dnd 3.5e – What is the story of "WotC resigned to fix Polymorph"?

It is well established that Polymorph is broken. However, I often see the claim that "WotC gave up fixing Polymorph." Is there any kind of story in this? From what I've gathered, it seems they must have gone through multiple mistakes before giving up completely, but I don't think I've seen any evidence of this. The only thing I know for sure is that Shapechange received a strong nerf between 3.0 and 3.5e and that there are some dead links that are supposedly posts on the WotC blog about Polymorph.

To be explicit, I am asking for the Polymorph story between its printing in the 3.0 PHB at the end of 3.5e and I hope this story explains where and why "WotC stopped fixing Polymorph." I suspect that the other spells at Polymorph will appear in this story, but other than making fun of the original Shapechange, I don't think they are necessary.

Fujifilm – What are these faded pixel spots? How can i fix it?

Recently I noticed some strange discolored spots in my images, and I thought it was a problem with the lens, so I tried to clean the lens. The specks became a little smaller, but unfortunately they are still there.

I took two photos of a wall (apologies for the horrible quality), before and after cleaning.

Before (with zoom):
enter the description of the image here

After (approach, same location):
enter the description of the image here

I'm quite new to photography, so I didn't find anything related to dust. I thought it could be the damage of the sensor, but I never took direct images of the sun and did not take many photos outdoors.

How can i fix this? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

How to fix the color picker in wordpress boiler shapes?

When configuring the form in the administration panel, everything works, in the front the field with a predefined color does not react at all. All add-ons and themes were disabled, the developer has already ignored this issue.

http apache server – Maven deploy-file giving "IIllegalArgumentException: the progressed file size cannot be larger than" – how to fix it?

I just started getting errors from Java Maven file deployment (it cannot be copied directly from the affected system, so there are probably typographical errors):

(DEBUG) Filed to dispatch transfer event 'PUT PROGRESSED http://maven-upload-name <> source-file-name'
IllegalArgumentException: Progressed file size cannot be greater than (deploy idea of file size) > (actual file size)

What is particularly atrocious about this error is that the file deployment plug-in attempts to load the file again, and for some reason increases its idea of ​​the file size by 1048 bytes. Keep doing this and doing this and doing this, generating millions of lines.

This is on Windows, and it doesn't matter if I run this on Jenkins, from the Windows command line or Git Bash. If I run it from the command line, ^ C cannot stop it. I have to close the window and tell Windows "Yes, I know there is a command running; close it anyway!" In Jenkins, I have to kill the job (assuming I'm aware of the problem).

The -X indicator of mvn gives the next start to the battery tracking (again, the typographical errors are mine)

org.apache.command.lang.Validate.isTrue (validate.java:158)
org.apache.maven.cli.Transfer.AbstractMavenTransferListener$FilesizeFormat.formatProgress (AbstractMavenTransferListener:195)
org.apache.maven.cli.Transfer.ConsoleMavenTransferListener.getStatus (ConsoleMavenTransferListener:117)

What's going on? What can I do about it? I can't find anything about this on the Maven or StackOverlow site (or similar sites).

And why does deploy-file keep trying again and generate enough output to fill a disk? That should only be considered a mistake!

awesome-wm in ubuntu 19 the focus is not constant on gvim and file manager. How to fix it?

I just try awesome-wm on ubuntu 19. It's great, but when I go into special modes on gvim (like trying to rename a folder in NerdTree) or when I use the file manager, the cursor focus keeps changing without any real input . .
I wonder if there is any known adjustment to treat it.

How to fix the AOL 554 mail error code? – Social media marketing (SMM)

If you run into the AOL email error code 554, then there is nothing to worry about. In this error, you will not be able to send and receive emails. To solve this problem, users would have to follow the following steps:

· Restart the Internet devices that you are using on your system.

· Then turn off your antivirus and Windows firewall.

· Now you would have to log out from your AOL email client.

· Then you should also restart your AOL account.

· When you have finished the entire restart process, use the browser and then log in to your AOL email account.

· Now verify if you can send or receive emails in your AOL email account.

If you face any problems while performing this process, you should contact AOL technical support and seek professional guidance to solve this problem.

For more visit: AOL customer service number

How to fix dual boot for Ubuntu and Windows 10

Okay, that's how it goes.
I tried to install Ubuntu using a USB drive.
During the installation of Ubuntu, the installer did not give me the option of dual boot with Windows, so I clicked on the "something else" option.
I made a 12000 MB swap partition and an 96 GB ext 4 partition with the additional 106 GB of free space I had on my disk.
I clicked next and then a massage appeared and said I needed to make a 256 MB efi partition, so I did and click again next and the installation worked fine until I tried to restart Windows 10 and there was no option to do so.

I tried to do sudo update-grub.

I tried the boot repair tool and nothing works.

Thanks for any response.

Sharing my page with the Share button does not work. Create an inactive post with just the page name. How to fix?

When I try to share my page using the share button from within the page (both on my wall and on the wall of other people, in private messages), it creates an inactive post with just the name of the page (no profile picture, no background images), but when you click on it, nothing happens. How to fix this?It is a publication that cannot be clicked with just the name of the page.

How to fix the frame range in the linear register of the list

I have 8 plots, and all these plots are generated using the ListLogLinearPlot function. and then I used the Show command to put the entire diagram in a single figure, but I couldn't fix the range of the diagram.
my final plot

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold error 212 – Everything else

If you have faced the AOL desktop error 212, you must follow the steps below to solve the problem in no time.

OR You must repair the windows registry.

OR Make sure viruses do not infect the system

OR Clean junk files

OR Update your PC regularly

OR Uninstall and then install AOL instant messenger again

OR Run the Windows system file checker

OR You need to update your system

OR Perform a clean software installation

Follow the steps provided above carefully and the problem will be resolved. Alternatively, you can also connect to uninstall the desktop software and Download the AOL Gold desktop in your system once again. However, if nothing works, connecting with experts in the support number for assistance can also be considered as a solution.

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