AvivaHost | Best Bare Metal Server | Free SSL, Cheap Domains, Free Migration And 24/7 Support | Forum Promotion

AvivaHost is a Premier web hosting provider that offers all types of web hosting options at very affordable prices. We are equipped with the state of the art Infrastructure and strive to provide fast, reliable, and safe Web solutions. We offer everything that needs to establish a WebSite from the scratch.
Build – Host – Manage – Resell. You name it, We got It.

Our main Motto is to Create the Best user experience for our clients and help them in growing their business without worrying about Hosting technicalities. Our Plans are very simple. No hidden charges and no hidden conditions. We even offer lifetime Free web Solutions with basic features. Try it and rate it.
We Have 30 Day money-back guarantee on our Shared and Reseller plans.

Features :

Complete Unmanaged Bare Metal Server Without Contract
Any Time Cancelation Can be Initiated
Full Root Access
RDNS Available
Get all the essentials features Starting at $70.00/mo

Below is the list of Best Bare Metal Server hosting plans:

Basic DS : $70/month

– Intel E3-1240v1/Equivalent Server
– 4c/8t, 3.3GHz+ CPU
– 1×1 TB Hard Drives
– 1Gbps Speed
– 10TB Bandwidth
– 2Gbps DDOS Protection
– 5 IP’s Free IPs
– Unmanaged Type
– 24/48 Hours Delivery
– New York Location
– No Setup Fees

Deluxe DS : $80.00/month

– Intel E3-1240v2/E3-1270v1 Server
– 4c/8t, 3.4GHz+ CPU
– 1x 2TB HDD Hard Drives
– 1Gbps Speed
– 10TB Bandwidth
– 5Gbps DDOS Protection
– 5 IP’s Free IPs
– Unmanaged Type
– 24/48 Hours Delivery
– New York Location
– No Setup Fees

Ultra DS : $90.00/Month

– Intel E3-1240v2/E3-1270v1 Server
– 4c/8t, 3.4GHz+ CPU
– 1x 240GB SSD Hard Drives
– 1Gbps Speed
– 10TB Bandwidth
– 5Gbps DDOS Protection
– 5 IP’s Free IPs
– Unmanaged Type
– 24/48 Hours Delivery
– New York Location
– No Setup Fees

Order Now : https://avivahost.com/bare-metal-dedicated-servers.php

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Family Reunion? | Forum Promotion

Does your family get together every year or so for a reunion? My husband’s family used to have family reunions every year and it was a big thing at first where they rented 2 park pavillions and the softball field. It dwindled down over the years when the matriarchs and patriarchs passed away.


LLHOST INC.: unmetered VPS and Dedicated servers in Europe and USA | Forum Promotion

LLHOST INC. greets forum users!


LLHOST INC. SRL is a hosting company launched in 2012.
Website: https://llhost-inc.eu
Personal Account: https://my.llhost-inc.eu
Registered address: str. Dr. Petre Herescu 12, parter, cam. 2 București, Sector 5, România.

Our services:

From €2.99/month and below! Special events and promo codes for forum users will be published periodically in . Subscribe if you want to stay tuned.

Our locations:

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands): Iron Mountain AMS-1 (J.W. Lucasweg 35, Amsterdam, NH, 2031 BE, NL). View at PeeringDB
  • Katowice (Poland): 4 Data Center, (Adamskiego 7, Katowice, PL, 40-069). View at PeeringDB
  • Fremont (USA): Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 (48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA, USA, 94539).
    View at PeeringDB

How do we work:

  • Custom configurations: in addition to basic plans, we are ready to provide our clients with custom solutions and configurations upon request.
  • Prompt technical support 27/7/365: Maximum response time to tickets is 10 minutes. Technical support is provided in English and Russian languages.
  • Fixed prices and prepayments: We work exclusively on prepayment basis and do not charge additional charges for excessed traffic, volumes, speed, etc.
  • Individual approach: we are always happy to discuss individual conditions (discounts, terms, partnerships, etc.) with our clients – open the ticket and our managers will be happy to help you.
  • Transparency: Our customers always know how much and for what they pay. No additional payments in small print.

We accept:

  • Bank payment
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal

Our contacts:
Our projects: LL-IX

LL-IX is an Internet Exchange Point which provides network interconnection services since 2017 and establishes connectivity with Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers, Social networks, Search engines, Video portals, Cloud service providers, Corporate and Scientific Educational networks, and other organizations interested in delivering high-quality services and reducing traffic transmission costs.

