Windows + Shift + right does not move the window to the right screen (the left shift works fine)

When i use Windows Key + Shift + left the active window jumps to the monitor on the left as expected 🙂
But when I try to do it the other way around: Windows Key + Shift + right the window does not come back to the right 🙁 Nothing happens. Why? How can I solve this?

PD: I am using Windows 10 Version 1903 (64 bit) on my ThinkPad with two additional external monitors.
Windows Key + right Move the window correctly to the right (step by step but not directly to the next monitor).
Maybe the Windows Key + Shift + right Was it overwritten by something else? How can I find out?

domain name system: the link zone file is not updated while the registry is fine when doing an nslookup

I have set up a zone as a master with allowing updates from a Windows DHCP server (authorized only in IP)
When I launch / renew on a Windows workstation, I can see the PTR record updated / created successfully in the link in the area.

If I do a:


I can see the PTR updated / created successfully.

however, when looking at the zone file (for example,, the zone file is not updated immediately (if I open it, I still cannot see the record)

Does the "data file" take some time to update? (How can I see the record created successfully when doing a search) How is that possible?

Or does it mean that something is wrong somewhere in my configuration and the search comes from somewhere else (for example, a delay, etc.)

Thank you

Apache – OCSP multiple stapling: how to enable it? Simple stapling is fine.

I would like to configure OCSP multiple stapling and I cannot find much documentation about it, or in any case, recent information.

I have a root certification authority (CA) and a daughter CA below. Both work with Freeipa (and Freeipa uses Dogtag).
I also have an https server.

  1. The root CA issues a certificate for the daughter CA.
  2. The daughter CA issues a certificate for the https server.
  3. The https server offers the service for an external client.

Simple stapling OCSP works: the client can verify the https server certificate. Now, I would like to check the non-revocation of the CA daughter stapling as well.

My https server is Apache. In it, I have added the lines that follow in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf :

SSLUseStapling on  
SSLStaplingCache shmcb:/run/httpd/sslcache(512000)

And always in ssl.conf on the https server, I used the SSLCertificateChainFile with a PEM file containing the daughter CA certificate and the https server certificate.

I guess it is not enough to add the root CA certificate in the PEM file.
And the https server must present a certificate with the URLs of both CAs written in the field Access to authority information. You need some configuration.

What should I add to simple stapling?
And how to verify that it works?
Does Freeipa / Dogtag support OCSP multiple stapling?

Subsidiary question: do browsers support multiple stapling?
I suppose so, because it is common to have a hierarchy of AC in the Internet world, but I would like to have more details and I understood that it is little used.

Thank you!

Oof! 60 million fine to AT&T

Oof! What a considerable fine for AT&T for strangling unlimited plans once users reached a certain amount of data usage. Did you have AT&T during this period of time? Did you experience any acceleration?

User accounts are blocked for unknown reasons after enabling the Fine Grain Password Policy (FGPP)

For my organization of around 6000 users, I just did three things.

  • Set the password requirements of the "Default Domain Policy" to "not defined"
  • Set a fine-grained password policy for your 8 basic characters with complexity for domain users
  • He established a Fine Grain Password Policy for IT (in the IT group, around 100) with stricter rules, and gave it higher priority

The reason I have an FGPP for domain users is to be able to adjust the priority.

Since then, I have had zero problems with most of my 6000 users.
However, about a dozen IT employees have their accounts locked at the moment they lock their screens and try to log in again.

I have used lockoutstatus.exe and I see that incorrect passwords are being used against two of our three DCs, but I cannot determine what it is doing.

This is a different topic, but our Event Viewer records are overwritten after 20 minutes and it is difficult to classify, we get about one million events per hour and the event view only stores 8gigs per category. I mention this because I cannot use Event Viewer reliably in our DCs to help identify this.

While we forced some users to change their password, two of the users who had this problem were exempt from a forced password reset, so their credentials have not changed at all during any of this.

Any tools or advice to help me?

Epson XP960 or better to scan / print Fine Arts?

I am looking for recommendations for the A3 scanning / printing of the home office of Fine Arts (acrylic paint and photos).

dns: my root domain is not resolving on my server, but on www. the subdomain works fine

To resolve your host name to an IP address, you need a A or CNAME record for it. For a simple domain, it has to be a A record, a CNAME It only works for subdomains. You don't have a A register your naked domain name, you only have NS Y SOA files.

Your CNAME is resolved at some IP address. If you don't know the IP address, you can usually find the IP address for the CNAME host and use it.

Sometimes CNAME records point to dynamic IP addresses that change quite frequently. If that is the case, you must also configure the A register so that your simple domain is updated at the same time. Alternatively, you can find a DNS host that you use ALIAS or ANAME files. Those are proxy records that return a A record with an IP address based on a dynamic search of some other host. Not all DNS servers offer this option (most do not).

You have both A Y CNAME records for www. That is not usual and could cause problems. I don't see any record for the ns. subdomain that CNAME points to, so I doubt it is really functional.

I would recommend:

  • Add a A record for pointing to the IP address of your server
  • Remove the CNAME record for www.

For your website to work, you may need to configure your web server to display your site for your basic domain. It is not always enough to indicate a host name on your web server. Generally, you must also add the virtual host configuration.

unity – apk is fine, but when I build aab for sending Google Play, Google Play services don't start when I download it

So I have a game in the app store, I added the services of Google Play

Now, when I make an apk compilation and try it, it works very, very happy.

But when I mark the box for aab (this is what Google store wants to load) it builds it, I upload it, it displays, but Google Play does not work, it classifies and signs in.

When I remove the apk on my Mac from the aab and install it, it works again.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to verify the records of the running application? On a device

I have tried

7 different versions of the unit (currently in 2019.2.9f1)
Change the minimum version of the Android API to 21
I exported it as a Gradle project and tried to build it that way, again I test very well on the device, but the playback services fail to download it from the Google Play store.

You are using the IL2CPP script backend.

Any ideas at this stage are welcome.

Magento2 Home Minicart Cart Amount Always showing 0 other page working fine

I use the magento store 2.3.2 and when I add the product Add to cart after the whole page minicart amount shown one but always on the home page Quantity shown 0 0

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.