object oriented – Rust backtest forex engine

I wrote a backtest engine in Rust – essentially it is a bunch of if statements mutating variables in a intensive loop.

Recently I had to rewrite the whole because it was getting too complicated for me to understand.

I first wrote the code in my usual procedural style with functional iterators. When it started getting complicated, only thing that made sense was object-oriented style – a big struct with many methods.

It’s easier now and makes sense. Is object-oriented style idiomatic Rust for this kind of problem?

Here is the core code



let mut engine = Backtest{
        algos: data.clone(),
        equity: accounts(0).balance,
        initial_balance: accounts(0).balance,
        balance: accounts(0).balance,
        entry_candle: None,
        entry_timestamp_option: None,
        tp_price: None,
        sl_price: None,
        combo: None,
        instrument_candles_option: None,
        instrument_option: None,
        entry_candle_iter_option: None,
        entry_candle_index: 0,
        index_time: None,
        index_candle: None,
        candles_cursor: 0,
        prog_candles: vec!(),
        progs: vec!(),
        entry_price: None,
        exit_price: None,
        wl: None
loop {
        if engine.is_account_drawdown_breached() { break; }

        if engine.entry_candle.is_none() {

            let pti = engine

            let next_combo_candle = engine

            if next_combo_candle.is_none() { break; }


            let ci_from_instrument_candles =
            if engine.is_last_instrument_candle(ci_from_instrument_candles.unwrap()) { break; }

            engine.entry_candle_index = ci_from_instrument_candles.unwrap()+1;
            engine.candles_cursor = ci_from_instrument_candles.unwrap()+1;

        // set up candle index
        if engine.is_last_index_candle() { break; }




struct with methods

use crate::db::model::define::*;
use chrono::Duration;

pub struct Backtest {
    pub instruments:Vec<Instrument>,
    pub strategies:Vec<Strategy>,
    pub algos: Vec<Algo>,
    pub combos: Vec<Combo>,
    pub timestamps: Vec<Timestamp>,
    pub candles:Vec<CandleTable>,
    pub equity:f64,
    pub initial_balance:f64,
    pub balance:f64,
    pub entry_candle:Option<CandleTable>,
    pub entry_timestamp_option:Option<Timestamp>,
    pub tp_price:Option<f64>,
    pub sl_price:Option<f64>,
    pub combo:Option<Combo>,
    pub instrument_candles_option:Option<Vec<CandleTable>>,
    pub instrument_option:Option<Instrument>,
    pub entry_candle_iter_option:Option<std::vec::IntoIter<CandleTable>>,
    pub entry_candle_index:usize,
    pub index_time:Option<Timestamp>,
    pub index_candle:Option<CandleTable>,
    pub candles_cursor:usize,
    pub prog_candles:Vec<CandleTable>,
    pub progs:Vec<Prog>,
    pub entry_price:Option<f64>,
    pub exit_price:Option<f64>,
    pub wl:Option<f64>,

impl Backtest {

    pub fn is_account_drawdown_breached(&self) -> bool{
        self.balance <= self.initial_balance / 2.0 || self.equity < 0.0

    pub fn is_next_combo_candle_required(&self) -> bool{

    pub fn is_last_instrument_candle(&self, index:usize) -> bool{

    pub fn is_last_index_candle(&self) -> bool{

    pub fn is_trade_expired(&self) ->bool{
                self.entry_timestamp_option.unwrap().timestamp) > Duration::weeks(2)

    pub fn is_buy(&self) -> bool {
        self.combo.as_ref().unwrap().action == 1

    pub fn is_sell(&self) -> bool {
        self.combo.as_ref().unwrap().action == 0
    pub fn set_exit_price(&mut self){
        if self.is_trade_expired() {

            if self.is_buy() {
                self.exit_price = Some(self.index_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num);
            } else {
                self.exit_price = Some(self.index_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num);

