p) (2 + p) (1 + p) pA_ {0 } – 8 ( xi – eta_ {0}) left (1+ left ( xi + eta_ {0} right) ^ {2} right) (2 + p) (1 + p) pA_ {0} xi \\
+ 4 left (1 + 3 left ( xi + eta_ {0} right) ^ {2} right) (1 + p) pA_ {0} xi ^ {2} = R left (2 (1 + p) pA_ {0} ^ {2} xi ^ {2-p} – 2 left (1+ left ( xi + eta_ {0} right) ^ {2} right) ( 1 + p) pA_ {0} ^ {2} xi ^ {1-p} right). $$

It was not $ xi to0 $ for $ p> 0 $, we note that the only term in the RHS that makes a non-zero contribution is the second term, i.e. $ – 2R left (1+ left ( xi + eta_ {0} right) ^ {2} right) (1 + p) pA_ {0} ^ {2} xi ^ {1-p} $ and to avoid an explosion we must establish $ p = 1 $. Now it follows that $ A_ {0} = – frac {3 left (1+ eta_ {0} ^ {2} right)} {R} $ and therefore the main term of the series is has
$$ p = 1, A_ {0} = – frac {3 left (1+ eta_ {0} ^ {2} right)} {R}. $$

As $ p> 0 $, the ODE satisfies the first necessary condition of the Painleve test. To determine the number of required series terms, we substitute the binomial,
$$ f = A_ {0} xi ^ {- p} + A_ {m} xi ^ {m-p}, xi = eta – eta_ {0}, $$

in the main terms of the ODE boost. By making this substitution, collecting terms of similar powers $ A_ {m} $ give an equation as follows (I haven't included the actual equation because of its length)
$$ A_ {m} k_ {m} xi ^ {q} + mathcal {O} left (A_ {m} ^ {2} right) = 0, q geq m-n-p, $$
where the polynomial $ k_ {m} $ it is
$$ k_m = -24 – 2m + 14m 2 – 7m 3 + m 4 = 0. $$

From this, it can be determined that the Fuchs indices are $ m_ {1} = -1 $, $ m_ {2} = 4 $, $ m_ {3} = 2-i sqrt {2} $Y $ m_ {4} = 2 + i sqrt {2} $. We only consider the index that is real and positive, that is, $ m_ {2} = 4 $ and therefore, the second necessary condition of the Painleve test is fulfilled and four terms must be considered in the expansion where the coefficient of the last term is $ A_ {3} $ which can be arbitrary and therefore the $ xi ^ {2} = left ( eta – eta_ {0} right) ^ {2} $ it is called resonance or Kovalevskaya exponent. Substituting the series,
$$ f ( eta) = – frac {3 left (1+ eta_ {0} ^ {2} right)} {R} xi ^ {- 1} + A_ {1} + A_ {2 } xi + A_ {3} xi ^ {2}, $$

in ODE and the powers of comparison of $ xi $ produces multiple values ​​for the exponent $ A_ {1} $. First of all, is the process I'm following correct? Second, how can I get rid of ambiguity in the value of $ A_ {1} $?

Let me know if there is an (obvious) error in any of the steps

differential equations – Setting constants of a serial solution of a fourth order PDE

The following is the PDE that I want to solve,
$$ left (1 + x ^ {2} right) ^ {2} y_ {xxxx} + 8x left (1 + x ^ {2} right) y_ {xxx} + 4 left (1 + 3x ^ {2} right) y_ {xx} + K left (2x yy_ {xx} + left (1 + x ^ {2} right) left (yy_ {xxx} + y_ {x} y_ {xx } right) right) = 0, tag {1} $$

This is a fourth-order nonlinear PDE whose boundary conditions read

$$ x = 0: y_ {x} = 0, y + Ky_ {K} = 0; x to infty: y_ {x} to1, y + Ky_ {K} to1 $$

The following Ansatz satisfies the boundary conditions in $ x = 0 $
$$ y (x) = sum_ {m, n = 0} ^ { infty} a_ {n} (K) b_ {m} (x) tag {2}, $$
$$ a_ {n} (K) = sum_ {i = 0} ^ { infty} zeta_ {n, i} K ^ {i}, \
b_ {n} (x) = sum_ {j = 0} ^ { infty} lambda_ {m, j} left (x tan ^ {- 1} left (x ^ {j} right) – frac {jx ^ {j + 1}} {j + 1} 2 {F} {1} left ( frac {j + 1} {2j}, 1; frac {1} {2} left (3+ frac {1} {j} right); – x ^ {2j} right) right). $$

