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Someone to create Nintendo Forum sections and descriptions

I am currently setting up a Nintendo forum and need someone to create all of the Forum nodes, including descriptions. You can get ideas from other similar Nintendo forums like and but can not use the exact wording. If you can add them via Xenforo admin would be best.

This is a paid gig, let me know your price.

Want it done asap, as I plan on doing the logo soon and launching.

Top Porn Forum Acounts For Sale

Hi, I have this porn forum accounts for sale:

vipergirls (9500 posts)
pornbb (7015 posts)
planetsuzy (4900 posts)
forumophilia (4300 posts)

If you are interested, let me know here or PM for proofs.

GSA FORUM POSTING (I can't send an article.)

I can’t send an article. Like the pictures below.My setting.

I just want to post a topic to the site I have an account. Where could I be wrong?

Buying – – Hiring paid forum posters

We are looking to hire paid forum posters for

Topics are pretty general and simple – general talk, video gaming, social media, technology, web design & development. Looking for people who can contribute and make high-quality posts.

PM me if you are interested in discussing.


[OzzModz] Remove Site Title From Forum List | NulledTeam UnderGround

This small addon will remove the site title from the forum list. It has one option that will allow you to move the New posts and Post thread buttons from the right to the left. It is set to do that as default.

View attachment 28329

View attachment 28330

Insert up to X verified links from project — .:: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

The “Insert up to X verified links from project” function is excellent, however, when i choose 10 for example, all 10 url anchors are the same! For example, all 10 URLs created in the article are different, but all have the same anchor “plumber Detroit”. This looks quite suspicious, and can be quite a fo0tprint. 

So, if possible, can we have randomised keywords from the Keywords section? So if I have 10 URLs in a single article created, then maybe it uses 10 different keywords. This way, it looks more natural.

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I will post 50high quality Forum post on your Forum


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index tụt trầm trọng các website, forum

Như titile, theo dõi từ hôm qua tới hôm nay, mình thấy chỉ số lượng tự động giảm đáng kể tại các trang web và diễn đàn.
website của mình: đang index 7k tụt xuống còn 1,7k đang 6.5k tụt xuống 6.1k
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CoinRDP feedback | – Webmaster Forum

I purchased a RDP from ‘@Rox’, I have paid in full and even 4.50$ just for fees to get this transaction completed as soon as possible. It took him more than 15 hours to send me the logins to that RDP, the password was incorrect, I sent a support ticket, and when I told him to respond on the ticket on his thread here on WJ, he claimed that I did not send any support tickets and that’s basically a lie.

I received a new password and I logged into the RDP, I barely used the RDP for 4 hours and after that I was disabled from it, he says that I used 57% of the CPU usage and he says there is a rule to not use more than 1% of RAM, like this is non-sense telling a user to not use more than 1% RAM and we all know that. Apparently I bought a ‘shared RDP’ and I did not know that because it was not listed in the specifications of the product, but instead its listed on his items page and in a separated line so basically you do not know if you are buying a shared one or what..

In his products there is option saying ‘administrator access’ which basically means to anyone using RDPs that you are getting a private server just for you, but when I talked about it they said no we do not have private RDPs or so.

I asked for a full refund since I did not use the service for more than 4 hours and he is abusing that I paid him via BTC, I asked for a partial refund yet he ignored me, I even asked for a replacement and he ignored me, eventually he stopped replying to me anymore and he blocked my account on his website (CoinRDP).

In the end, I did not get any products from him, I did not get any refunds from him, and he blocked my account from his website.

You can check his thread and see that he is abusing his position in WJ so he got moderators to block me from the thread as well and remove my comments, even though I did not say anything wrong in the comments and just posted my review about his service. Plus, you can see his replies to anyone saying that his service has an issue or they did not get their RDPs, he is just being mean and abusive to everyone basically.

p.s. I was not allowed to post links here, and I do not know why exactly.
I did not post anything abusive on his sales thread at all, it was a normal discussion between a customer and a seller since he does not bother to reply on tickets or skype. He does not have an actual support, support = Rox, there is no one else besides him replying to the tickets, his replies are unprofessional at all with at max 1-4 words.

I do not know what this guy is up-to or whatever he is thinking, but however he is a providing a terrible service with low quality RDPs, misleading ADs and the list goes on!

I would personally stay away from this vendor and do not do any kind of businesses with him due to the terrible ToS and hidden ‘terms of service’. I am pretty sure he did not add to each product on his website that its shared or so, and basically he is getting the customers in a trap and abusing that I paid him via BTC.

p.s. I had other screenshots for his amateur replies, but I had the auto-delete set to 3 days but I do not mind uploading further screenshots for this matter! Plus, so far I did not get any help by this guy ‘Rox’ or any solutions at all.

Here you go @Tango