How to solve . Let U ∼ Uniform(0, 1). Find the distributions of Y = min{U, 1 − U}.

Let U ∼ Uniform(0, 1). Find the distributions of Y = min{U, 1 − U}.

lightning nodes cannot find route

I have two lightning nodes, Bob and Charlie (using bitcoind backend with LND).

They both have an open and funded channel with this testnet faucet:

Both nodes have a 50000 sat local balance, and a 49056 sat remote balance.

Bob created an invoice for 100 sats, but Charlie cannot find a route to Bob to pay that invoice.

Here’s the “payment_request” for the invoice (note this on testnet):


Why can’t Charlie pay Bob? I figured they would use the channel to the testnet faucet as a middle hop.

Bob has already connected to Charlie. Charlie appears in Bob’s list of peers, and likewise Bob appears in Charlie’s list of peers.

javascript – Easiest way to find JS conflicts

What is the best / easiest way to find JS conflicts?

I have a subpage where I load jQuery OwlCarousel which works fine, but sometimes does not set the active item correctly.

So I suppose there is a conflict with some other jQuery UI / drag/drop Plugin or similarly, hence may owlCarousel does sometimes not properly catch the relevant event(s) (in this case the drag/drop event) to set the active css class.

I mean I could potentially unregister ALL scripts (e.g. How can I de-register ALL styles all at once? And same with Javascript? ) and than enable them via whitelist one by one – very annoying and cumbersome as I have a Buddypress / Buddyboss website which has LOADS of Javascript files…

Is there an easier way, maybe to find out via Chrome WebDev? Can I someone disable relevant callback events to find a quicker way to the root cause?

Thanks so much!

Where can i find log of on docker?

I just want to set up a fail2ban rule to prevent portainer connections, but I can’t find a log file of UI connections, and can’t even get into the container…
Version of portainer container : 2.6.3.

network – Find hidding IP from traceroute

I’m trying to find a hidden IP adress with the traceroute, but I can’t.

I’ve tried with tcptraceroute and with hping3

Can all the port be blocked on the device I try to find the IP?

Here’s the output of a traceroute:

**the destionation ( is an exemple

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1  _gateway (  1.405 ms  1.915 ms  2.312 ms
 2 (  7.228 ms  7.376 ms  7.045 ms
 3  * * *
 4 (other dns and IP)..

As we can see, the third one is “hidden”. Is there a way to find it?

Line touches a curve. Find a value of x in the quadratic curve

The line y = 2x – 3 touches the curve y = x^2 + kx + 6
Find the possible values of k.

I would like a tip towards solving the problem rather than the entire answer. I tried comparing them to each other but ended up with x^2 – 2x + 9 = kx and did not know what to do next

geometry – How would I find the area of this sort of shape

I have this graph and i need to find the area between D, E, and the point where the line AB intersects with the inner circle’s circumference. I’m not sure how to approach the problem; i’m aware how to find the area of an inner arc but not outside.

How should i approach this?

How can I find the symmetry group of a 4D 5-cell?

To keep this simple, lets ignore the 4D equivalent of flipping/mirroring and just focus on rotational symmetry. I know that an equilateral triangle has the rotational symmetry group Z3, tetrahedron: A4 however I’m struggling to find it for a 5-cell.
I’m relatively new to group theory so apologies for any inconsistencies in knowledge

How to find and join a Start Up to work on remotely?

Hello fellow developers,

where can game development Start Ups be found and how does one join such Start Up? Is there a portal focused on Game Dev / Software dev Start Ups in a way does it?

Where can I find suppliers with grunge clothing pieces


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