Here, $ zeta_ {n, i} $ Y $ lambda_ {m, j} $ are consistent with $ x to infty $ the ansatz produces the following relationships between the constants of the series,
$$ sum_ {m, n = 0} ^ { infty} sum_ {i = 0} ^ { infty} zeta_ {n, i} K ^ {i} left ( frac { lambda_ {m , 0}} {2} + sum_ {j = 1} ^ { infty} lambda_ {m, j} right) = frac {2} { pi} tag {3}, $$
$$ frac {1} {2} sum_ {m, n = 0} ^ { infty} sum_ {i = 0} ^ { infty} zeta_ {n, i} K ^ {i} lambda_ {m, 0} + frac { pi} {2} sum_ {m, n = 0} ^ { infty} sum_ {i = 0} ^ { infty} i zeta_ {n, i} K ^ {i} left ( frac { lambda_ {m, 0}} {2} + sum_ {j = 1} ^ { infty} lambda_ {m, j} right) = eta tag { 4}. $$
How do I determine the constants of the series (up to a sum index of $ 2 $)? I couldn't do the same through Mathematica and the manual calculations when connecting the ansatz to the PDE seem too messy (but I think there must be a simpler way that I can't understand). As I am interested in solutions only up to a sum index of $ 2 $, I can trust the equations $ (3) $ Y $ (4) $ to help me find relationships between the $ 0,1,2 $ index constants, but I can't seem to go further.

Set the fourth publication on the archive page of a custom publication type

I am creating a custom theme and I would like to post the fourth post on a file page for a custom post type. How would you do this? When you search this topic on Google, it's just a sea of ​​articles on how to anchor the first post. The reason for wanting to anchor the fourth publication is because it will contain a sponsored ad / link.

Obviously I want to anchor it so that it remains in the fourth place, do not anchor that publication at the top of the page.

I have been using the WP_Query () function on the archive page in case it is possible with this function (although I can't see if that is the case).

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions / advice.


Third and fourth elements of the Manifesto for agile software development

Scott Duncan writes a short book entitled "Understanding Agile Values ​​and Principles: An Agile Manifest Exam," published by InfoQ and freely available in PDF format, which delves into the manifesto for agile software development and its values ​​and principles. The following is a summary of his thinking.

Duncan relates "customer collaboration on contract negotiation" with "individuals and interactions about processes and tools". While the value of "individuals and interactions" refers to the internal functioning of the development organization and the development team, the value of "collaboration with the client" refers to how the development organization or development team interacts with External stakeholders The collaboration here refers to how the development team and external stakeholders find methods to understand user requirements and needs, verify and validate the functionality delivered and exchange comments on how to improve interactions.

The "response to change after following a plan" focuses on the waste associated with long-term planning. Recognize that software development is complex and unpredictable. Instead of estimating what is believed to be the full scope of the work in advance and delivering it once, this value is about the iterative nature of regularly reviewing the work and adapting to the changing environment in which the software is implemented and used and Changes in understanding user requirements. It is related in some way to the "work software on complete documentation", and together these two values ​​lead to iterative and incremental development models.

I see some relationship between the values ​​of "collaboration with the customer" and "respond to change", as you point out. Sometimes, the lines between how the team works with stakeholders and what the team builds for stakeholders can blur when defining contracts, plans and requirements. However, the intention seems clear.

My suggestion would be to not take any of the four values ​​in isolation. There are definitely interactions and relationships between the four.

client – Application to send bitcoins automatically to a third, fourth, … wallet?


I am new to this forum (this is my first post), although I am relatively informed about bitcoin, blockchain, altcoins and fintech. That is why I apologize if I did not publish this thread in the right part of the forum. If any administrator wants to move it to another place, let me know so I can verify the answers.

My problem to solve is:

I have 4 (or more) bitcoin wallets: w1, w2, w3, w4.
I control w1, which means I have public and private keys, but I don't have the private keys of w2, w3 and w4.

What I am looking for is an application or a program, script, that when someone sends bitcoins to my w1 that I control, payments are automatically made to w2, w3 and w4, and so that each one can adjust the% sent.

If I receive 100 bitcoins in w1, payments will automatically be sent to:
– 15% at w2; This may represent, for example, the AVT (value added tax)
– 19% to w3 (which may represent another tax or a commission I owe 1 person for that transaction);
– 25.89% at w4.

Of course, I want to be able to add so many wallets that I own, and that each one automatically sends payments to so many public addresses that I don't control, and that each one can adjust the commission I want. Automatic payments to send.

Is there any solution like this in the market?
If not, can this be programmed? If so, where can I find the professionals who can do it and how much would it cost approximately?

I also leave my email (deleted email address) in case someone wants to contact me directly.

Thank you all for reading and helping me with any suggestions on this!

P.S. Hodl! 😉

Can a lvl 1 sorcerer cast a fourth lvl spell to form the eighth lvl sorcerer with his witch pact spell magic spell slot [on hold]

Can my multi-class Warlock players cast the top-level spells of their other spell casting class with their witch pact magic spell slot.

Python: first to fourth layers of the history of text adventure

Layers 1-4 of the text and history section of the much improved sequel to my first text adventure. It is three times longer but three times more efficient. The configuration takes place where the majority of Telltale's TWD takes place: a new frontier.

introduction = '''08 MARCH 2035. It has been years now since you first joined the group in Appalachian Virginia called
American Hope in 2031. Your are now amidst a very extensive war against another group called the New Frontier and must
make tough decisions to determine if your community prevails or not.'''

scavenge = '''n11 MARCH 2035. A scavenging mission of your command, five miles away from the settlement you are in,
not as planned because of an unexpected excess of zombies. You must decide whether risking valuable soldiers to rescue
them is considerable or not while in the middle of the war.

