Create custom forex or crypto signals mobile app for $995

Create custom forex or crypto signals mobile app

Are you in the business of forex signals or crypto signals? Take your business to a whole new level with a customized mobile application to send your forex or crypto trading signals and reach a wider audience!


  • MAIN APPLICATION: This is the main mobile app which will be uploaded to App stores, it will contain your customized logo, brand name, app name, app icon, app splash screen and app information.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE APPLICATION: This is the admin app that controls the signals in the main app, you can send signals from the admin app and it will be displayed in the main app, you can edit or delete signals from the main app. Users will receive a notification every time you send a signal. You can edit, delete and mark the signal as “closed” in this app and it will reflect on the main app.
  • CLEAN USER INTERFACE DESIGN: As demonstrated in the display picture, a Beautiful user interface design. Simple to understand for users. App will have a screen for “ACTIVE TRADES” which are signals that are currently running and “CLOSED TRADES” which are past signals. 
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: We will integrate real time push notifications so your users can get real time notifications when you send an active trade signal.
  • IN-APP PURCHASE: We will integrate in-app purchases in your app, so users can pay directly in the app for monthly subscriptions or just pay per signal. 
  • AD INTEGRATION: We will integrate admob ads in your app so you can earn from ads, you can also allow users to watch ads to unlock signals.



❓ASK – Do you use candlestick patter in forex? |

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A Comprehensive Guide on how to make money forex trading platform. for $10

A Comprehensive Guide on how to make money forex trading platform.

Everything is possible! If you want to live your life in your comfort zone get this book and it will change your life forever without putting in any effort. Living your life happily with an amazing book!.


❓ASK – Is forex really easy? |

Forex is a very risky investment, and that’s why many people tends to run from trading forex. Even if you are an expert, forex remain a very risky investment . I am looking forward to seeing exchanges that offers a sufficient tools for trading on forex. Tools like , stop-loss, take-profit exit order

❓ASK – Never be greedy in forex |

Forex market is a game of emotions. You never understand this while trading that you were driven by enotions until it is too late. One of them is greed. Many people wants to earn huge money in short time here, such mentality lands the. In critical situation.

It is adorable that every trader should trade with proper discipline. They should always try to control their greed, because greed will only encourage to earn more and more ultimately land yoh in dire situation.

❓ASK – Do you need a guide in forex? |

A good guide or a teacher will surely help while trading in this risky market. Since the forex market is very uncertain and many traders fails even in the beginning stage. Does having a guide might have changed the fate of the losers here? The answer is yes, for sure it will help.

The traders who loose in the initial stage is mostly because of their inexperience. In that time, having a guide or teacher will certainly help them. The guidance provided to such traders will help them to avoid any mistakes and make unnecessary losses. So yes, a guide is very important, specially for the newbie traders.

❓ASK – What is the thing you hate the most in forex trading? |

When a trader trades in forex market, there are mix emotions that goes through traders mind. Some people like the forex market for some reason, and some people hate it. What is the reason which you think is the worst in forex?

I think the worst thing that I hate the most is the volatility. Though sometimes, it is rewarding, but having higher volatility will mean you will have higher risks too. So, I usually prefer normal volatility.

❓ASK – Who has the control of forex market? |

In my opinion the market moves freely, no one can control it, according to dow’s law that the market moves freely. So we have to understand this, and therefore we need a good trading plan to anticipate the free market movements


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I am Looking for crypto, forex and binary options traffic
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