compensation – How do I check the true cause of a flight cancellation?

(DUS=Düsseldorf, FRA=Frankfurt, MAN=Manchester, NCL=Newcastle, PRN=Prishtina, VIE=Vienna)

Originally had a Eurowings booking PRN-DUS-NCL and a rail ticket Newcastle-Manchester, whereby I would’ve landed at NCL at 10:40, then reached Manchester at 14:20.

15 days before departure, the DUS-NCL flight was cancelled and I was re-booked to PRN-DUS-MAN, whereby I would’ve landed at MAN at 14:40.

3 days before departure, the PRN-DUS flight was cancelled.

1 day before departure, I was re-booked to PRN-VIE-FRA-MAN with Austrian+Lufthansa (I understood Eurowings wouldn’t do this willingly, but made it clear straight away that I would drag them to court if they tried conning me, and they got the hint). Ended up with this and landed at MAN at 22:55.

A week ago I e-mailed asking for:

  • EUR 400 compensation per EC261
  • Reimbursement for the unusable, nonrefundable rail ticket Newcastle-Manchester (GBP 10.55).

I told them that, should extraordinary circumstances per EC261 apply, they are to provide a detailed explanation with relevant documentation. I added that I may check the accuracy of their information with the relevant authorities, “adivising against” giving incorrect/misleading information.

(airlines will happily claim “since there happens to be an ongoing pandemic, everything counts as an extraordinary circumstance, so you can’t claim for anything ever”. This is emphatically NOT true.)

FWIW, the PRN-DUS route wasn’t cancelled altogether, just reduced. I made screenshots proving it took off two days before and one day after my date.

I got a “read” receipt very quickly, but no response yet.

NOW, my question is: what German authority can check whether an airline is being truthful about the reason for a cancellation? The EU’s list of national enforcement bodies refers to the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, but someone told me they only accept cases where there’s concrete evidence of an airline violating EC261, not examining whether an airline is truthful or not.

Third-party agents such as Claimcompass do deal with such examinations, but would keep 35% for themselves, so I want to avoid going through them if at all possible.

So in summary: what authority in Germany do I turn to? Or is it perhaps the Kosovan civil aviation authority?

customs and immigration – Refused to enter the UK, will Amsterdam let them in for an overnight stay whist waiting for a flight back to Orginal Country, Argentina

Per TIMATIC, the database used by airlines:

Passengers are not allowed to enter.

This does not apply to passengers arriving from Austria,
Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark,
Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,
Iceland, Ireland (Rep.), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or
the United Kingdom.

Unclear, however, if being sent back from the UK qualifies as arriving from the UK.

I’d recommend you to email Dutch border control on this, at Write “Urgent!” in the message title

Is there any website that can give me flight price and hotel price comparison….?

I was searching for a website that can show hotels and flight price comparison charts…?

air travel – What do I need to know to make my connecting flight? First time with a layover

When your first flight lands:

  1. Get off the plane, taking your carry-on luggage with you

  2. Look for a monitor displaying departing flights

  3. Find your second flight and note its gate number

  4. Go to that gate and wait until it is time to board.

You will not need to go back through security nor pick up any checked luggage in Denver. You will get boarding passes for both flights when you check in in PDX (or online). If something happens and you lose your second boarding pass, it can be reprinted at the departure gate of your DEN-BNA flight.

DEN has three gate areas, A, B and C; every gate number includes the area letter (e.g. A31, B17). Most likely your DEN-BNA flight will depart from the same gate area where the PDX-DEN flight arrived, in which case you only need to walk east or west along the concourse in the appropriate direction until you find the gate. If you should need to go to a different gate area, they are connected by an underground train, which can be reached by going to the center of the concourse and taking an escalator or elevator down.

covid 19 – Extend USA B2 Tourist Visa (for My Mother) stay under COVID19 + Flight ban situation