                                                                                           (RESCUE (X))  ((B) REMAIN)'''
scavenge_rescue = '''12 MARCH 2035. Your soldiers have been rescued the scavengers successfully in quick and easy
fashion. You allocated some of your men from a stalemate on the southern front of your territory to the soldiers in
need. As a result, a portion of the southern front was pushed back six miles after repeated lost skirmishes.'''
scavenge_remain = '''13 MARCH 2035. Most of whoever was stuck in the situation died as a result of being overwhelmed.
Your decision was not morally approved of. However, your undisturbed forces in the southern front remained resilient and
pushed back enemy forces fifteen miles.'''

rescue_defend = '''n26 APRIL 2035. The New Frontier plans to continue their streak of victories by hitting the
southern front even harder. Any more victories can result in you losing the south completely, greatly shrinking your 
territory. Repositioning soldiers could put other key areas at risk. Both options are undesirable but something has to 
be done to prevent further damage. How many warriors will you send?

                                                                                   (NONE (X))  (SOME (B))  (MANY (Y))'''
defend_none = '''28 APRIL 2035. You considered other areas to be more important than the south. As a result, the south
was swept in with enemy soldiers. Other areas like the northeastern and eastern fronts fared normally and even
expanded. However, the land gained there will not make up for the amount of land lost in the southern front.'''
defend_some = '''29 APRIL 2035. You sent only a small portion of soldiers to help the south in their defenses. It was
enough that the originating regions would not be affected but not enough that the regions could expand much. Soldiers
fought fiercely in protecting the front and succeeded in defending the front and even pushed back enemy forces.'''
defend_many = '''30 APRIL 2035. You sent a lot of soldiers to ensure that the south will not be taken. But as expected,
you lost a great portion of land in the northeast. Intuitively, this decision was considered ineffective because of the 
loss and gain of land roughly equaling. It was so ineffective that the result with the most impact was rotating the two
territories from west-east to southwest-northeast.'''
remain_approach = '''n01 MAY 2035. The tide of the year-long war with the New Frontier has turned in your favor. Now
you must decide the best approach to capitalize on your momentum. The three most considerable options are an ambush in
the northern buffer zones, a surprise but direct siege to take Richmond's West End (second strongest New Frontier
fortress), or the destruction of supplies and cargo in the Appomattox River (a tributary of the James River).

                                                                                (NORTH (X))  (RIVER (B))  (SIEGE (A))'''
approach_north = '''02 MAY 2035. You aimed for a takeover of a good stretch of land in the northern part of the war
zone. Unfortunately, there were mistakes in the early executions of the ambush, leading to suspecting guards and
soldiers to fortify their surroundings. When the main execution happened, it resulted in great failure and your
soldiers had to retreat. The angered enemies slaughtered everyone who was in their sight leading to a huge loss of land 
in the north. There was heavy civilian participation so there were heavy civilian losses.'''
approach_west_end = '''07 MAY 2035. On this day you rallied every solider you could round up to charge to the West
End of Richmond in a head-on siege for the widespread but insecure territory. You managed to successfully take the
West End in a grueling battle. Both sides suffered large casualties but now have a vital settlement in your hands.'''
approach_river = '''15 MAY 2035. Ten days earlier, your army went to the Appomattox River on a mission to destroy
everything from food to computers and even oxygen. It was a nonstop attack on the river and in surrounding areas.
Farms, storage facilities, watercraft, labs and much more were destroyed. It is estimated that 30 to as much as 65 
percent of their resources and production sites were lost. This was a big success. You greatly weakened enemy forces 
with barely anyone hurt.'''

none_losing = '''n16 MAY 2035. After a streak of wins in the New Frontier's favor, you are now on the losing side. The
New Frontier has been hitting hard ever since. Any more losses taken could put your community in jeopardy. There is one
strategy the Frontier has not been keen on and that is supplies. If you could withstand the onslaught and outlast them,
they could be heavily weakened. The question is: what is the biggest priority? More... 

