fitting – Find best fit for overall data and sublists

If I have the following 7 set of data:

lengthscale1SB = {{0, 3.7993337011362245`}, {0, 
    3.6193116859236634`}, {0, 3.3461891247094115`}, {0, 
    3.0574707834924597`}, {0, 3.307450270535727`}, {0, 
lengthscale2SB = {{100, 3.3959829513591964`}, {100, 
    3.0565728205506804`}, {100, 2.9400564470653947`}, {100, 
    2.8967175652082573`}, {100, 2.9674170847924386`}, {100, 
lengthscalemix1SB = {{30, 2.7095704515961243`}, {30, 
    2.6865199740128887`}, {30, 2.564617432875265`}, {30, 
    2.462730567366375`}, {30, 2.4219773880245254`}, {30, 
lengthscalemix2SB = {{79, 3.1997431132267953`}, {79, 
    3.2626867620996514`}, {79, 3.317284086175602`}, {79, 
    3.3159620878764295`}, {79, 3.295674443011083`}, {79, 
lengthscalemix3SB = {{45, 3.180811253348439`}, {45, 
    3.1919045631939102`}, {45, 3.188859489948693`}, {45, 
    3.120255448015712`}, {45, 3.0687721386918634`}, {45, 
lengthscalemix4SB = {{88, 2.412063735941416`}, {88, 
    2.2494272119999836`}, {88, 2.063707039171165`}, {88, 
    1.9835993472740354`}, {88, 1.9902865174728008`}, {88, 
lengthscalemix5SB = {{15, 3.2891166646450087`}, {15, 
    3.360635129695413`}, {15, 3.3457315005021853`}, {15, 
    3.342117982645869`}, {15, 3.3322981661048416`}, {15, 


How can find the best fit for all data combined and for each sublist?. In the case of each sublist, I mean for instance the best fit for all 1 positions in each list (e.g. the first position of the first list is {0, 3.7993337011362245}` ), the best fit of all of the 2 positions in each list and so on.

Do you find ads distracting to your content?

I'm wondering if using Google Adsense is worth it for your blog. What does an average CPM look like? And do you find ads distracting to your content?


how to find related sites for commenting?

Dear my all friends,

Actually i want to do blog commenting and forum commenting for any specific topic.
and most of the comment goes into the moderate condition and not approved for long time.

So any one have an idea about that how to find related blog for commenting.

customization – how to find a book by it’s name using mybooktable plugin?

i know there are some short codes to use to show one specific book like [ mybooktable book=”book_name”] but is there a way using this plugin to look for a book by it’s name like the user enters the book name ??

7 – Moved Site – Can’t find original CSS for look other than in the ADVAGG

I’ve inherited a drupal 7(I’m a beginner) site that had ADVagg installed. I added a stanza in my nginx config to take care of those files. What I’m running into is that there is a button on the original site that has a style which only exists in an aggregate file. I can’t find it in any other file in the enitre site. The docroot was zipped and sent to me. I’m just a little miffed as to why the site I’ve unpacked doesn’t have the same styles as the one online currently.

I’ve disabled the ADVAGG as well with no change.

    ### advagg_css and advagg_js support
    location ~* files/advagg_(?:css|js)/ {
      gzip_static on;
      access_log  off;
      expires     max;
      add_header  ETag "";
      add_header  Cache-Control "max-age=31449600, no-transform, public";
      try_files   $uri @rewrite;

google maps – How to find all locations from a source point at Android Phone?

Taking a scenario. I searched a location at Google Map android app.

Taking the location as a center, how to find all locations around the location within a radius of certain meter or kilometer?

If I can find all locations in Google Map android app, please let me know, how?

Or if I need another app, please let me know, which app?

With Regards


How to find all locations from a source point at Google Map?

Taking a scenario. I searched a location at

Taking the location as a centre, how to find all locations around the location within a radius of certain meter or kilometre?

With Regards

Find $int_0^{pi/2}frac{sin5xsin3x}{sin x},dx$

Find $$int_0^{pi/2}frac{sin5xsin3x}{sin x},dx$$

❓ASK – How can I find my IP address and what is it for? |

An IP address is an identification number assigned to a computer connected to an Internet network. Concretely, this number is used to identify machines and allow them to communicate with each other, by exchanging data on the Internet.
Know your IP address from your computer
By default, operating systems have several internal tools to find out the IP address of the computer. In Windows, you have to open the command prompt and type the command ipconfig. Under Mac OS, open the Network panel located in System Preferences, and display the active connection. The IP address is presented as a series of numbers separated by periods, for example
Use an online tool to find out your IP address
There are many websites that specialize in displaying the IP address. Among them, we recommend

complexity theory – Trouble finding average case of a find max algorithm

I’m trying to find the average case number of times that max is assigned by the algorithm findMax included below.

    maxNum = -oo  # negative infinity
    for k = 0 to len(list)-1:
        if list(k) > maxNum:
            maxNum= list(k)
    return maxNum
  • The distribution I have considered is uniformly random.

At the back of the textbook I am currently using, the solution is said to be $O(logn)$, however, using the approach that I have came up with (which I’m not quite sure why is incorrect), I got $O(n)$ instead.

In my approach: I have used the following formula $$E(t_n) = sum^{n}_{t=1}t cdot Pr(t_n=t)$$
And, I considered how many times maxNum was updated to calculate the expected value. First, I noticed that if the max would have been the first element, maxNum would have only been updated once. If the max was the second element, then it would have been updated twice, and so forth. Using this reasoning, I deduced that the probability of maxNum appearing in the nth position is $frac{1}{n}$. Then, I got
$$E(t_n) = 1 cdot Pr(t_n = 1) + 2 cdot Pr(t_n = 2) + … + n cdot Pr(t_n = n)$$
$$Rightarrow O(n)$$.

I am a bit lost and am unsure where my mistake took place exactly.