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Bizdustry – Business & Economics

Bizdustry is a make money forum where members can talk about business, economics, finances, budgeting, investing and anything Crypto related. Members earn 0.01$ for every message they publish and 1$ for each member that is referred to the forum. We strive to provide the best quality content and…

Investing for your age | Forum Promotion

Do you know that how you invest should be determined by what age you are? The reason is because as you grow older you don’t want to risk your hard earned money by aggressive investment strategies but at earlier ages you can make up the loss easier. Investment is usually for retirement (not always) so think long term even with short term investments. What I mean by that is that the end result is to have enough money by the time you retire so you can be comfortable.


Do any of your family or friends know of your online sites? | Forum Promotion

It occurred to me that if anything happened to me no one would be able to get into my sites and let people know so I would just disappear. I don’t really want to give out passwords to anyone. If anything happened to you would your family or friends be able to tell people? If it was a long illness I guess you would be able to prepare others but not if it was a sudden accident.


office furniture online — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Elephants office is one of the most emerging and best manufacturer of office furniture in India in 2020. We are the top modular office furniture online. Our product ranges from Workstations, Staff Locker, Office Cupboards, Filing Cabinets, Office Chairs, Soft Seating, Mobile Compactors, Pedestals, Height Adjustable Tables. 

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I bought 2 GSA programs — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

literally, i bought the programs(GSA search engine& captcha breaker) again because need to do a lot of work
i thought i would get different code because i heard i can only use one code for one server but got the same codes..
does it mean i can use the same codes for two servers?
please help

Having trouble managing projects, duplicating, deleting, restoring.. — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Hey folks, I am having trouble with GSA SER since I started playing with it again in the last few weeks. 

I try to duplicate a project and it simply does nothing. 

When I delete the project it also does nothing. 

And when I am trying to load a template (.ser file) it says the project already exists and asks me to append, overwrite, or skip. It doesn’t matter which option I choose – it doesn’t do anything. 

I tried to rename the previous project using that template and it worked to rename it, but I still get the popup saying that the project already exists and asking to overwrite, append, skip, etc. 

It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I can’t get around these problems. 

I try to modify a project and nothing happens. 

Am I doing something wrong or is there something funky going on with GSA? 

Favourite Korean Dishes? | Forum Promotion

Korean BBQ and hotpot in the cold and harsh Canadian winter for me personally. I used to before the lock down in my area go once in a while to a downtown Korean hotpot and BBQ and Asian fusion place for it. But I haven’t been for nearly 3 months currently thanks to the lock down until further notice where I live. What’s yours?


Asked to do too much from mate? | Forum Promotion

When asked to do too much, it become overwhelming. A lot doesn’t get done. In that case, the mate is frustrated and this leads to threats of leaving. Now, this is also very bad – cause then the person becomes insecure, driving away the mate even more.


Community of the Month #48 – Voting | Forum Promotion


Contest Information

Community of the Month is a monthly contest where members can vote on whose website or forum most deserves recognition.

Voting Rules

  • You must have made at least 15 posts on FP within the past three months to vote in CoTM.
  • You may only vote for one of the sites listed below (which were submitted in the first half of this month).
  • You may not vote for a site that you submitted to CoTM.
  • You may not vote for a site you are an administrator on.
  • You may not ask others to vote for a site you own, or are an administrator on.
  • You may not create duplicate accounts, or use others’ accounts, to vote for a site.
  • Any other tactic to gain additional votes may result in the votes being discounted, and/or further action.

Contest Prizes

  • Advertisements: The winning site will be featured on the Community Billboard for one month.
  • Sticky: Your Promotion Directory topic will be stickied for one month.
  • Free Service: You will receive one free service of your choice on FP.

Submissions to this Month’s Contest

Site Name: Code Forum
Site Link:

Site Name: Webmaster Chill
Site Link:

Site Name: Admin Tech
Site Link:

Site Name: baysidegamers
Site Link:

Site Name: WWE Forums
Site Link:

Site Name: Revillution – Your portal to entertainment
Site Link:

Site Name: Total Transformers
Site Link:

Site Name: 2 Hours Until Closing Time
Site Link:

Site Name: VGR
Site Link:

Site Name: The Fireside Chats
Site Link:

Site Name: The Admin Connection
Site Link:

Site Name: Webmaster Place
Site Link: https://Webmaster.Place

Site Name: BudgetRoot
Site Link:

Site Name: DestroyRepeat
Site Link:

Site Name: CODForums
Site Link:

Site Name: PS5Daily
Site Link:

Site Name: PS5Forum
Site Link:

Site Name: SwitchForum
Site Link:

Site Name: The Division Forums
Site Link:

Vote for your favorite site!

To vote, reply to this topic with the name of the site you’re voting for! Votes will be accepted until 5:00 PM US Central Time (11:00 PM GMT) on the first day of next month.