How do you avoid the drama of the forum?

I am asking for advice to a great extent. I am trying to take the best possible steps to prevent drama from becoming a problem in my community. We haven't had this problem yet, but we have recently increased the number of new members, so it is always good to check what other administrators are doing. You can never be too careful. :)

Code Forum ~ A developer house. The | Forum promotion

Modified on February 24, 2020

Forum promotion complies with

Hello Forum promotion, I would like to promote the community that I built. I created Code Forum with the intention of helping myself and others learn to code. Without the feeling that you are asking a stupid question or even feeling ashamed for not knowing something that everyone else did. Regardless of your skill level, you are always welcome to Code Forum to learn, build, and share. Code Forum was founded in October 2018 and had been striving ever since, at the time of creating this thread that we have about 300 registered members and growing every day. We call our & # 39; member & # 39; encoders. It is exclusive to Code Forum.

About our staff
As we have grown as a community, so has our team. Actually we have four staff members (including myself). We all have different roles that we strategically plan to help grow and maintain the community. My role consists of many different areas, although we are all responsible for moderating the community. A staff member is more or less the leader of this particular area. As mentioned above, we currently have Three staff members (not including me) with roles.

  1. The first role focuses primarily on ensuring that the community follows and adheres to the community's rules and guidelines.
  2. The second role focuses on community participation; These are more areas, such as community events, ensuring that no thread goes unanswered for a long period. And you'll also be the person to submit weekly coding challenges.
  3. The third role is more focused on social networks: this person will manage the interactions of Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How does it work

We want coders to feel comfortable and belong to the Code Forum. Encoders are not just part of the Code Forum. They are Code Forum. When a programmer comes to the Code Forum for help, they are encouraged to use a format that is easy to understand for who is trying to answer their question. We offer a more advanced BBCode function that allows the encoder to select the particular language in which they want to share their code. It also provides the ability to highlight specific lines where encoders may want to draw the attention of other encoders to particular pieces of code. There is also a button that allows encoders and other encoders to quickly copy the code. After the encoder receives some responses to your thread and if a solution is provided. The encoder can mark the thread solution, which will then highlight the post as a green color.

Any rate
Registration is 100% free and publication is 100% free. Encoders can use Code Forum to help encoders. However, some resources may be offered as paid services, but we do not allow it at this time.

Has Code Forum helped anyone?
Yes! Many coders have claimed that they found their answer on Code Forum and that it was very friendly and welcoming!

What is special about Code Forum?
All the encoders that are part of the Code Forum, of course! Code Forum also has many unique things. From rules to services, we strive to be the best coding and programming forum out there. As mentioned above, Code Forum is a welcoming environment, no matter what skill or language the coder knows they will always be treated as if they belonged. We have introduced a rule that helps combat any unpleasant / negative behavior that may lead programmers to ask or even join Code Forum. We have other rules, but I'll let you review the rules and guidelines of our site yourself.

We also offer free services that coders can use to quickly test their code. One of the services we offer is an online encryption field we call Code PlayGround (which was developed by apaCara). That allows you to encode HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a live preview setup without having to host it on your localhost computer. One of our other services is through Judge0. And it is used to program in more high-level programming languages. It can be found at

Our future
The most important issue of all, what does the future hold for us? We plan to help coders and it always will be. But we also want to help programmers learn more. Therefore, we believe that the best way to learn is to work together doing open source projects together as a community, weekly code challenges, and weekly budgeting in different programming and coding languages. Something like putting into practice what has been learned and what is known. Keeping it fresh in your mind. We also believe that this will help drive activity and engage developers.

Find us!
You can find us at CodeForum.ORG!

And of course feel free to offer any constructive feedback! :)

Pornsera Feedback | – Webmaster Forum

Hello everyone, we are Pornsera, we are a streaming site as well as forums and a community, we are currently looking for comments on our site and features to improve. We are a bit empty right now, but don't be afraid to stop by and fill us up. ;)PORRNSERA Team
@INeedAMovie Y @shrinkcx

This thread should be used for comments and ideas only please, for announcements, link exchanges or positions, use our other thread hit. Thank you :)

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Project Template Backup – Template.articles File Question -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hi there,

I downloaded the backup copy of my project template. I changed the extension .ser to .zip and was able to extract it. There were 2 files:
– Template items
– Template.prj

I would like to edit Template.articles because I am trying to optimize project creation with Python, but there is one thing that confuses me. It is this (it is a screenshot of an open file in Notepad ++):

Are these letters important to something, or can I just use some random letters? I would like to create a template where I will enter 6-7 items here, but I'm not sure what to use when it comes to this part.

Community of the month # 37 – Presentations | Forum promotion

Contest information

The community of the month is a monthly contest in which members can vote on whose website or forum deserves more recognition. This contest merges two contests that we have previously run into a single contest, bringing a new version of this classic basic element of forum promotion.

Forums / sites are generally posted from 1 to 15 and voted on from 16 to 31.

Shipping rules

  • You must have 15 posts in promoting the forum to submit a site.
  • In order for a site to be accepted, its owner (or administrator) must be a member of the Forum Promotion community.
  • You are allowed to submit as many sites or forums as you like per month, provided you are the owner or administrator of the site or forum.
  • All submitted sites must follow FP's Acceptable Content Policy.
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any site submitted to CoTM.
  • When a site wins CoTM, it cannot be submitted again for another two months.