Website: https://ll-ix.com/
View at PeeringDB

Thanks for your attention. We’ll always be glad to see you in our thread! ;)


Libertyvps.net NL Linux Virtual Servers| 99.9% Network Uptime! | Forum Promotion

Fast Offshore Hosting

LibertyVPS is commited to protect your data, privacy and provide you with high quality hosting. We offer KVM VPS that have the option to run Linux and Windows, we only use high quality hardware and high speed gigabit connections. All our VPS come with secured storage, high bandwidth limits and dedicated RAM. We accept Bitcoin as one of our many payment methods for our bitcoin vps. Bitcoin is the best and easiest way to pay online and is fully anonymous to keep your privacy. All Bitcoin payments are processed automatically via BitPay and will be credited once the payment has been made.

LibertyVPS offshore VPS are great for running websites, game servers, bitcoin wallets, email servers, file servers, and much more. All our Linux servers come with a wide variety of OS templates you can choose from to install and all the resources are dedicated. The best choice for beginners or professionals, is LibertyVPS offshore VPS. Our offshore VPS are located in our NL datacenter. Our datacenter is secured and located offshore for the best privacy and security. You can use your server to host websites, download files and more! We use the Ecatel Datacenter, located in Amsterdam. Ecatel uses the best networking equipment, hardware and transit providers. All bandwidth is premium bandwidth that results in very low ping and very fast speeds.

Check out OUR OFFSHORE Linux VPS Hosting Packages:

Bronze VPS plan
CPU Cores – 1 Core
Dedicated RAM – 1 GB
Disk Space – 25 GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 2 TB
Virtualization – Linux KVM
ORDER NOW$19.99/month

Silver VPS plan
CPU Cores – 2 Cores
Dedicated RAM – 2 GB
Disk Space – 50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 4 TB
Virtualization – Linux KVM
ORDER NOW$39.99/month

Gold VPS plan
CPU Cores – 4 Cores
Dedicated RAM – 3 GB
Disk Space – 75 GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 8 TB
Virtualization – Linux KVM
ORDER NOW$59.99/month

Platinum VPS plan
CPU Cores – 8 Cores
Dedicated RAM – 4 GB
Disk Space – 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth – 10 TB
Virtualization – Linux KVM
ORDER NOW$79.99/month

Payment Methods
You can order our VPS using the following payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin (Anonymous Shared Wallet), Perfect Money, OKPAY. If you require other payment method, we are flexible! Feel free to contact us!

Support / Contact
You can contact us at our ticketing system, or click here to use our contact form!

Terms of Service
We do not allow: Illegal Pornography, DDoS / DoS, Malware, SPAM / Phishing, Terrorism.

Make Suggestions For Play Observed! | Forum Promotion

With Play Observed I am striving to do everything for gaming content that I can possibly do!

So I would love some suggestions! Especially if you are a gamer, So far I have written my own feed system in PHP and a couple of profile features!

We take all feedback seriously,

Best Budget Hosting – 20x Faster SSD cPanel Hosting – Raisinghost.com! | Forum Promotion

Everyone would love to get High-Performance SSD Storage at budget pricing. Finding such a web hosting provider is a tough task. At Raisinghost, you will find the perfect combination of higher resources and budget pricing. Raisinghost is the leader in offering Budget Hosting for clients. Plans are starting from one dollar month, where maximum SSD storage, backup facility, free SSL certificate, cpanel, free migration, quick installation and 30 days money-back guarantee is provided.

Raisinghost’s shared hosting is truly one of the most affordable options available in the market. You get a ton of value for every dollar and will help to grow your site through its global unique presence. Sign up now for Better Uptime, Better Performance, and Better Pricing.

Key Features :

– Double Domain Hosting
– 3GBSSD Web Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– 100% CPU
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Unlimited Sub Domains
– Unlimited Parked Domains
– 1 Addon Domains
– Unlimited FTP Accounts
– Unlimited MySql Databases
– Unlimited Mailing List
– FREE CloudFlare
– FREE SiteApps
– FREE Online Sitebuilder
– FREE Data Migration
– FREE Attracta
– FREE Setup

Start Now: https://raisinghost.com/cheap-ssd-hosting.php

Thank you.


Hello ForumPromotion | Forum Promotion

Decided to check this forum out and see what it has to offer, and I have to say that I’ll remember this one. The moment I joined I received a nice welcome message telling me all about the forum, one second later I receive a message from a spam account inviting me to a sex chat. Now I’m not gonna be able to forget this forum ever.

