air travel – Does Qatar Airways have a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (assuming the passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else)? states:

No-Show Charge: The charge made by reason of the failure of a passenger to use reserved accommodation, either through failure to arrive at the airport at the time fixed by the carrier, or through arriving improperly documented or otherwise not ready to travel on flight.

From my understanding, this means that Qatar Airways may charge a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (even if the passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else, i.e. didn’t book any hotel).

However I read some comments that contradict my understanding:

  • To me, it is quite clear that the hotel will want to be paid for accomodation you reserved, but did not pay for, because it could have been used by someone else. The flight has been paid for in advance, but the room was only reserved. So it is no-show as applicable to the accomodation, not the flight. – Weather Vane 10 mins ago 

Does Qatar Airways have a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (assuming the a passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else)?

What does “PAX” mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Example (mirror, mirror 2):

enter image description here

What does "PAX" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Typically, PAX=passenger, but in that case I don’t understand why the ticket says "passenger" there.

Schengen visa reservation of return flight from another country than accommodation

I am going for travel from Barcelona (which is my main destination) and will continue to Amsterdam. Instead of booking my return flight from Amsterdam, the travel agency booked my return flight from Barcelona.

My accommodation papers show that I was in Amsterdam 1-2 days before the return flight. After I told him that I am getting back from Amsterdam, he said it doesn’t matter there is train (which makes the story that I did go from Barcelona to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam back to Barcelona for my return trip).

Do they actually care about this a the embassy? Can my visa get rejected because of this?

transit – Is 2 hours 50 mins sufficient in Heathrow to connecting flight with different tickets and airlines

If everything runs well you might make it, if only one thing takes more time than planned you will miss your second plane.

It usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes from the plane seat to outside the luggage collection area. Most airlines ask you to drop your luggage at least an hour before the flight but longer time spans are possible. And if you drop your luggage at the last moment you will have to be very quick through the airport as you will have no spare time.

You see you do not have a lot of time if things are a bit slow, no time at all if your route through the airport to your luggage (or luggage delivery) takes a lot of time.
And that is assuming it is in the same terminal. If you also have to move between terminals, forget it. No way possible at all.

Usually people advice 4 hours or more between flights if on separate tickets. But with a long flight as the first of the set, I would want more time.
It might be needed to buy a second ticket to Helsinki, or at least move your flight by 4 or more hours, 24 is more likely.

schedule change – Can an airline move a flight time up 2 hours with three days notice?

I rode a commuter flight to BWI to catch a cross country flight to LA. Three days before I was to return, I got a notice that my flight back from BWI to AOO was moved up by 2 hours, making it impossible to make that connection. It was also the last flight of the day, and staying overnight at the airport was not an option. Since the flight was an 8 passenger, my husband and I made up 25 percent of the riders, so it wasn’t a case of everyone being there early. The puny refund we got for that leg of the trip didn’t come close to the value of the three hours I spent on the phone trying to get another flight home, let along the cost of the changed flight Then we had to drive out to the original airport the next day to get our car. Do we have any legal recourse?

air travel – Flight Changed Itinerary by full day, Ticket bought through 3rd Party

Similar to: Flight itinerary/time/date change

I had scheduled a flight (Air Serbia), and purchased it through a 3rd party company (Orbitz).

After the hassle-free 24 hour cancellation period had past, I got an email telling me the flight had been pushed back an entire day. This won’t work for me since I have connecting plans at the destination and don’t want to cancel a number of things.

The flight is between to EU countries, but Serbia itself is not a EU country, so I am not sure if/how the EU Air Passenger rights apply.

I am looking to get a full refund and buying another ticket, but every time I get through to the third-party company, they tell me they don’t have a prior agreement and all they can do is reach out to Air Serbia asking for a refund. They tell me it will take X time, and I will get an updated status email when it is confirmed. I have done this twice, waiting longer than X time, to no response.

Am I entitled to a full refund (given its an EU flight)? If so, am I supposed to go through the third-party I bought it from, or do I need to go directly to the airline?

air travel – Two passports, two different names, booked a flight

I have a Colombian passport and I booked a roundtrip to Spain a while ago. This week I became an US citizen and changed my name. So my question is, will I have any trouble coming back to the US since:

  1. My two passports have different name
  2. I booked my flight with the Colombian passport thinking that I was gonna return using my green card (would I be able to update my flight details to reflect the new US passport and name change?)

Thank you for your answers.

What does "C1-4 NON END" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Example (mirror, mirror 2):

enter image description here

What does "C1-4 NON END" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

air travel – What are my rights if I miss a flight due to a schedule change

I was booked on a flight from Dublin to London and the airline emailed me to say that the flight was cancelled and I have been booked on a flight the day before. If I had not seen this email (I didn’t see it for several weeks) and had turned up at the airport on the original date, what would be my rights? The original flight was cancelled and no flights from the carrier were going that day.

customs and immigration – Sri Lanka – PCR 96 hours within first flight clarification

Sri Lanka COVID restrictions are as follows:

Passengers must have a printed negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 96 hours before departure from the first embarkation point. The test result must be in English.

My flight route is:

Nassau, Bahamas (NAS) to Panama (PTY) on 06/20 (Ticket #1)
Panama (PTY) to Istanbul (IST) on 06/21 (Part of Single Ticket #2)
Istanbul (IST) to Maldives (MAL) on 06/22 (Part of Single Ticket #2)
Maldives (MAL) to Sri Lanka (CMB) on 06/22 (Part of Single Ticket #2)

Does that mean I can take the RT PCR test anytime on 05/17 to 05/20? Most countries is PCR results must be within 96 hours of landing but according to Timtac, for Sri Lanka it’s 96 hours of the first flight (which I assume is going to be PTY to IST).