                                          (SOLDIERS (X))  (STOCKPILE/YIELDS (B))  ((Y) TECHNOLOGY)  ((A) EXPLORATION)'''
losing_soldiers = '''08 JUNE 2035. You increased the army size by an extra two hundred and regained some lost land.
Army enrollment was encouraged and accelerated. Many of the new soldiers were teenagers who signed up as a result of the
lowering age requirements to fifteen. Many call this act cruel to send kids into a brutal war.'''
losing_exploration = '''14 JUNE 2035. Last week, for the first time in a long while, you and scouts have been sent on a
mission to expand your territory to regions untouched. Fortunately, after a week of expanding you found another
concentration of humanity in Lake Monticello, a few miles southeast from Charlottesville. You conversed and traded for
hours before the people of Lake Monticello became your new ally in the war against the Frontier. This acquisition has
now accelerated the war.'''
losing_yields = '''26 JUNE 2035. You made agriculture, manufacturing and storage were all important factors in how your
people thrived during the second half of the month. Quality of life progressed so much to the point where economics
were revived. Your people lived in comfort while starving Richmond strained resources and was weakened. As a result,
an abundance of land was regained and you are back in the fight.'''
losing_technology = '''27 JUNE 2035. You thought that technological advancement was important and lost a lot of land.
You lost nearly half your land. The enemy is literally in front of you (four miles from your settlement). You are on
the brink of defeat. But. You have now gained regained the knowledge of ballistic missile launch and trajectory. A nuke 
is in your possession.'''
some_north_defect = '''n20 MAY 2035. The fight against the New Frontier has been fairly stable over the past couple
of weeks. However, the trust in your people has not been so strong. Rumors of people defecting have been passed around 
like a ghost story. The rumors solidified when five soldiers were easily apprehended for a blatant attempt at 
escaping. They await their punishment. How will you address the problem? 

                                                    (EXECUTION (X))  (INCARCERATION (B))  ((Y) WARNING)  ((A) IGNORE)'''
defect_execution = '''24 MAY 2035. You viewed giving up or switching sides was punishable by death. You made examples
out of these five by publicly hanging them and threatening anyone who dares to abandon the group to meet the same fate.
The public was horrified and shaken by your decision. This demonstration ensures nobody will escape.'''
defect_prison = '''24 MAY 2035. You took the problem seriously and incarcerated the soldiers for their disloyalty.
You warned that those who attempt abandoning the group will get decades in prison. This act will likely prevent
people from defecting.'''
defect_warn = '''26 MAY 2035. You took the problem lightly and warned everybody that if they were to defect they
would lose privileges in the community. If you took it lightly so they did as well. People were willing to risk
their freedom to escape. Additionally, those who were punished still saw freedom in some parts of their lives. This
act at least reduces defection.'''
defect_ignore = '''29 MAY 2035. You did not see the rumors as problems and instead chose to ignore them, last week.
The punishment was still served to the five who abandoned. Your relationship with your people has not changed but this
caused you wondering why you lost great deal of land yesterday.'''
many_warfare = '''n01 JUNE 2035. Due to the mere rotation of the battlefield, the Frontier has now captured two 
important settlements in the north. They now have important, reliable bases that can be thrived off of. Although the 
Frontier has it better, the war is still a stalemate. Infantry, even with all equipping AK-47s, has not been able
to make any major progress. To accelerate the process vehicles will need to be included. Luckily, new planes,
ships, and weapons are on the way have greatly improved our arsenal. Your planes are quick and abundant. The skies of
Virginia could be easily yours if you wanted. Your boats are few but tough and equipped with railguns. Downtown
Richmond could be a straight shot when deployed in the river. Biological warfare is another option. You force soldiers
out of commission and their field could be yours. However, as aforementioned, these are on the way. Which process would
you like to accelerate?

                                                                                (AIR (X)) (WATER (B)) (BIOWEAPONS (A))'''
warfare_water = '''18 JUNE 2035. You deployed ships in the James River and tried to annihilate your way to Richmond
and failed. Unexpectedly, the Frontier's navy firepower matched yours and successfully defended and pushed back against
your fleet using a similar arsenal.'''
warfare_bio = '''24 JUNE 2035. You used the new bioweapons at your disposal that were used to contaminate the enemy's
field. The tactic was great or defensive battles but as soon as you were on offense, the tactic might as well have
been ineffective. Although little, there was still a gain of land.'''
warfare_air = '''28 JUNE 2035. You chose to bombard the New Frontier with airplanes. The planes were many and the
planes were deadly. You struck every fortress there was with the planes, some of which were absolutely decimated. The
Frontier attempted damage control with extra forces in the skies but failed. Major parts of the Frontier were
devastated. This was a resounding success.'''
almost = '''n20 MAY 2035. You have the New Frontier right where they’re wanted. Now you must carefully plan the death
blow to end this war. The New Frontier is heavily guarded and is much more vigilant. Though morale is high, the New
Frontier still stand and you must make good decisions to live in peace in the next week. Some say stripping off
necessities is key, some say a head-on attack will work, others say inside attacks like poisoning and espionage is
effective. How will you end this war?