#1 CLOUD Host – Hostforweb.com (Managed & Unmanaged)| Great Network Uptime! | Forum Promotion

For those webmasters, who are looking for reliable CLOUD Hosting Deals, Hostforweb.com is the BEST Solution.

HostForWeb, Inc is New York’s premier hosting provider, providing reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. We started this company with one goal in mind: to provide reliable hosting solutions paired with excellent customer service.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting technology is the newest generation of web hosting, through which clients are able to lease a virtualized, dynamically scalable structure on an as-need basis. It surpasses all other solutions in terms of speed, reliability, pricing and convenience. Unlike a dedicated server, with which users must pay for the entirety of the server’s resources in order to ensure that they are available during high traffic periods, the cloud server makes these resources available on demand and puts them to use elsewhere when traffic dies down, meaning that you to pay only for what you use.

CHECK OUT Hostforweb CLOUD VPS Solutions :

Storage – 30GB SSD
Bandwidth – 2TB
1 vCPU
Price per month – $10

Storage – 40GB SSD
Bandwidth – 3TB
1 vCPU
Price per month – $20


A managed cloud hosting solution will give you all the advantages of a cloud server, including full scalability, rapid deployment of computing resources, high performance and service reliability. In addition, it will save you the hassle of managing your server, because we’ll take on all the work. Go ahead, take advantage of us.

CHECK OUT Hostforweb MANAGED CLOUD Solutions :

Storage – 60GB SSD
Bandwidth – 2000GB
RAM – 2048MB
Price per month – $41.96

Storage – 80GB SSD
Bandwidth – 3000GB
RAM – 4096MB
cVPUs/Ghz: 4/3.6Ghz
Price per month – $55.96



  • Self-healing Hardware – We store your cloud server centrally, unconnected to the cloud nodes it runs on, and back it up by a seamless failover process. In the highly unlikely event of a node failure, your system is automatically restarted.
  • Scale on Demand – Whatever computing resources you require, (RAM/CPU/Storage), we make them automatically available on demand. Your site will never go down due to high traffic.
  • Fastest in the Industry – Our network infrastructure is redundant, transparent and always available, providing you with a solution that is 10X faster than the average dedicated server.
  • Free Migration Assistance – If you have a pre-existing site with another hosting company, we will gladly take care of your migration process, free of charge. Our customer service representatives are available every hour of the day, every day of the week.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support – We make a point of being available to our customers when they need us, and not a moment later. No matter when you want help with your server, we’ll be there – that’s a promise.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re so sure you’ll love our services that we provide you with a 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

We’ve enjoyed much growth over the years, but that goal has never changed. We can guarantee that no matter how much we grow or what success we enjoy, we will never be led astray from our purpose. We owe everything to our customers, and we will continue to show our appreciation with our reliable solutions and our top-of-the-line service.

Contact information:
Mailing/Remittance Address:
HostForWeb, 56 Leonard Street Suite 21A-East, New York, NY 10013
For more contact details, visit: https://www.hostforweb.com/support/support.php

With HostForWeb’s cloud services, you’ll have industry leading performance, security, capability and fault tolerance working for you. We know you deserve the best for your hosting, so why not pick us?

New Twitch Affiliate Looking To Grow Community | Forum Promotion

Just your random streamer Zeff.I play a variety of games and enjoy helping players the best I can when it’s something I can help with. Specially in games like Smite, Warframe, Black Desert Online(console).Don’t be afraid to drop in and have a chat, I’m a funny chill guy working on being a Vtuber.

A good VPS host? | Forum Promotion

So I’ve been looking around and toying with the idea of getting a VPS. However I have no idea which provider to use. I’ve asked for input from a few people already and I’ve been recommended a few providers. But before I go ahead and choose one, I figured I would ask here…

What are some good VPS providers for a reasonable cost?

To help clarify things, I am considering an maximum cost (without any promotional changes) of 25 USD a month. (So if your suggestion would start more than that… please don’t waste my time, I won’t be considering it.) I would prefer a managed solution given that I’m relatively new to this and don’t really want to add a lot of stress right now if I can avoid it. But if unmanaged is the only option then I’ll take it.

Hardware wise, I’d like at least 20GB of storage space. If it’s SSD that’s great, if not I don’t really care. Beyond that I don’t really care.