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How to hide Facebook page followers number

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how do I hide the numbers of following on my Facebook page?..

Is it possible to target Twitter ads to the followers of given person?

When marketing my website through twitter ads, is it possible to target followers of a given person? So as ad will be displayed to those specific people.

If so, how would I do so?

Twitter: Is it possible to target followers of given person?

I have question about marketing through twitter ads. Is it possible (and how) to target followers of a given person? So as ad will be displayed to those specific people.

Is it good idea to buy instagram followers?

Hello Guys,

I hope this is correct section to post a question.
I have been reading a lot about instagram advertisement but one thing is nowhere to be found is you can not advertise on Instagram for followers. At first it was bit shock for me because Facebook has this option but Instagram Not.

Now, I have been thinking about other ways from where I can get followers for my instagram account.
Before I go ahead I want to hear out your experiences and thoughts.

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How can I Increase Followers on Instagram & Facebook?


I am new to social media network and have a page on FB and Insta.
I would like to know how can I increase the follower count.
I am not bother about the quality of followers just need to show the numbers.

Any recommendation?

pathfinder 1e – Do you have to pay the cohort and followers you get via the leadership feat?

No, you don’t have to pay your cohort/followers.

The Torchbearer feat mentions paying compensation to other hirelings, but that is meant to refer to deliberately hiring people to provide services, as per the Hirelings, Servants and Services section. The function the Torchbearer ostensibly provides (someone to wave around a light source for you so you can see in a dungeon and keep your hands free) is something which could be traditionally done by simply hiring a lackey.

The Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts & Companions supplement specifically clarifies, in its introductory segment under the heading Reasons to Follow, that (emphasis mine):

The most reliable way to bring other characters into the game is the Leadership feat (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 129) and its variants from other books. This feat reflects ties of genuine loyalty; the cohort and followers it grants cost the PC no additional resources, except insofar as they need
to be equipped for the PC’s purpose and protected while in her service.

So no, you are not expected to normally have to pay followers and cohorts, they are able to support themselves. You may need to provide equipment and supplies to your followers if you task them with actually doing something, but their time is essentially free.