network attached storage – Can access folders through FileStation but not Windows

Version : 4.2.6
Raid6, 8 disks

Hey, because the NAS crashed during an update, I had to “factory reset” it. After solving a lot problems, I’m coming to an end, but there is one last thing not working.

I can’t access the NAS and his shared folders through any computers (Windows), it says network path not find. I can however access it with the web interface “File Station”. I can read, download or upload files.

Do you have any idea what is causing the issue ? Thanks.

linux – Rename files which have $’r at end of file name (including recursive in folders) without using rename

I have a ton of folders with jpg files in on a linux system. However I accidently moved them using a sh file that i made in windows.

Therefore instead of the files and structure being like this if running a ls command:


Instead if I run a ls command, they show the following with a ‘ at the beginning and ‘$’r’ at the end:


I do not have access to install programs, and therefore rename is not installed, I therefore only have access to built in ones such as find and mv

Much appreciated

networking – From Ubuntu 20.04 system, access folders on my servers- Raspian and DDWRT (router) disks

I have a couple of Win-10 machines that access shared folders on my Raspberry file-server, and my router which runs DDWRT.
I’ve set all this up, and it runs quite reliably.
Now, I’d like to access (R+W) these Fat32 and NTFS folders from a Ubuntu 20.04 system.
So far, all I have seen on the internet is how to set up graphical access between Ubuntu and Windows, which I’ve already “mastered”.
But when it comes to Ubuntu accessing a raspberry SSD, the only advice I can find is SSH command-line stuff. And this tells me I need all sorts of SHA 256-bit keys. E.G. –
Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now

WTF? OMG,please! It’s a simple LAN!
How do I set up a graphical connection using Nautilus, Midnight-Commander, or some other graphical listing that will show up as disk(s) mounted on my Ubuntu desktop? EVEN AFTER a Ubuntu reboot.
Must I really use SAMBA?

2013 – Using SharePoint’s REST API to $expand a folder’s people field

I can’t quite remember how to expand a field of a folder or file. Example: I can do something like Folders/ListItemAllFields/RoleAssignments/Member to expand the role assignments, but I cannot do this for my custom column.


  • Document Library has a column called “Authors”
  • The column is a multiple person or group
  • The column appears as an AuthorsId field in the JSON response


odata=nometadata (response):

( { ListItemAllFields:
     { FileSystemObjectType: 1,
       AuthorsId: ( 2, 3, 5, 8 )
   Name: 'My Folder Name',
   ItemCount: 20,


This is just more info in attempts I’ve made that result in Bad Request failures:

  • Folders/ListItemAllFields/Authors/Id
  • Folders/ListItemAllFields/Authors

Folders/ListItemAllFields/AuthorsId does not result in failure, but doesn’t expand the resulting array either

permission – When I try to delete some old folders on my mac desktop I get error. I have tried some method but failed. Error is shown in description

I have tried several methods in the past as well.

While reflecting on root of problem initially after purchasing mac I had password set which was forgotten within week so I had to used command R feature to reset password. After That everything is working fine but folders and files shown on below screen are not deleted.

enter image description here
Figure 1
enter image description here
Figure 2

When trying to make any changes such as moving, deleting, renaming to shown folder above request pops up for entering admin password. Even after I enter password following error is shown.

enter image description here
Figure 3

After researching some method to solve this issue I changed the disk permission from other to read and write as shown below in Figure 4 but still same issue mentioned above in picture Figure 1, 2, and 3 is repeated.

enter image description here
Figure 4

What further I can do to get rid of those files and folders highlighted on fig 1. I am annoyed as they are useless at the moment and I repeatedly have to encounter them.

How to have local Google Drive app sync folders shared with me?

In the web version of Google Drive, I have access to a shared folder under “shared with me”. It’s contents are updated frequently and I’d like to have a local copy through the Google Drive desktop app. I can’t figure out how to do this?

advanced custom fields – Organize media library into folders and get folders via WP Rest API?

I’m building a Vue/NuxtJS portfolio site that will hopefully use WordPress as a headless CMS. I’ve been searching for hours but can’t seem to come to a definitive solution.

I know it’s possible to organize the media library into folders through various plugins. I also know I can use something like ACF to add additional fields (although I’m not sure if ACF works with the media library). There are essentially two endpoints I need, and I’m not sure if it’s possible since WordPress removed the filter parameter from the API.

  1. Retrieve all folders and its cover image for the gallery index. For example, if there are four folders I’ve created in the media library, I’d like the endpoint to return an array of four objects that return folder title and cover image. The endpoint might look something like /wp-json/wp/v2/media/folders.
  2. Retrieve all images and size variations of those images for a specific folder. For example, if a user clicks into a specific gallery to see all of the images in that gallery. If a user clicks on a specific image, a Lightbox pops up to display a full-size version of that image. The endpoint might look something like /wp-json/wp/v2/media/folders/1.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions anyone could provide!

Prevent user uploading under the root instead use folders within

I have document library “Records” and I have 20 folders. I want users to upload file under those folders and not directly under the library. How do I do that?

root access – Bootloop after deleting *_ce and *_de folders from /data on Android 10

I messed with the file system of Android 10 (Pixel Experience on Whyred) and deleted


because I thought they contained old user profiles.

Turned out that was not the case, as my device is stuck in a bootloop now. It boots up until I am asked for the SIM PIN, and goes back to the boot animation before I can enter anything.

In TWRP, I found that the deleted folders were re-created by the system, but this does not solve the problem. I am thinking about backing up and formatting /data, and merging the proper folders into the backup. Is that possible?

Any advice will be appreciated!

CSOM Caml Query Gets Only Root Level Folders in Document Library (Paged Answer)

I can easily get rootFolders from my test library in SharePoint Online using

FolderCollection oFolderCollection = targetList.RootFolder.Folders;

The problem is that this doesn't work for my production library as it exceeds the display list threshold. I was able to overcome the threshold error with the following code:

using (ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(webUri))

            int rowLimit = 1;
            var camlQuery = new CamlQuery();
            camlQuery.ViewXml = @"" + rowLimit + "";

            clientContext.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(userName, password);
            ListItemCollectionPosition position = null;

            // This value is NOT List internal name
            List targetList = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Clients");

            //1st attempt
            //FolderCollection oFolderCollection = targetList.RootFolder.Folders;

            int clientCount = 0;
                ListItemCollection listItems = null;
                camlQuery.ListItemCollectionPosition = position;
                listItems = targetList.GetItems(camlQuery);
                position = listItems.ListItemCollectionPosition;

                foreach (ListItem item in listItems)
                    if (item != null && item.Folder != null)
                            if ((item != null && item.Folder != null) && item.Folder.GetType() == typeof(Folder))

                                //currently getting all files and folders, just want to start at top level folder then load in others if/as needed
                                Console.WriteLine(clientCount + "- Client: " + item.Folder.Name);
                                //clientFileDiver(item.Folder, clientContext);

                        catch (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerException)
                            if(item == null || item.Folder == null)
                        catch (ServerObjectNullReferenceException)
                            if (item == null || item.Folder == null)
                        catch (Exception)



            while (position != null);

Try ignoring some of the ugly if statements: D. I am very new to CSOM and caml. Is it possible to write a Caml statement that returns the folders in the root of the document library only? Or is there a way to alter the original way I was trying and retrieve the folders in a paged response via the targetList.Rootfolder properties? Sorry if this is not clear! Happy friday to everyone!