online sharepoint: activates the MS flow when the folder is created in a drive

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How to sort a file from another folder and run it JavaScript

I am doing a bot for discord, there is a folder called commands, I would like to know how I call the files in this folder in my main file, bot.js and execute them

mojave: always open a particular folder in a specific view

I went to the folder / Users / username and right click the Desktop folder -> selected show view options -> ticked Always open in icon view, browse in icon view

Now I closed the popup window and manually changed the view of Desktop folder to list view and closed the folder and reopened a new browser window. I expected the Desktop folder to open in the icon view, but it is still opening in the list view

What am I doing wrong here?

19.04 – How to access the ubuntu shared folder in vmware from the local area network?

I share a folder within ubuntu by right clicking – Local Network Share. when I check with

net information of shared users: in the long term I get the result as

[testom] path = / home / agedmin / Public / testom comment = usershare_acl = All: F, guest_ok = y

From Windows Explorer I tried the way like this testom – Nothing comes up? When I enter IP only your folder says it is empty? Please help me solve this. I don't know much about Linux. Please advise me. Thanks in advance

How to laterate the default xampp folder

I have xampp installed on my server, and I know it comes with an htdocs, but I am emulating a server that has several sites with different links, I have the following:

Folder: htdocs

Folder: project

Pasta: wapangola

The following happens when I try to access these sites through the virtual machine of the Android emulator or when I try to access through IP on the network. It only returns the content that is in the ms project folder, what I want is to run the content that is in the wapangola folder

Finder – Automator Help: copy and rename files from a static folder to a dynamically created one

I'm curious to see how I can achieve this action.

So far, I created an automated system that asks 3 questions: a ticket number, the name of a project and the type of project.

That creates a series of folders with the name "ticket x – project to (project type) – assets", and a later set of more folders that change the last bit to accommodate recordings, lists, etc.

We are fine there. But now, I have a separate folder that always lives in the same location, with some formats that I need to place inside those newly created folders, and I hope to rename them (later).

I can get specified Finder items to locate the first format, but when I want to copy that Finder item to the folders, I find that all those paths cannot be accessed to the folders I created dynamically, because Copy Finder items A: don't take existing variables, only new.

So, can I save those routes in some way and then pass them to the recipient's folder? It is the same when changing the name. I can only pass text to the dialog box, not a variable that I just created.

Any ideas?

Why does Android Gmail suddenly not show the names of recipients in the "Sent" folder?

The folders sent in Gmail on both my Galaxy phone and my Nexus tablet suddenly show only "I" ……….. as the SENDER!

Come on, Gmail … I think I know who sent my emails … I want to quickly see who I sent them to … without having to open them to see them. the details.

Was it a change that someone on Google forgot to turn ON when making a recent update?

What gives????

Kali Linux: Why doesn't my Metasploit folder have a word list folder (usr / share /)?

I'm trying to use msf word lists but I just noticed in usr/share/metasploit-framework there are only two folders lib Y config.

I'm not sure how that happened, but my msf is updated.

Is there any way to fix this and replace what is missing or return it to the original state?

Thanks in advance.

plex: folder permission denied in server folder

I am using a Raspberry Pi as a remote PLEX server, connected to my pi is an external hard drive with all my media saved on it. All this works very well, except when I try to open the external hard drive folder on my Mac, I get a permission denied, you don't have permission to see its content error message.

If I use SSH when using the terminal, then I can open the external hard drive folder well, however, if I do a cmd + k in the browser to connect to a server, then enter smb: // IP address when I try to open it folder that I get The error message.

I have done an ls – l and I get the following result, so I am really stuck.

total 256
drwxrwxrwx 1 pi pi 262144 Jan  1  1970 'My Passport'

How to undo Windows 10 reset using the Windows.old folder

I restart Windows 10 on my laptop and unfortunately most of my programs are deleted later. There is a Windows backup of my programs in the C: Windows.old folder. I think this folder was created due to Windows restart.

How can I undo the Windows reset using the C: Windows.old folder to reinstall my programs?