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In fact, you want to update social networks more frequently outside working hours, usually between 5 and 8 in the morning, and then again at night, when people leave work until 8 or 9 at night. That seems to be when most people are reviewing various social media platforms, so it is more likely to reach more people during those times. That does not mean that you should not share content during the workday, but the things you do (especially things like articles) you may want to share again during one of those other periods.

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Forum Index Redirect Auction
The auction closes weekly, at the end of each week, on Sundays at 11:59 p.m. (ITS T)
Contest Status:

In this auction, you are bidding FP $ for the opportunity to announce your website link in the Forum Promotion forum index in the "Forum Redirect Auction" advertising space for one week after the end of each weekly draw , during the following week. The member who offers the most FP $ before the end of the auction will win.

Review the following rules before bidding.

Bidding Rules:

  • Must have at least 10 publications in FP – Only members who have 10 or more publications can bid.
  • You must have FP $ equivalents to match your offer – If you do not have the equivalent amount of FP $ to match your offer, your offer will be canceled and a note will be added to your account.
  • Bids must be increments of 10 FP $ or more – Any offer of less than 10 FP $ from the previous offer will be ignored.
  • Auction end – Only offers will be counted before the end of the closing time of the current week. Those who bid after the auction closes will be canceled.

How to bid:

Simply respond to this thread below with your offer!

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It is separate from the Store in the forums. SEO package (I will create a Web 2.0 backlink and post 3 backlinks on verified tracking blogs (PA20 +) to increase SEO). It is a package that you can buy with the forum currency. I will give it to active members from time to time. It's nothing big, but over time it has a big impact. I first ranked on Google for approximately 6 keywords before switching everything to the new domain. (RMMV, RPG Maker MV Resources, RMMV Resources and some other things).

: GSA SEO and Marketing Forum ::.

I am in the process of removing the links I just created to reorganize my campaign but it does not say where or "when" the deletion has been completed.

I pressed start and a few hundred links were sent and now I have had them in "Delete" during the last hour or so without notifications that they have been removed.

Can anyone help me with this?

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What interests you that most people would not expect?

There are quite a few people in my community who don't know that I am really interested in the forums and how they work. I think most people would be surprised if they knew what interests me.


It looks like this

1) Install this plug-in

2) ACP> Settings> Custom profile fields> Add new profile field

Title:P rofileCover

Brief description: recommended size: 1125×182 (only .jpg, .gif, .png is supported)

Field Type: text box

Regular expression: empty

Maximum length: 600 your choice

Minimum count of publications, display …

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Forum is knowledge. If you invest money in a forum, you will expect the same in return. And when it doesn't, it will abandon the project to save hosting and domain costs and then sell the license.

It is possible that some administrators have started forums to earn money. And when he didn't arrive, they let him go.

: GSA SEO and Marketing Forum ::.

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