My Mother (63 yrs) is currently visiting me from India on B2 visa.
Now her I94 is valid till Sept 15 this year (visa is 10 yrs). Due to COVID19 India has flight ban imposed, and till now we dont have dates when the flights are going to resume. So I can see there is an option for requesting stay extension by filing a I539 with documents supported and I131 as I (son) will be her sponsor for stay and all expenses. We are looking for a stay request extension for max couple of months.
Now the questions are –

  1. How long it takes to get a decision (approval or rejection) in such cases ?
  2. What is the best time to file the extension request considering we have still 60+ days till the I94 expire in Sept 15.?
  3. If I file now, and we get rejection of extension of stay (before the current I94 expires), do my mother need to leave immediately or she can stay till the current I94 date (which is Sept 15)?
  4. If we get the rejection after I94 has expired (Sept 15), how many days she will have to leave the country? Does she accrues out of status in this case? and does the B2 visa (10 yrs validity) gets void as well?
  5. Last case – we file extension, we don’t get any decision quickly, but she leaves before getting the decision (approval or rejection, say she leaves at October end). In this case is she good in status, means no out of status and visa void?

i have always travel with thomas cook and the inflight headset for the flights can i use them on a british airways flight

You will be allowed to use them, whether they work depends on the plug on the headset and the actual plane you use.
And on whether BA have an in-plane entertainment system.

When you know which route you will fly you can ask for one us to tell you whether it is likely that it will be usefull.

uk – Connecting flight got cancelled after first leg of journey. Am I entitled to a full refund?

I booked via a one-way ticket from Nanning to London. When I bought the ticket, I also bought travel insurance from the agency as well.The flights were:

Nanning -> Shanghai (Spring airlines)

Shanghai -> Hong Kong (Hong Kong Airlines)

Hong Kong -> London (Cathay Pacific)

After flying the first leg, I was told that the flight from Shanghai to HK wasn’t available at the airport. In the end I bought a new ticket at the airport to London. This was around 2 weeks ago and I’ve since contacted the travel agency and insurance company (AXA).

The travel agency has an automated refunds system which says it will contact each carrier separately to obtain refunds and will take up to 3 months. It also mentions I could end up with nothing refunded and I will not be entitled to any further refunds once I apply. I contacted the UK branch of AXA (the travel agency links to the Czech branch of AXA) and filed a claim with them. I’m wondering if I should just issue a chargeback from my credit card company for the booking or should I wait for the my claim to be processed? If the claim fails then what would I be entitled to, if anything?


air travel – After flight rescheduled infant is >2 years old. Do I need to buy a new ticket?

I have a two-way airline ticket for an infant with no separate seat. The airline canceled flight back and rescheduled tickets for a new date.

But on this new date, an infant is already 2 years old, so the airline wants me to buy a new ticket for her.

The rescheduling happened not because of us. Are there any rules for cases like this?

Ec261 compensation : European Flight of less than 3000km, delayed by 9 hours. Is compensation limited to €400?

My flight from Tenerife south to Gatwick had to make an emergency landing due to technical issues in Porto Santo. We were delayed getting back to Gatwick by 9 hours (finally landing at 00:30, thereby incurring an £80 taxi fare home) whilst waiting on a replacement plane to collect us. The airline initially tried to deny me compensation erroneously claiming I was “a member of staff”.

Now they are saying as the flight is less than 3500 km I can only receive €400 regardless of the 9 hour time delay. Is this correct or should I receive €600?

air travel – Are Thai citizens returning to Thailand tested for COVID-19 prior to taking the flight?

I read on (mirror) that quite a few Thai citizens returning to Thailand over the past two months have tested positive for COVID-19 once in Thailand (at the airport or during the mandatory state quarantine). Are Thai citizens returning to Thailand tested for COVID-19 prior to taking the flight? (mirror):

There has now been two cases so far of Thais returning from The
Philippines with #COVID19 out of 961 returnees. The top 5 for most
infections among returnees are:

  1. Quwait 34 out of 174 returnees
  2. Saudi Arabia 28/274
  3. Indonesia 65/913
  4. Pakistan 13/196
  5. Kazakhstan 2/55

enter image description here