                                                                           (SUPPLIES (X))  (ATTACK (B))  (INSIDE (Y))'''
almost_supplies = '''23 MAY 2035. You tried to weaken them to their defeat and it backfired greatly. Everything from
supplies to people to land was extremely secure. Your soldiers tried to infiltrate but everything was too secure so they 
were forced to retreat. The New Frontier remains unscarred. The war continues.'''
almost_attack = '''25 MAY 2035. You attempted a direct takeover of the New Frontier and it backfired greatly. In such a
weakened state as the New Frontier is in, their defense is the biggest priority. It was a hard-fought battle by the New 
Frontier pushing back hard. They could not afford to lose. The war continues.'''
almost_inside = '''27 MAY 2035. You used spies and fake defection to gather sensitive information on what the
weaknesses and strengths are of the New Frontier. Food poisoning and arson took effect undetected. Within days, the city 
fell by causes of the previously mentioned along with battles and mayhem. Richmond is yours.'''

technology_nuke = '''n01 JULY 2035. You now have a nuke in your possession just as the war is about to end in defeat.
This is the strongest weapon in this war yet. With this, you could end the war in a day or two. There is only one
issue that is stopping you from actually using it. Your proximity to the Frontier. The only thing you can try is
to threaten the enemy with the nuke and hope it will work. There is a high probability that the Frontier will belittle
your threats and continue to attack. This, however, would force you to nuke. Will you take the risk?

                                                                                       (THREATEN (X))  ((B) WITHDRAW)'''
nuke_threaten = '''04 JULY 2035. It turned out, the Frontier actually was extremely frightened with the thought of a
nuclear war. The Frontier was urged to assuage and retreat out of all desired areas. You now live in peace with the
New Frontier.'''
nuke_withdraw = '''07 JULY 2035. You feared the recklessness of the Frontier and the safety of your people so you
excluded nuclear weapons in the war. As a result, your territory was overpowered and conquered by the New Frontier.
The war results in your defeat as one of the biggest concentrations of survivors in the US is peopled by corrupt
exploration_persuade = '''n01 JULY 2035. You now have an ally assisting you in the fight against the Frontier. The
Frontier acknowledges that and is now targeting Monticello. They aim to sever the tie between you and Monticello by
exposing certain situations. One big point was a report of an incident back in May aiming to taint you as savage. The
incident was about the disregard for the safety of eight released, innocent captives, leading to six beheadings and
stabbings of the eight in a riot. They were lynched for the Thai ethnicity because almost all the Thais in the Richmond
area were Frontier. How will you try to keep your alliance?

                                                                            (RECIPROCATE (X))  (LIE (B))  (ADMIT (A))'''
persuade_lie = '''02 JULY 2035. You attempted to lie in response to the revelations. As a result, Lake Monticello
decided to stay out of the war, not knowing who to believe. The New Frontier succeeded in their goal as the war is
back to an even playing field.'''
persuade_reciprocate = '''05 JULY 2035. You downplayed your incident and tried to expose worse atrocities committed
by the Frontier. The wrongdoings include the takeover and subsequent rapes and murders of a small community of yours
in the northeast, executions of those who oppose how their government operates, and the extremely poor conditions of 
civilians in the big towns. This worked and the relations between you and Monticello are even greater and the opposite
is for Frontier. The New Frontiers last-ditch attempt failed and together, you and Monticello defeated them and
worked together for the following months to restore the human race.'''
persuade_admit = '''05 JULY 2035. You chose to be honest with your ally and apologize for the incident. Lake
Monticello was disgusted in the actions of you and sided with the New Frontier instead after discovering who you
"really were". You were pushed back and lost a lot of land. The New Frontier's plan worked out better than expected
and the New Frontier now has the upper hand with the new switch of sides.'''
persuade_lose = '''17 JULY 2035. There was nothing you could do to slow down or stop the onslaught of both the
New Frontier and Lake Monticello. You have fallen. Your honesty led to your demise as your former ally is now your
yield_supply_defense = '''n03 JULY 2035. The Frontier finally smartened up and realized they were being outlasted.
They notice that your food and materials production is strong. So instead of competing, they target. A warning was
delivered concerning the New Frontier plotting to target every farm and factory on sight and steal as much as is
possible. How will you protect your heaps?

                                                                       (DEFEND (X))  (CONTAMINATE (B))  (CONCEAL (Y))'''
supply_defense_conceal = '''10 JULY 2035. You tried to hide your goods by placing as much as possible in the
underground and more secure areas before enemy forces arrived. When enemies did arrive, they overcame a small portion
of your land and set up a little enclave. The desperate soldiers searched day and night for the hidden supplies. The
confusion gave you just enough time to take back your land a few days later. The New Frontier's plan at taking
your supplies with force failed.'''
supply_defense_contaminate = '''11 JULY 2035. You tried to contaminate them with spoiled food and chemicals contained
in duffel bags for them to steal. When the New Frontier broke in with an overwhelming amount of soldiers in one of your
least protected areas, they set up a little enclave after they successfully stole the contaminated duffel bags. They
then were sending the duffel bags to Richmond and back. After two days of holding out, both the enclave and Richmond
gave in after being weakened. You quickly closed in and overcame the enclave and pushed back Richmond a few miles.'''
supply_defense_defend = '''n11 JULY 2035. You chose to directly defend your production sites and farms with 
much-increased security in the presence. Unfortunately, you were ready but the New Frontier was even readier. They were
determined to steal supplies in order to breathe new life into their cities and towns. You were prepared with many,
but the New Frontier were prepared with double of yours. You fought fiercely for the protection of your supplies but in 
the end, the New Frontier won the battle and established a little enclave. You lost a lot of food and materials which is
now in the hands of the New Frontier. You are weakened and they are stronger.'''
supply_defense_win = '''31 JULY 2035. You kept a few more eyes on not just supplies, but everything else
after the loss of land. There was nothing the New Frontier could do. They tried everything they possibly could to
stop you but in the end, your firepower plus supplies were too much to overcome.'''
soldiers_replace = '''n20 JUNE 2035. Your firepower and defense were doing great with how skilled your general
officers were. Unfortunately, two of your best, the reasons why your community still stands, have passed away last
week. Now you must find new minds to fill shoes. Your most trusted and popular lieutenants, economists, and farmers in
the land are ready to step up and lead your soldiers to victory and grow food into more than abundance.'''
replace_pick_generals = '''nWho will your first general be?