        } else if self.is_stop_loss_reached() {
            if self.is_buy() {
                self.exit_price = Some(self.index_candle.unwrap().bid_low_num)
            } else {
                self.exit_price = Some(self.index_candle.unwrap().ask_high_num)
        } else if self.is_take_profit_reached() {
            if self.is_buy() {
                self.exit_price = Some(self.index_candle.unwrap().ask_high_num)
            } else {
                self.exit_price = Some(self.index_candle.unwrap().bid_low_num)




    let account = &accounts(0);
    let strategy = &strategies(0);
    let equity = account.balance;
    let mut balance = account.balance;
    let mut entry_candle:Option<CandleTable> = None;
    let mut entry_timestamp_option:Option<&Timestamp> = None;
    let mut tp_price:Option<f64> = None;
    let mut sl_price:Option<f64> = None;
    let mut combo:Option<&Combo> = None;
    let mut instrument_candles_option:Option<Vec<CandleTable>> = None;
    let mut instrument_option:Option<&Instrument> = None;
    let mut entry_candle_iter_option:Option<std::vec::IntoIter<CandleTable>> = None;
    let mut entry_candle_index = 0;
    let mut index_time:Option<Timestamp> = None;
    let mut index_candle:Option<CandleTable> = None;
    let mut candles_cursor = 0;
    let mut history:History = History{..Default::default()};
    let mut histories:Vec<History> = vec!();

    let mut prog_candles:Vec<CandleTable> = vec!();
    let mut progs:Vec<Prog> = vec!();
    let mut entry_price:Option<f64> = None;
    let mut exit_price:Option<f64> = None;
    let mut wl:Option<f64> = None;

    //Backtest loop

    loop {

        // TODO - add drawdown to db
        if balance <= account.balance / 2.0 || equity < 0.0 {

        /// Set trade_candle, trade_time, sl, tp
        /// trade_candle?
        /// ! Entry candle (point of entry) is trade candle.
        /// ! Signal candle is candle where a combo is identified.
        /// Find trade_candle by getting latest combo candle
        /// that hasn't been traded. The entry candle would
        /// be in front.
        /// trade_time?
        /// timestamp of trade_candle
        /// sl?
        /// sl from trade_candle
        /// tp?
        /// tp from trade_candle
        if entry_candle.is_none() {

            // set last known timestamp index
            let last_known_tindex = if entry_candle_index == 0 {
                0 as usize
            } else {
                if index_time.is_none() {
                    println!("{:?} {:?}",index_candle,index_time);
                    .id.unwrap() as usize + 1 as usize

            // Get signal candle
            let signal_candle = combo_candles
                    x.timestamp_id >= last_known_tindex as i64);
            if signal_candle.is_none() {

            // set instrument,
            // instrument_id,
            // instrument_candles,
            // signal_candle_index,
            // and check for valid entry candle
            // then set entry candle index,
            // entry candle,
            // entry timestamp
            let instrument_id = signal_candle.unwrap().instrument_id;
            instrument_option = instruments
                .find(|x| x.id.unwrap() == instrument_id);
            let instrument_candles = candles
                .filter(|x| x.instrument_id == instrument_id)
            instrument_candles_option = Some(instrument_candles.clone());
            let signal_candle_index = instrument_candles
                .position(|x|x.timestamp_id == signal_candle.unwrap().timestamp_id);
            if signal_candle_index.is_none() ||
                instrument_candles.get(signal_candle_index.unwrap()+1).is_none() {
            entry_candle_index = signal_candle_index.unwrap()+1;
            candles_cursor = entry_candle_index;
            entry_candle = instrument_candles
            entry_timestamp_option = timestamps
                .find(|x|x.id.unwrap() == entry_candle.unwrap().timestamp_id);


            // set entry candle iter
            let entry_candle_iter = instrument_candles
            entry_candle_iter_option = Option::from(entry_candle_iter);

