How do I make formulas effective only starting from tomorrow in Google Sheets?

I made a google sheet for insulin-dependent diabetics, to calculate insulin units based on their meal content and glucose reading inputs. Each day has its own block of cells for the patient. When I edit the governing formulas in another sheet called ‘factors’, how do I make them effective starting from tomorrow, leaving previously calculated cells unchanged, to get back to as a history?

Here is the formula I’m using in a C5 calculating cell:


And Here is an example of the sheet

formulas – Google Spreadsheet: Adding together multiple Sum Filter or Sumifs with multiple conditions across multiple sheets?

So I have a budgeting spread sheet. I have an overview page that I need to link to a “Checkings” sheet and a “CC-Chase” sheet.

To calculate the amount spent on a specific category that month I currently use:

I want to add in the same data from my credit card statments so I tried:
=sum(filter(Checkings!$B:$B,Checkings!$C:$C=("Grocery"),Checkings!$A:$A>=("1/1/21")+0,Checkings!$A:$A<=("1/31/21")+0))+(FILTER('CC-Chase'!$F:$F,'CC-Chase'!$D:$D=("Grocery", 'CC-Chase'!$B:$B>=("1/1/21")+0,'CC-Chase'!$B:$B<=("1/31/21")+0)))

But this gives me an error. I’ve tried a few other combinations of this but always get an error.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or have another way I could do this?

formulas – Combine multiple IF statement/condition into one google sheet column

If it were up to me, I would not setup your sheet the way it is. But as you have things set up, try this formula in B8:

=ArrayFormula(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B7&B9,{A2:A5&C2:C5,B2:B5;A2:A5&E2:E5,D2:D5},2,FALSE),"NO MATCH"))

The formula uses curly brackets to form a virtual array with the A2:A5 values concatenated with C2:C5, and to the right of that (in memory), the values from B2:B5. Underneath this array (as denoted by the semicolon), another array is formed with the A2:A5 values concatenated with the E2:E5 values this time, and to the right of that (in memory), the values from D2:D5. In the end, this array will contain just two columns: the first with the concatenations of every rows model with each possible vendor for that model, the second with the correlating size for that pairing.

The VLOOKUP then concatenates your selected model and size from B7 and B9 and looks for it in the virtual array above. If that combination is found, the value in column 2 of the virtual array will be returned. If it is not, the IFERROR will return “NO MATCH.”

The FALSE in the VLOOKUP means “My results aren’t in perfect ascending order and I’m looking for an exact match only.”

Google Sheets – existing row formulas are being erased after google form submission

I am having problems with Sheets and Forms connection.

I have pre-entered formulas on Google Sheets, like vlookups and TO_DATE value, but as soon as I submit entries from Google Forms, the formulas that I typed in before were erased and the cells are now blanks.


  • Employee ID
  • Time Log
  • Remark


  • Timestamp
  • Employee ID
  • Time Log
  • Remark
  • Date – To_DATE value from Timestamp
  • Full Name – vlookup from SheetB

dnd 5e – Are there formula’s for Warforged Armor? (Proficiency + Dex + 11 =AC)

The WarForged have 3 separate armor types of which from UA, that determine their AC, as armor has no effect on them nor does it stack. I was wondering if there was a Formula for me to utilize for the modifier section in the armor section below. Where it takes the current proficiency bonus and/or dex modifier (just PB for heavy armor) adds it to a number 11,13,16 and then determines my AC?

Formula like AC = dex + pb + number


DEX & pb

Armor and Modifier section

The Armor Types

google sheets – How to check duplicates by combing these formulas?

columns of filter duplicate

I am checking if column S is empty then i need to set a rule in a cell to make conditional formatting in cell A1


A1=Y9 >0 , a rule is applied.(conditional formatting custom formula)

The question is how to combine all these functions in one formula in conditional formatting/custom formula instead of depending on two results successively . Like Arrayformula

Are those temporal logic formulas equivalent?

I am wondering whether those two formulas are equivalent:

This LTL formula:

$AG(prightarrow Gq)$

And this CTL formula:

$AG(prightarrow AGq)$

I thought that they are equivalent, however points were deducted when I wrote that they are (This was a yes/no question, so no explanation was needed).

What am I missing? Why are they not equivalent?

formulas – Transposed data in google sheets

Hi I would like to re arange some data to be prepped for export. My input data is:

Row 1 First L. 1A-123
Row 2 John D. 2B-123
Row 3 Ben A. 3C-123

This data can contain values up to row 5 and should be able to be variable.
I would like the output data to look like this.

Row1 First L. 1A-123, John D. 2B-123, Ben A. 3C-123

Noting that the Last value will not have a “, ” at the end.

Any Ideas on how I can reference the number of values and add/concatenate “, ” if there is another value left to add.
Thank you for any help

formulas – How to use AND with a symbol instead of a function in Google Sheets?

I know that we can use the AND function to create conditions based off of more than one criteria:

=IF(AND(A2<>"", B2=""), "You are missing a last name", "")

However, in SQL and programming we can specify AND with && and OR with ||. This makes expressions easier to parse, especially when you have a bunch of conditions chained together:

=IF(A2<>"" && B2="", "You are missing a last name", "")

When I try the above, it shows the error:

Formula parse error.

Is there a symbol we can use for AND and OR instead of the functions in Google Sheets?

The reason I suspect there might be a symbol is because instead of CONCATENATE, they allow you to use the & symbol:


Is the same as:

=A2 & B2 & C2

Thus I suspect there might be a succinct way to specify AND and OR conditions.

formulas – Moving average google sheets

I’m looking for a way to calculate the average turnover of the past 4 weeks.

Screenshot of the sheet

The formula I used to determine te current year/weeknumber is:


The current year/week is 2021_05.

So I’m looking for a way to adding up the values of:

2021_01 + 2021_02 + 2021_03 + 2021_04.

The number I’m looking for is the sum of these values (33.344 + 30.360 + 27.192 + 30.000) divided by 4.

Also the (moving) average should be excluded from zeros and empty cells.

Is there a way to calculate the average of the last 4 weeks in google sheets?

Thanks a million in advance!