                                                                       (COX)  (VAZQUEZ)  (WATERS)  (WASHINGTON)  (LI)
                                                                                    ( <<  <  <>  >  >> )'''
pick_generals_ok = '''20 JULY 2035. Your generals came up with enough wits and strategy to hold off the enemy. They
have done an adequate job but it is not enough to overcome the Frontier. Your generals tried hard but the war will
still result in a much longer one if more is not done.'''
pick_generals_good = '''22 JULY 2035. Your generals did not disappoint when called into leadership. Their new,
creative, and intelligent ways of defending your home have matched or even strengthened your army. Their work has
truly been amazing and a great contribution to the war.'''
pick_generals_bad = '''26 JULY 2035. Your general's poor decisions and mindsets have weakened your army. Your
army was never the same after you lost your general.'''
replace_lose = '''9 AUGUST 2035. After five weeks, you met your demise when the New Frontier rampaged straight
into the heart of your community and forced your capitulation. Your once almost paradisal communes are now plagued with
corruption and evil by the mistakes of your generals.'''
replace_win = '''14 AUGUST 2035. The momentum was kept and the war was won. Your generals came up with genius
decisions and tactics of all types, to contribute to the demise of the New Frontier. The New Frontier has been
destroyed and you will thrive among its ashes.'''
execution_prison_rebellion = '''n13 JUNE 2035. Like another typical day, you are on the defense of a western boundary.
This part is unsurprising and does not phase you. But, there has been civil unrest in a city a few miles from the
boundary led by a militia attempting to overthrow your land through riots and speeches. They are gaining momentum
fast and you must decide how you will escape the tough predicament amid antagonists and anarchists.

                                                                          (QUELL (X))  (REASON (B))  (INTIMIDATE (Y))'''
rebellion_reason = '''19 JUNE 2035. You tried to reason with the militia by understanding their frustrations and
reaching out. This, however, failed miserably and the militia continued on with their wrath. Your army: caught off
guard by the rebels, now unexpectedly had to distribute soldiers to quell the threats while fighting off the New
Frontier. This distraction resulted in the New Frontier taking advantage and overpowering quite a few forts.'''
rebellion_quell = '''20 JUNE 2035. You chose to keep peace with force. You wasted no time in preparing and sending a
few soldiers to stop the unrest. As a result, your army was quickly able to regroup and fend off New Frontier forces.'''
rebellion_intimidate = '''22 JUNE 2035. You forced them into submission by gathering a fair chunk of your soldiers to
advance to their location and then forcing them to either join the army or be brutalized to death. Most chose the
first option so your army grew. While away, some land was lost but the new additions helped do much more than repossess 
lost land.'''
rebellion_win = '''04 JULY 2035. Your newly acquired soldiers fared as great assistance in the war against the New
Frontier. You gained exactly three hundred fifty-two new soldiers in the army. For a war involving forces of a few
thousand, the gain is a formidable amount. They were like a small ally fighting beside you. The nearly beaten New
Frontier was made quick work of and you stood victorious.'''
rebellion_lose = '''14 JULY 2035. The ruckus the militia caused, was like a diversion. Your military had to focus a
fair portion of their attention on making sure this was not a two-front war. This left some borders lacking 
fortification and the New Frontier taking a lot of your land. As a result of your nonviolence, the militia had enough 
time to incite other uprisings and acquire new sympathizers. Your attempts at preventing a two-front war failed as you 
were pummeled by both the New Frontier and a bigger, stronger rebel force. '''
warn_ignore_slaves = '''n02 JULY 2035. Civilians that defected to the New Frontier came in hopes of better treatment
and better government. Instead, they were put through much worse situations. Your former civilians were treated with
inhumanity. Former doctors and builders turned into slaves and martyrs. These civilians are now only hoping for some
kind of escape from Richmond. This is where you come in. You have decided that you will send people to rescue them if
one condition is followed for punishment: they operate in your...

