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First Indian person to climb Mount Everest …?

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Please tell me, who was the first Indian person to climb Mount Everest …? …


Sprinkler Price Tyco TY4151 / TY4251

An Phat Company – Sprayer sprayers wholesaler 68 degrees C – 79 degrees C – 93 degrees C – 141 degrees C throughout the country, please send us the reference price of TY4151 / TY4251.

1. Upstream / downstream spray nozzle TY4151 / 4251
It complies with the standards of a wide range of temperature variants suitable for a wide variety of uses in areas with a moderate risk of explosion, such as: supermarkets, hotel restaurants, chemical plants. , refineries …
For use in harsh environments, the TY4151 / TY4251 can be coated with an anti-corrosive coating that extends the service life. However, customers should contact us to obtain advice on the suitability of anti-corrosive materials for each specific environment to ensure the effect of fire sprinklers.

>>> See also: https://www.reddit.com/user/SPRINKLERTYCO

Nozzle specifications:
– comply with standards
+ UL, C-UL
FM and LPCB.
– Maximum working pressure: 175 psi (12.1 bar).
– Nozzle size: 3/4 inch NPT.
– Spray ratio: K = 8.0 GPM / psi½ (115.2 LPM / bar½).
– Material coating: polyester, chrome, brass, lead-coated, wax-coated, wax-coated on lead.
– activation temperature:
+ 135 ° F (57 ° C) Orange glass tube.
+ 155 ° F (68 ° C) Red glass tube.
Yellow glass tube + 175 ° F (79 ° C).
+ 200 ° F (93 ° C) Green glass tube.
+ 286 ° F (141 ° C) blue glass tube.
Purple glass tube + 360 ° F (182 ° C).

Nozzle structure:

2. Price list of sprinkler sprinklers up / down TY4151 / TY4251

In addition, An Phat offers a large number of different spray types from Tyco manufacturers, such as:
– Standard nozzles: TY3321, TY3431, TY3331 …
– Cold storage nozzles: TY3357, TY3358, TY5339 …
– Warehouse nozzles: TY5131, TY5231, TY313, TY323 …
– ….
To consult the list of prices for sprinklers and sprinklers, contact An Phat:

Very happy to cooperate with you!