Alternative contact form for

Before I start my question, I know that this is not the support team, so I do not ask the question I have for them here.

I have asked a question via email, but I am still waiting for your "award-winning customer service" to respond for 2 weeks (and I sent 4 reminders in the meantime).
I know they also have phone numbers, but in the company we can only call national numbers, and none of them is national.
Also, calling him from my mobile phone will cost me too much.

So, does anyone know if he has anything else? Live chat? Forum for resellers? Transpacific pigeons?

antivirus: Are all the "behavioral detections" of the malware a form of heuristic detection?

Many of the articles I read seem to group behavioral detection along with heuristic detection. As far as I know, one of the defining features of heuristic detection is that it can be used to detect new malware, but it produces more false positives than signature detection. I can imagine that there are some dynamic or behavioral techniques that have an extremely low false positive rate like signature-based detection, but they can only detect a specific known malware. For example, the I series of calls to the API is used as a "signature". Are some behavioral-based or dynamic-detection techniques also considered to be signature-based or are all behavioral-based techniques considered heuristic?

Topic: How can I calculate the total value of two fields in the web form?

Here is my situation: a user calculates a price for the design of the house he / she can select from the drop-down menu called house type: apartment, office, standard house and desire if you specify the type of employee you want: expert, senior or junior

price list
Expert = $ 20 / hour, Expert = $ 15 / junior hour $ 10 / hour

I would like to calculate the price depending on the time worked.
contract is my fragment of twig

{% if node.field_employer['0'].value == & # 39; expert & # 39;%}

{{(data number * 20)}} 

{% elseif node.field_employer[‘1’].value == & # 39; senior & # 39;%}
{{(data number * 15)}}

{% elseif node.field_employer[‘2’].value == & # 39; junior & # 39;%}
{{(data number * 10)}}

{% else%}
please choose the number
{% will end if%}

python 3.x – How can I manipulate the data of a form in Django?

I am new to Django and I wanted to know how I can manipulate the data sent by the form.

I have the following form:

CreateNewUser class (forms.Form):

Name = forms.CharField (max_length = 200)
email = forms.EmailField ()
age = forms.DecimalField (min_value = 5, max_value = 120)
cpf = forms.CharField (label = "CPF", max_length = 11)
# Register a password later

View that represents the form:

Def request:
# Create an instance of the form so you can put it in templates
form = CreateNewUser ()
return render (request, & # 39; cadastro.html & # 39 ;, {& # 39; form & # 39 ;: form})

I can not find any place that makes explicit how to access the data sent by the Django form.

How to configure the default response address in the web form?

I am using Webform Reply to module to configure Response address For emails sent from web forms. This function works fine, but for each web form creation I have to configure Response address because by default it will select Default: No response address option. But I want to select a default address as . So, how can I achieve that? For reference see image below:

enter the description of the image here

linear algebra: search for a closed form for a recurrence relation $ 𝑎_𝑛 = (n) * a_ {n-1} + 1 $ and $ 𝑎_𝑛 = (n) * a_ {n-1} + n $?

Consider the sequence defined by
begin {cases}
a_0 = 1 \
𝑎_𝑛 = (n) * a_ {n-1} +1 & text {if} n ge 1
end {cases}
. $$

Find a closed form for $ a_n $.

The second case is the following:
begin {cases}
a_0 = 1 \
𝑎_𝑛 = (n) * a_ {n-1} + n & text {if} n ge 1
end {cases}
. $$

Find a closed form for $ a_n $.

Css Issue in datepicker in the form of infopath – SharePoint 2013

my InfoPath distorted date picker

enter the description of the image here

I'm receiving a message

CSS was ignored due to mismatch of type mime defaultcss.ashx.

I do not have any customization on this, apart from the default master page and the InfoPath form.

How can I modify the payment initiation form?

I want to allow trade customers to log in with their email or username during the payment process.

The login_emailusername module affects the user's login form and I want to reuse the code to affect the drupal commerce payment initiation form.

How I do this?

php: shows the same form of independent comments if the user has logged in

I would like to show the same comment form for registered and registered users. With the fields Comment, Name, Email.

Edit the form by functons.php I know, I just have not figured out how to skip the verification of the logged-in user.

Even if the administrator has logged in, the form should appear as if it were a visitor.

Thanks for the tips.