Contest prizes

  • Advertisements: The winning site will appear on the community bulletin board for one month.
  • Sticky: The theme of the Promotions Directory will remain fixed for one month.
  • Recognition: A medal will be shown in every post you make in FP for a month.
  • Free service You will receive a free service of your choice in FP.

Submit your forum, blog or website

We are currently accepting submissions until 11:59 p.m. EST April 15, 2020. To submit your community to this contest, please post the following form in response to this topic.

I can't create even 1 article link! -. :: GSA Marketing and SEO Forum ::.

Hi there,
Today, for some reason, I can't even create the article link.
I check my proxy servers and they are working fine. I'm trying to change the settings, clear the cache but nothing fixes the problem.
I also get many captchas like the one in the screenshot from yesterday.

Any idea what is going on?

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Gerudo Valley Forums – Games Fansite | Forum promotion

Hello FP

Gerudo Valley Forums is a former Legend of Zelda fan site offering a warm welcome to those who decide to join our community.

It's new this month and content is slowly uploading to the main site. However, the forums are up and running and we would like to invite any player looking for another community to join.

The direct link to the forums can be found HERE.

Applications and coronaviruses: what you need to know to protect your privacy | Forum promotion

If you are one of the millions of Australians who work from home and turn to apps to maintain a social life online in the coronavirus pandemic, it is as important as ever to see what and how much information you can unintentionally share with them.

What should I keep in mind when I download applications?
First, check what permissions the application requests when you are installing or opening it, depending on the platform you are using. Anyone you don't think is relevant, don't allow it. If the app doesn't allow you to use it without access to those features, consider whether it's worth it.

"Often times, the default settings for these types of services may not be set with your privacy or security in mind, so it is important to adjust your settings accordingly to ensure your account is as secure as possible," said the security commissioner. electronics, Julie Inman-Grant.

“We also encourage users to read the terms and conditions of these services so that they understand what kind of data is collected about them and how they are used, as well as the mechanism to report any abuse. This will help you limit the amount of personal information that is shared with the service or with third parties. "

Should I be concerned about what data applications they collect at the time of the coronavirus?
Your attitude toward the data these apps collect shouldn't be any different than when you're not in the middle of a pandemic. It is always a good practice to be alert.

Is Houseparty safe?
Houseparty is a video conferencing application designed more for non-commercial purposes. The app has been around for about four years, but was picked up last year by Epic Games, the company behind the popular Fortnite video game. Its popularity has skyrocketed. It is estimated to have been downloaded several million times in the past few weeks as more people are trapped in their homes and want to socialize.

Cyber ​​security researchers have suggested that the permissions of the application you are looking for are consistent with those of a video conferencing application. Access your microphone and camera if you give permission, along with Facebook contacts and friends if you provide it.

In its privacy policy, Houseparty describes the usual type of data, the information it provides, in addition to the analytical data that is automatically collected. Houseparty also says it could use unidentified location and demographic information.

How about Zoom?
The other video conferencing platform that has a boost in popularity in the coronavirus pandemic is Zoom. Similar to Houseparty, it is important to check permissions, but Zoom has had some privacy concerns in the past.

Meetings are public without access codes, so people can "zoombomb" them if meetings use the default settings. And last year, the company had a glitch that allowed hackers to hijack people's webcams through the app. This week, the company was also forced to repair its iOS app, which sent data to Facebook even if it didn't connect via Facebook.

A number of built-in features may also be a concern, including one that affects users who didn't focus on the app for more than 30 seconds when a screen is shared.

Can I use the coronavirus app without being tracked?
This week, the federal government launched a new information app on iOS and Android that essentially mimics the information available on the health department's website about the symptom checker, number of cases, press releases, and phone numbers.

Most of the personal information it collects is that if you voluntarily register for self-isolation, it will ask for your location. Guardian Australia understands that the information is only recorded at the time of registration or editing of your information (not continuous monitoring) and is used by the government to determine where these self-isolates are located for analysis, investigation and protection of public health.

On WhatsApp, the chat developed by the government with the help of Atlassian is an automated service that only provides information. It is not a method of sharing information with the government, such as the application of coronaviruses. The only personal information the government collects is your phone number.

What about the information I provide to the government through other means?
If he returns to Australia in the next two weeks or more, the federal government made it easy for his movements to access a wide range of state and federal agencies.

Through new migration regulations, internal affairs have expanded the uses that can be made of information in passenger movement records. These records include citizenship, visa class, passport number, departure date, flight number, expected place of disembarkation, and final destination.

Under the rules, state police forces can access information for law enforcement and crime prevention and investigations of missing persons.

The Office of National Intelligence will have access to the information for its own purposes and to assist other agencies that are engaged in security research.

The Australian Election Commission will have access for the purposes of "reviewing and prosecuting voters who appear not to have voted in an election."

Instrument 2020 also clarified that the inspectors of the fair labor ombudsman, who verify compliance with labor laws, will have access.

State and federal privacy commissioners released a statement this week saying privacy laws allowed multiple jurisdictions to share personal information at a time like this, but urged governments to conduct privacy impact assessments to ensure that the handling of personal information is reasonable, necessary and proportionate.