                                                      (ARMY (X))  (PRODUCTION (B))  (PLANS (Y))  (INFRASTRUCTURE (A))'''
slaves_produce = '''16 JULY 2035. You redirected your rejoined citizens into agriculture and industry. Although this
solved your food insufficiency, an abundance of food was not enough to keep your land. Your already disadvantaged
army was pushed back a lot of miles. Your territory is even smaller now.'''
slaves_army = '''18 JULY 2035. You used your rejoined civilians as reinforcements for your army. This resulted in
successfully intercepting three New Frontier advances. After that, you were the ones making advances taking fort
after fort. The assistance was much needed because a lot of land was retaken.'''
slaves_infrastructure = '''27 JULY 2035. You chose to direct your returning civilians into expanding your
communities. New hospitals, barracks, farms, labs, homes and more popped up all around the land. Although life was
easier due to the new and better technologies and infrastructure, that did not mean that the New Frontier did not make
your people's effort worthless. Your disadvantaged army was powered by the New Frontier as the New Frontier was
conquering community after community. Much territory was lost but thanks to the amount of construction that took place
in your cities, at least you are not on the verge of defeat.'''
slaves_plan = '''01 AUGUST 2035. You chose to leave the slaves in their positions and come up with a plan to make the
most of the opportunity. The plan was to destroy, burn and kill everything the slaves see when the New Frontier least
expected it. The setting was at night when they had city duty. They did exactly as the plan was stated and left Frontier
cities devastated with acts of arson, chaos, and death. The plan resulted in success but few came back alive.'''
slaves_lose = '''13 AUGUST 2035. When you lost your land there was not anything you could do to stop the New
Frontier. You chose the wrong priority to fix and there were no other factors available to even slow down the New
Frontier. The New Frontier charged through your cities one by one, taking lives and retaking slaves. Now your
territory has fallen and is replaced with the New Frontier's.'''
slaves_win = '''30 AUGUST 2035. The slaves did not die in vain with the effects of your plan. The New Frontier was
greatly distracted by their weakness and paranoia. That left an opening for a pummeling in their defenses.
Gradually, their lands were fading away one by one. The slaves were such a huge help, that all your wins and advances
wouldn't happen if not for their bravery. Within a matter of four weeks, the New Frontier went from nearing victory
to being absolutely decimated.'''
supply_attack_espionage = '''n28 JUNE 2035. The New Frontier still stands and the war continues. The New Frontier had
an unusual recovery earlier that propelled them right back into the fight. Now, they are fighting back and are fighting
back hard. Currently, there is a suspected spy in your operations and you must find out who the deceiver is. You must
figure out how and how long you should take to stop the crook before any major damage happens.

                                                                             (RUSHED (X))  (FAIR (B))  (CAREFUL (A))'''
espionage_rush = '''09 JULY 2035. You chose to deal with the matter quickly with aggressive, military-led
interrogations and limited freedoms for those operating for you. Six innocents died before you managed to find and 
eradicate the actual spies. The damage was done however, it was not great.'''
espionage_fair = '''23 JULY 2035. You chose to deal with the matter in a moderate amount of time with interrogations
of over one hundred civilians and soldiers, and more keen eyes on the operation in the government and army. Spies
caught on to your intentions and were able to successfully gain intel on your weaknesses and exploit them. You lost
a great portion of your land. You were more investigative than careful.'''
espionage_careful = '''03 AUGUST 2035. You chose to dedicate a considerable portion of the last five weeks into
slowly but surely detecting traitors. Though five weeks sounds like more than enough time for the enemy to strike,
you indirectly closed down all the doors enemies could get through. The fierce defense and expanding territory
of your army also did not help. Enemies were stuck in your territory and it was only a matter of time. Yesterday night,
the spies were confirmed and executed with no innocents hurt as lots of territories is reclaimed.'''
espionage_win = '''25 AUGUST 2035. The New Frontier's short little burst of momentum came to an end a few weeks ago.
Ever since then, they took a brutal beating. Like flies in a house, they had their little moments of fun and celebration
before being squashed. Throughout last week, your army forced their way into the middle of Richmond and several other
cities. The New Frontier was absolutely surrounded.'''
water_assassinate = '''n22 JUNE 2035. You and your government are devising a plan to kill important figures in the New
Frontier in the hopes of ridding of order in communities. You have three main targets. The first is Javier Garcia,
the leader of New Frontier. You know all about him and his ties to the army and government but you aren't sure if the
government is the best target. Next up is Gabriel Garcia who is the general officer and head of security in the New
Frontier. He seems idealistic to eliminate but not much is known about him or his ties. Lastly, is Jude Bullock who
is head of services distributing food, meds, and others to citizens in need. Nothing is known about her or her ties.
You only have time for one of the three and must choose wisely but keep in mind that you are not in charge of how vital
one is to the community.

