entities – EntityMetadataWrapperException: invalid data value given. Make sure it matches the required data type and format for the date field in Drupal 7

I am working on creating an event calendar and therefore I created a custom module to save events in custom content type. I have already installed the entity module and the date module.
I have created a date field & # 39; partner_event_date & # 39; that accepts values ​​from and to date.

In my custom module, I am adjusting the values ​​of the date field as shown below:

$ wrapper-> field_partner_event_date-> set (array (
& # 39; value & # 39; => date (& # 39; Y-m-d H: i: s & # 39 ;, $ dateFrom),
& # 39; value2 & # 39; => date (& # 39; Y-m-d H: i: s & # 39 ;, $ dateTo),

And an output is displayed at the top of the screen:
array (& # 39; value & # 39; => & # 39; 2022-02-05 00: 00: 00 & # 39 ;, & # 39; value2 & # 39; => & # 39; 2024-07-03 00 : 00: 00 & # 39 ;,)

The error I get is:
EntityMetadataWrapperException: Invalid data value given. Make sure it matches the required data type and format. Value in node () -> field_partner_event_date :. in EntityMetadataWrapper-> set () (line 122 of /sites/all/modules/entity/includes/entity.wrapper.inc).

I installed my module in a new drupal installation, there it is working absolutely fine, but on the client site (which is already built) when I installed and configured it, then these errors are popping up. Can anyone help with this.

Excel macro date format: superuser

I have an Excel sheet that puts the current date and time in a specific cell if a macro is run. Format the date and time in the format dd-mm-yyyy HH: mm. Throughout the month of March, this worked perfectly. However, now in April, it suddenly generates the dates as mm-dd-yyyy HH: mm.

What could be the cause of this?

twrp: How can I format internal storage on Android?

I would like help to format my phone's internal storage.
I managed to unlock it and flash TWRP recovery, but I can see that the internal storage capacity is only 33MB, which is clearly wrong. Before I started doing all this, I had GB of capacity, not MB. Clearly, I need to fix this. I tried to use Windows disk manager
but the manager is not detecting the phone or the storage.

Can I have some orientation here? It is Meizu 5 pro. Any useful input greatly appreciated.

cat /proc/partitions give me

major   minor  #blocks  name
   8       0   61071360  sda
   8       1   1024      sda1
   8       2   256       sda2
   8       3   256       sda3
 259       0   4096      sda21
 259       1   8192      sda22
 259       2   2048      sda23
 259       3   4096      sda24
 259       4   4096      sda25
 259       5   24576     sda26
 259       6   32768     sda27
 259       7   32768     sda28
 259       8   20480     sda29
 259       9   20480     sda30
 259      10   20480     sda31
 259      11   20480     sda32
 259      12   20480     sda33
 259      13   2621440   sda41
 259      14   524288    sda42
 259      15   57663468  sda43
 259      16   38912     sda44
   8      16   4096      sdb
   8      32   4096      sdc
 179      0    30253056  mmcblk0
 179      1    30252032  mmcblk0p1

ls -ld /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/* it gives me "There is no such file or directory"

android studio – How to read date format " / Date (1572026245703-0500) /"

  public void onResponse(JSONArray response) {
  MyModel modedl=null;
    try {
        for (int i = 0; i < response.length(); i++) {
        model = new MyModel();
        JSONObject jsonObject = null;
        jsonObject = response.getJSONObject(i);
        dataAdapter= new DataAdapter(lista);
        catch (JSONException e) {
        Toast.makeText(getContext(),"Error: "+e.toString(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
        Toast.makeText(getContext(),"No se encontraron datos", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

exodus – BTC-Wallet from "Airgap.it" requests the Recipient's Address Prefix "1ABC". What format is that?

I am trying to set up a cold and a hot wallet.

  1. Hot Wallet = "Exodus" on my mobile phone every day. The address format is Bech32 with the Prefix "bc1" or the prefix inherited from the format "P2PKH", then the addresses start with "1".

  2. Cold Wallet = "Airgap Vault" on the offline device plus "Airgap Wallet" on the mobile phone every day. Both from "airgap.it".

  3. I tried to send a trial amount from Cold-Wallet to Hot-Wallet, but Cold-Wallet "Airgap Wallet" only accepts BTC addresses that start with the "1ABC" Prefix. How do I get this address from my Exodus "hot" wallet and what is this standard format / address called?

I could only find BTC-Cash related entries on Google, but BTC-Cash-Adresses starts with "q" or "bitcoincash: q". Also, the wallet software would have to be very tricky, because BTC-Cash isn't even supposed to be supported. I can't even imagine that, so I guess I'm really dumb right now. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

obfuscation: industry safe file format like .OFX Open Financial Exchange File

The .OFX Open Financial Exchange file is a file format created for financial data exchanges between financial institutions.

I was wondering if there is such a file format in the IT security arena.

My goal would be to use and customize it for my backend API entry points (that's another story, don't worry about that)

usability test: is this column view for answers feasible in a Survey type format?

I have a query about a question type I am working on for a survey design. What I wanted to find out was whether or not this question type (shown in the image below) was valid in UX terms. How difficult is it for a user to understand this type of format and what could be a better way to display this information?

enter the image description here

Here we have an example of the type of question where we want a user to rate the lighting of their workspace in the office and at home by selecting one of the options. When you select an option, it lights up. Once you have finished selecting the options in both columns (as shown below), you will automatically proceed to the next question.

enter the image description here

Can I get some advice or advice on whether this approach works or should be done differently?

I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

7 – format the radio button of the web form

With the Drupal 7 web form, the standard output of the radio button is as follows:

I would like to change the output to display like this:

You'll notice "RADIO-CHECKED" in the second example (as well as the entry that is wrapped by the tag). This is something I will get to do Javascript.

I've tried Googling this for years, but clearly I'm not using the correct search terms. Is it something that someone with intermediate skills can achieve?

Why does "moment (& # 39; Tue Mar 31 2020 & # 39;). Utc (). Format ()" return different results in different time zones?

moment('Tue Mar 31 2020').utc().format()

exit: "2020-03-31T06: 00: 00Z"

Time zone: (UTC-06: 00) Central America

In the browser console:
enter the image description here

moment('Tue Mar 31 2020').utc().format()

exit: "2020-03-30T18: 30: 00Z"

Time zone: (UTC + 05: 30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi

In the browser console:
enter the image description here

I can't format hp pendrive. The first time I improperly trained after that I couldn't find my flash drive

[enter image description here] [1]

[1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/ol7Dm.jpg is shown like this only when I can't show format format option