air travel – Booking flight tickets for someone in another country? First time flying

The main catch for buying tickets for other people is credit card requirements: quite a few airlines require either that they present the physical card at check-in, or a specific authorization from the credit card holder (you). So if possible, it’s easier to let them pay (or book yourself using their credit card), then reimburse.

Other than that, it’s the same as booking any other ticket. You need to provide their details (passport etc), of course, and should provide their telephone/email as at least one contact point. For most airlines all you need these days is the booking reference (PNR) and matching ID, but carrying a print-out never hurts.

Can I find out if an American Airline flight flew March 19, 2020

This was in the middle of all the Covid19 shut downs and I know we decided not to travel, but I need to know if the flight actually flew to determine credit.

air travel – If I am going from Shenzhen to HK airport for an outbound flight, what are the covid specific rules and what airlines can I actually fly with

I am aware that sky pier and ferry service are open for SZ to HK at the moment, but not sure about the exact procedures and eligible airlines. The part of “upstream check in services” from the HK airport announcement confuses me a bit, since i have never used the pier before and I have no idea what is what there.

link to the announcement:

air travel – Can one cancel the return flight with Qatar Airways and if so, what is the fee? (mirror) states:

(Applicable for tickets issued up to 30 April 2021.) You also have the option to refund the unutilised value of your ticket to the original form of payment with no penalties or refund fees.

Assume a passenger purchase a round-trip ticket with Qatar Airways before 30 April 2021. Can the passenger cancel the return flight with Qatar Airways and if so, what is the fee if any?

I’m interested to know when the return flight is canceled before the passenger took the departure flight, as well as when the return flight is canceled after.

westjet – Can you book West Jet Vacation to use West Jet Dollars they owe you, check in but not board flight and just use the hotel stay?

West Jet have kept peoples money if they booked West Jet Vacations and were unable to travel. They allow hotel and flight bookings on their website but don’t allow the West Jet Dollars (with expiry date) they gave for cancelling your trip to be used for hotel stays, just for flights only (useless) or Vacations including a flight. We’re not supposed to travel between provinces, so you can book in your own province but its not worth taking the flight since they offer no transfers so you would have to rent a car that you already own to fly not very far away to stay in a hotel and pay to rent a car. My question is can you book a flight, check in, no show for boarding, drive to the hotel and use the hotel stay and no show for the flight back. I don’t care about losing the flight cost as long as they don’t cancel the hotel since I’ve already paid the money and currently I’m getting nothing for it and no refund. If you don’t check in for the flight they cancel your whole vacation, wondering if check in and don’t show for boarding actually allows you to get around all of the obstacles to using your own money this scumbag company has put in place.

air travel – Do I have any recourse if airline is refusing to return carry-on during long flight delay?

I’m on a flight that is currently delayed 4 hours due to runway conditions at the destination airport. We boarded and were then de-planed. They made us gate-check all our carry on luggage so that (as per usual) we could pick it up on the jet bridge at the destination.

I’m at a major hub and there are numerous flights into cities near my destination that are not having issues with weather. However, the airline will not return our carry-on bags, so I can’t get on a different flight (or even drive it) without giving up my luggage. There are dozens of other passengers in my boat – we’d all like to go on different flights or even drive, but the airline is refusing to retrieve our bags.

Do we have any recourse here other than customer service complaints?

My fear is that they’ll keep us here for hours, cancel the flight, and then give us our bags once there’s no time to get on the alternative options.

spells – Multiple forms of flight on the same creature, what happens?

An old enough dragon can learn spells that grant flight with improved maneuverability. There are the Wings of Air and Wings of Air, Greater spells (cannot link as they are not OGL). That can get a dragon from Clumsy maneuverability to Average. But, a good old-fashioned Fly spell can give them a 60ft fly speed with Good maneuverability.

Fly speeds to do stack. But how do maneuverabilities work? If a dragon casts Fly on themselves, can they move with good maneuverability so long as they only move 60 ft in the round, but if they move their full 250, they have whatever maneuverability is associated with that speed (probably clumsy)? Or, do they wind up with 250 ft fly speed with Good maneuverability for the duration of the Fly spell? Or does the Fly spell make their wings inoperable, and they have 60 ft fly speed with Good maneuverability only?

air travel – Where can I find the e-ticket number of a previously flown Turkish Airlines flight?

You can find the e-ticket number under Ticket / Bilet No in your email confirmation. Another way call them them and ask to pull up your e-ticket number using Booking reservation code.

For example:

Yolcu İsmi / Passenger Name :   xx MR  
Bilet No / Ticket Number    :   2352172966699 
Rezervasyon No / Booking Ref.   :   SF7ATL
Adres / Address :   xxxx
Firma İsmi / Company Name   :   xxx
Vergi Dairesi / Hesap No    :   23457702
T.C. Kimlik Numarası    :   0
Kısıtlama / Endorsmen/Restr.    :   HUF117400 NON-REF. 
Ödeme / Payment :   TKT/CC
Esas ücret / Base Fare  :   INR 28000
Vergi / Tax :   18000CP 5000DU 100F2 2000JN 
Toplam / Total  :   HUF 60400A
Den/A   Taşıyıcı    Uçuş    Snf.    Tarih   Saat    Ücret Esası Bagaj   Bilet Durumu    Kupon Durumu    Önce Geçerli    Sonra Değil
From/To Carrier Flght   Cls Date    Time    Fare Basis  Bag Tkt St  Cpn St  Nvb Nva

ISTANBUL/IST    TK  1034    Q   08JUN   1350
1655    QF  30  OK  OPEN    08JUN   08JUN

MUMBAI/BOM  TK  0720    Q   08JUN   1950
0440    QF

or it is mentioned below under your name in this e-confirmation.

enter image description here

bookings – Flight cancelled by Ryanair 16 May 2020. Refund requested

Ryanair cancelled my return flight to Palma (outward 22/06/2020 FR9997 and return 29/06/20202 FR 9998) on 16/05/2020. On the option of getting a refund or a voucher, I opted for the full refund as I wasn’t sure when I might get to travel. I requested the refund on the foot of the cancellation details on 16/05/2020 to which I got back a reply (on the same date at 15.26) thanking me for my refund application and adding the statement:

Once approved your refund request will be processed within 20 working days to the original form of payment and should show in your account within the next 5 – 7 working days. A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided in your booking.

I have neither received the refund nor got an email. I have a screen shot of the flight cancellation information received on the 16/05/2020 and the acknowledgement of my full refund received on the the 16/05/2020.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

air travel – What is the reason this flight is not available? CMB to ZRH direct

I’m using flightconnections to build a route and I can see that there is a CMB to ZRH direct in February. However, when I search for actual tickets, no one seems to have them.

After goolging, I think it’s part of the Week 65 flight, looks like these routes were planned before coronavirus back in April 2020….are these routes planned years ahead? Perhaps it was cancelled due to COVID but maybe it is restarting since flightconnections seem to show February 2021?