                                                                          (JAVIER (X))  (GABRIEL (B))  (BULLOCK (Y))'''
assassinate_javier = '''25 JULY 2035. You successfully spotted and assassinated Javier Garcia believing his influence
was vital to the New Frontier. You were half right. His death did deeply sadden and affect the New Frontier. However,
it was only a couple of weeks before a new ruler was ready for his spot. On the bright side, however, the New Frontier
recovered but not nearly to the heights during Javier's rule.'''
assassinate_gabriel = '''28 JULY 2035. You successfully spotted and assassinated Javier Garcia's son, Gabriel Garcia.
Although Gabriel was a very important figure in the New Frontier's army, he was easily replaced by a lieutenant in a
matter of two days. Unfortunately, this new general was both a better and angrier general than Gabriel because of
your actions. His new and aggressive strategies left some of your forts absolutely decimated. The New Frontier is out
for blood and you're in their way.'''
assassinate_bullock = '''30 JULY 2035. You chose to take the unusual risk of taking out Bullock and it paid off
greatly. It was a high-risk high reward mission. Bullock had a very vital role in the production field. She came up with 
new innovations and methods to increase the quality of life for those behind and past walls. No one was even remotely
close to her level. Without her, the New Frontier was absolutely devastated.'''
assassinate_lose = '''08 AUGUST 2035. Before even one thing could be done, half your land was lost. The New Frontier's
onslaught was too much to overcome and they took over your land with vengeance.'''
assassinate_win = '''31 AUGUST 2035. You took advantage of the New Frontier's chaotic situation and rid of them for
good. There was nothing the New Frontier could do after the death of Bullock because nobody knew how to successfully
operate in her position. This resulted in all-out chaos, hunger, and sickness in every city, in neighborhoods and
forts. From there, it was a slow and miserable death for the New Frontier.'''
air_peace = '''n08 JULY 2035. You are back on the winning side of the war and things are only getting more violent
from here. Luckily there is an enemy politician who convinced the enemy leader to have a "discussion" and "settle
problems" in a buffer zone up north. Your sources tell you that she is a "woman of truth" and is "against the war".
How will you approach the meeting?

                                                                  (WILLINGLY (X))  (CAUTIOUSLY (B))  (NO MEETING (A))'''
peace_willing = '''29 JULY 2035. Two weeks ago, you believed her intentions were pure and agreed to go to the meeting.
However, when you got there, all the meeting was, was a trap. You had to call backup to clear out the area. The army,
enraged by the set-up, went extra aggressive on the battlefield and acquired some more land for you. Your oblivion and
the enemies' deception indirectly caused growth in your land and shrink in theirs.'''
peace_cautious = '''01 AUGUST 2035. On July 15, you arrived at the meeting with an abundance of soldiers ready to act
on any amount of deceit. The New Frontier saw this as an act of distrust and disrespect so they sent twice as many
of their soldiers. The "meeting" turned into an all-out war-zone and your soldiers were not doing good. You
successfully retreated but over the next two weeks, you lost a lot of land in the north, your strongest area.'''
peace_no = '''10 JULY 2035. You declined the request and nothing noticeable happened to both sides. You never knew the
sincerity of the request.'''
peace_win = '''17 AUGUST 2035. A deceitful attempt for peace was one of the worst last-ditch efforts the New Frontier
could pull off. Not only did they indirectly give you some land. They also angered the army for having to deal with
mind games. The already disadvantaged and smaller New Frontier was pummelled at the borders until your forces finally
started to seep in. Cities surrendered and the war finished later than you hoped it would finish initially with the
bio_contaminated = '''n28 JULY 2035. Your overuse of bioweapons over the past month has not just polluted the enemies
but your very own people. The battlefield is empty. Soldiers can hardly defend the battlefield without a virus
getting in or a toxin ending their lives. The situation has worsened to the point where you had to relocate to the
westernmost settlement in your land. Something must be done before the New Frontier will not be only faction meeting
demise. On the other hand, you got the New Frontier right where they’re wanted. Weak and dying. With enough effort, not 
much is necessary for them to be overpowered.

                                                                                              (FINISH (X))  ((B) FIX)'''
contaminated_finish = '''26 AUGUST 2035. You gathered as many soldiers as gas masks available and headed them into New
Frontier territory, attempting to capture a lot of forts. Unfortunately, the New Frontier fought hard and used the
poison in the air to their advantage. They turned the battles of firepower into the battles of endurance. Eventually,
your army started to give in and when they tried to escape barely any came back. The mission was a huge failure.'''
contaminated_fix = '''04 SEPTEMBER 2035. It took you a while but because of the hard work of both you and your
people, your cities are back to normal. Quality of life is better, outside is cleaner, and the army has only been
getting stronger and bigger while waiting for the poisons to dissipate. So that when the New Frontier attempted to
strike again, you were ten times more than ready for them.'''
contaminated_lose = '''13 SEPTEMBER 2035. Your army never recovered from the losses they took from the mission. Soon
enough, your army turned weak and was on the verge of losing. Your empire was still sick but the New Frontier
recovered. From there, you were doomed. The New Frontier swept through your cities with ease.'''
contaminated_win = '''22 SEPTEMBER 2035. Your army was too strong for the New Frontier to overcome. While the New
Frontier was getting weaker, you were stronger. Your army fought like the New Frontier had two enemies. Every battle,
you left the New Frontier ran down with no casualties, taking city after city. Yesterday at around five, the last three
major Frontier cities had surrendered.'''