Can’t install firmware updates through software center

Software Center is showing me I have two firmware updates ready to be installed:

enter image description here

But each time I click "update", it disappears as if it’s loading the install and then instantly reappears. Am I doing something wrong?

Why did a sceen showing firmware update show on my screen?

How can I stop firmware update?

device firmware – What is the difference between computer and mobile OS

In case of computer operating systems, there is only one OS is needed for installing on any device.

But If we consider any mobile OS, the same OS compatible with one device is not compatible for another device. For example, same version of Lineage OS is needed to build for different devices. What is the difference? The OS versions are the same.then what’s the real difference between them

boot loop – Phone doesn’t work with custom ROMs after flashing Flashboot Firmware to recover from a bootloop soft brick. What could be wrong?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi 5, which I recently unlocked, rooted (SuperSu), added TWRP recovery, and then flashed a Custom mod (lineageOS). Everything worked out well, and the device was working flawlessly… I then realized I needed to repeat the process because I didn’t know I had to flash Open-GApps right after the mod, for it to work properly. This time too everything was working well. I clearly had a lot of time on my hands, because I then thought I didn’t want Open-GApps after all, and decided to flash a third time reverting back to the vanilla LineageOS setup. This time I goofed-up majorly and wiped the whole system and tried to reboot into a system with no OS and ended up in a bootloop…

After doing some research I then flashed the OEM Flashboot Firmware to successfully unbrick the device, and regain full functionality. Only, now when I flash a custom mod, using the same files and same process from before, the installation process goes without any hiccups, and I can also boot into the Custom mod; but the phone just switches off after a minute. This happens irrespective the Custom Mod I am trying to install (to find out if it was some incompatibility with my LineageOS, I tried ArrowOS and Paranoid Android, too).

I don’t know where to begin looking for hints. Tried to use to TWRP terminal to look at the logs for hints, but nothing suspicious there.

rom flashing – How can I re-flash stock firmware for my Nokia 6.1?

I’ve developed an issue since the last Android 10 OS update where the phone doesn’t charge unless it’s in ‘USB Controlled by device’ mode, which it usually fails to switch to. I’d like to try flashing stock firmware to it, as resetting to factory default didn’t fix the issue.

I’ve tried downloading a stock firmware file and using the recovery mode option to install from SD card, but alas the timestamp on the file was older than the current OS, and so it refused to downgrade.

Since I’m a complete newbie to the android hacking world, I’m looking for an easy to understand solution to install a fresh stock firmware / ROM (not sure what the nomenclature difference is) or failing that, backing up the existing firmware and re-installing that. Naturally, the phone isn’t rooted nor is the bootloader unlocked etc, nor do I currently know how to do those things.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

usb – How to update keyboard firmware?

I recently bought a Durgod Hades 68 mechanical keyboard. It works great out of the box but I’m having some difficulty with the Hera Compiler, the proprietary software that’s used to customize the key bindings and RGB effects. I’ve tried running Hera using both Wine and a Windows 10 VirtualBox with Extension Pack. In both cases, the software runs flawlessly but doesn’t detect that the keyboard is connected when it’s time to actually push the new firmware to the board.

When I run lsusb, I see the device.

Bus 001 Device 125: ID 2f68:4001 Hoksi Technology DGK68C

Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?

firmware – I want to buy a used docking station for my laptop. Has there ever been a case of a docking station being a security concern?

I found a used docking station for my Dell laptop. The price is very interesting and the docking station seems to be in perfect shape. But I’m somehow worried about potential security risks. After all, you could install some kind of keylogger in the station’s firmware. Am I being paranoid here or is it possible in any way?

device firmware – Help i accidentally corrupted my mediatek preloader

Please help me, i have an ulefone note 7p and i wanted to upgrade my firmware so i downloaded the latest of this rom and i got sp flash tool and followed the guide that forum so after loading scatter and everything i pressed start so the red line loaded (i marked Preloader) and after a while i received an error (i have forgotten the error now) and now my phone wont boot i think i loaded the preloader halfway and now my phone wont boot, or charge or turn on, and my computer does not recognize my phone , it says unrecognized device, i have installed the mediatek vcom drivers many times, it does not recognize my phone, the vcom drivers dont even work, they say device cannot start please help me, i really need this phone to work.

CHINA MOBILE N3 (M850a) Phone – Help with “International” Style Firmware

The N3 is a China Mobile produced smartphone.

It incorporates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953 chip

(spec can be found here: )

The phone I have is currently installed with a Chinese version, which means no Google apps and basically somewhat different menu setup.

I was hoping that, maybe, there is a firmware that could be compatible with this phone…preferably with some of the latest Androind platforms.

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance with locating a possible firmware.

Thank you so much, all the best and stay safe in these turbulent times.