            // Set combo
            combo = combos
                .find(|x| x.has_instrument_id(instrument_id))

            if combo.as_ref().unwrap().action == 1 {
                sl_price = Some(entry_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num - (strategy.sl / instrument_option.unwrap().decimal_place_value as f64));
                tp_price = Some(entry_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num + (strategy.tp / instrument_option.unwrap().decimal_place_value as f64));
                entry_price = Some(entry_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num)
            } else {
                sl_price = Some(entry_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num + (strategy.sl / instrument_option.unwrap().decimal_place_value as f64));
                tp_price = Some(entry_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num - (strategy.tp / instrument_option.unwrap().decimal_place_value as f64));
                entry_price = Some(entry_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num)

        // necessary vars
        index_candle = instrument_candles_option
        if index_candle.is_none() {
            println!("{:?} {:?} {} {:?}",entry_candle,instrument_option,candles_cursor,
            println!("{} {}","out of bounds",balance);
        index_time = timestamps
            .find(|x|x.id.unwrap() == index_candle.unwrap().timestamp_id);

        // 1. if trade expired, perform 2. or 3.
        // 2. if sl reached, deduct losses from balance
        // 3. if tp reached, add profit to balance
        let _sl_price = sl_price.unwrap();
        let _tp_price = tp_price.unwrap();

        //TODO - trade expiry duration should be in strategy db
        //TODO - handle edge case - expiry candle could open in loss or profit
        if index_time.unwrap().timestamp.signed_duration_since(entry_timestamp_option.unwrap().timestamp) > Duration::weeks(2) {
            if combo.as_ref().unwrap().action == 1 {
                exit_price = Some(index_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num);
                let pl = (index_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num - entry_candle.unwrap().bid_open_num) * instrument_option.unwrap().decimal_place_value as f64;
                balance = balance + pl;
                wl = Some(pl);
            } else {
                exit_price = Some(index_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num);
                let pl = (entry_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num - index_candle.unwrap().ask_open_num) * instrument_option.unwrap().decimal_place_value as f64;
                balance = balance + pl;
                wl = Some(pl);

                id: None,
                instrument: instrument_option.unwrap().clone(),
                combo: combo.unwrap().clone(),
                entry_price: entry_price.unwrap(),
                exit_price: exit_price.unwrap(),
                wl: if wl.unwrap() > 0.0 {1} else { 0 }

            entry_candle = None;
            tp_price = None;
            sl_price = None;
            instrument_candles_option = None;
            instrument_option = None;
        } else if (combo.as_ref().expect("combo issue").action == 1 && index_candle.expect("index candle issue").bid_low_num as f64 <= _sl_price) ||
            (combo.as_ref().expect("combo issue").action == 0 && index_candle.expect("index candle issue").ask_high_num as f64 >= _sl_price) {
            balance = balance - strategy.sl;
            // todo - not entirely correct but serves the point
            if combo.unwrap().action == 1 {
                exit_price = Some(index_candle.unwrap().bid_low_num)
            } else {
                exit_price = Some(index_candle.unwrap().ask_high_num)

                id: None,
                instrument: instrument_option.unwrap().clone(),
                combo: combo.unwrap().clone(),
                entry_price: entry_price.unwrap(),
                exit_price: exit_price.unwrap(),
                wl: 0

            entry_candle = None;
            tp_price = None;
            sl_price = None;

            instrument_candles_option = None;
            instrument_option = None;
        } else if (combo.as_ref().unwrap().action == 1 && index_candle.unwrap().ask_high_num as f64 >= _tp_price) ||
            (combo.as_ref().unwrap().action == 0 && index_candle.unwrap().bid_low_num as f64 <= _tp_price) {
            balance = balance + strategy.tp;
            if combo.unwrap().action == 1 {
                exit_price = Some(index_candle.unwrap().ask_high_num)
            } else {
                exit_price = Some(index_candle.unwrap().bid_low_num)

                id: None,
                instrument: instrument_option.unwrap().clone(),
                combo: combo.unwrap().clone(),
                entry_price: entry_price.unwrap(),
                exit_price: exit_price.unwrap(),
                wl: 1

            entry_candle = None;
            tp_price = None;
            sl_price = None;

            instrument_candles_option = None;
            instrument_option = None;
        } else {
            candles_cursor = candles_cursor + 1;


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