Is it possible to automatically empty the firefox search bar after searching?

This is basically a copy and paste of an old question that didn’t really have up to date answers. But I want to find a way to automatically dump the text in the search bar after hitting enter, so that I am not always manually clearing it. Any guidance would be appreciated.

regex – SyntaxError: invalid regexp group FIREFOX – ANGULAR 9

Galera, seguinte : criei um projeto em angular e estou usando a seguinte expressão regular:

export const INTERFACE_REGEX = new RegExp(/(?<=./)(.?)(?=@|-.+)/gi);

Acontece que usando o GOOGLE CHROME o projeto funciona normal, mas se eu tentar abrir pelo FIREFOX da erro.
Eu fiz vários testes e descobri que se eu tirar o ?<= da expressão deixa assim : export const INTERFACE_REGEX = new RegExp(/(./)(.?)(?=@|-.+)/gi); ai abre o FIREFOX.

Alguém pode me ajudar com este erro ?

Sync bookmarks between Safari and Firefox on same MacOS?

If you have an existing safari account and you install Firefox it will automatically sync bookmarks. I just tried this on my machine and it worked fine. it required me to login to my Firefox account I forgot I had. Also asked if I wanted to sync to my smart phone. I didn’t because I use Safari and not Firefox.

You can also do this by running Firefox and clicking on the File Menu item. Under this is an option: Import from Another Browser. When you click on this a panal appears where you can select which browser you want to import bookmarks from.

Firefox install APK – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I got a new phone, and I am trying to install NewPipe:

I downloaded the APK with Android Firefox and hit Open, but it does nothing. I
also chose “Install unknown apps” in the Firefox settings.

What am I doing wrong?

javascript – Firefox is not reaching the HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA (4) HTMLMediaElement.readyState

On the index page of a web service website, I have included a small video that shows some functionalities. But since many users navigate to the login page via the index page I don’t want to use a preload="auto" on the start page. This would mean that the data volume of many users would be unnecessarily consumed. My solution was to set preload to none and start loading the video via JavaScript when the video enters the viewport.

function someScrollDependentFunction() {

To make sure that the user can watch the video without interruptions I added a check to the play button which verifies the readyState of the video. Only when 4 is returned, the video is supposed to start.

$('#playButton').on('click', function(){
    if (videoElement.readyState === 4) {;

// Note that I have some code that checks the readyState regularly (every 500 ms) 

Under Chrome and Safari this works without problems. But not with Firefox. The problem is that Firefox only loads 400 bytes with videoElement.load() and thus never returns the readyState `4. All options to get Firefox to use a larger buffer volume are based on the browser settings of the individual user, so far I have not found a way for me as a web developer to tell Firefox to load this video completely.

The preload="auto" attribute seems to do exactly that, but for the reasons I mentioned above, I really want to avoid using it. Which solution do you see here? Is my only possibility to load the video at a certain scroll position into the page via Ajax, so that it can be equipped with the preload="auto" attribute?

wordpress – How to initiate a page refresh inside Firefox by a different application?

I’m using WordPress to write the content of my website.

To change the text of the content, I’m using Microsoft Word. So I have a “Edit content” link on each the webpage, which starts Microsoft Word on my local computer. Than Word loads the content via XML RPC and I can edit it.

After I modified the text, Word will send it back to the webserver and it’s published.

But to verify my changes, often I reload the modified webpage manually.

Is there a way to force a reload of the current web page inside Firefox from a different Windows application? Maybe via Windows DDE?

INstalling firefox nightly

I run the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa

I get the following error.

 gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. 

I’m new to Linux – what does this mean?

I installed KDE desktop on Xubuntu and installed some stuff but some applications including Firefox and Chrome show a weird font

I installed KDE-desktop and the thing that replaces light dm and also some other things a friend suggested me like dolphin for viewing files etc.

however i get the following problem with the browsers. they aren’t showing the proper font style. It wasn’t this font while i was using them in xfce.

could anyone please help me figure out how to fix this weird font bug.

enter image description here

firefox – What can be the risks of opening mdb files in windows using microsoft access?

I do not think Firefox is telling you that “.mdb” files can harm your computer, but rather Microsoft Access is telling you this warning message. A “.mdb” file is a MS Access 2007 and earlier type of Access database file. Every file that is downloaded from the internet and opened by any MS Office application will give a warning when opening the file.

The reason being that, in many MS Office applications you can insert something called “macros” in an MS Office file. Macros are short programs that are written usually in VB Script (Visual Basic), and their intended purpose is to do minute tasks. Since malicious software can also be created from VB, it is possible for a macro in an MS Office file to be malicious code.

For a user that will be using the macros for themselves later, it would not be concern as they themselves were the original creators of the macros. However, trouble comes when opening files from the internet, as the file may contain malicious macros that may infect the computer. Thus, the reason why such warning messages come when opening MS Office files from the internet, with a MS Office application.

Prevent Firefox from opening a new tab when it starts

I have some pinned tabs in my Firefox (IM web clients) and everytime when I start Firefox a new panel is created and takes focus.

I want to see my first (or what was last active) pinned panel when FF starts. How to do it?

  • General > Startup is set to Restore previous session
  • I looked on about:config, but didn’t find anything relevant.