How do I find out my Bitcoin balance?

I used to have an account with Bitcoin and today, when I logged in, I can't find my balance.
It already exists?

citrix: RDP to a machine and then call XenApp: how to find the display IP?


Machine A = PC in the user's home.

Machine B = user's office PC.

Machine C = citrix environment that runs an application through XenApp

For licensing purposes, the application running on XenApp needs to know the IP address in which the user is physically located.

Under normal circumstances, the user will be in the office using machine B. He will access the application through XenApp (which will run on Machine C). The application uses WFAPI to correctly report the IP address of machine B.

In the current climate, the user is forced to work from home on machine A. They connect through RDP to machine B and then XenApp accesses the application on machine C. WFAPI only collects the IP address of the machine B, so the system has failed to comply with the licensing requirements by not reporting machine A.

Is there any way that the application on Machine C has visibility into the IP address of Machine A?

Our only alternative solution is to add some kind of small application on machine B to determine if it is virtualized / remote and report the IP to machine C.

How to make google find all my blog posts

I have a website, A blog post is accessed using the get query parameters. To find blog 0, the URL is
I have registered my website on Google, but Google cannot find this blog post. How do I get Google to find all my blog posts?

I have pending transactions in my wallet but I can't find them anywhere

I have pending transactions in my wallet but I still can't find them anywhere, can you please help me?

Where can I find the rpc api endpoints for electrum?

Somehow I can't find a list of possible rpc commands. Basically, it's just the rpc bitcoin commands, I guess, but I can't find a list for that either …

Here are some examples:

There is also a list here, but p. addrequest of the link above is not there:

Sharepoint online: how can I find the URL of Excel services for my file?

I am trying to access an "My Excel File.xlsx" Excel file via Excel Rest API, but regardless of how I use the Excel services URL I use, I get 404 or the file does not exist or is deleted.

This is what I tried: Renewal Items / My Excel File.xlsx / Model / Tables? $ format = json

I can access the file normally from the browser using the URL as shown below. Renewal Items / My Excel File.xlsx? d = dfs54lkj983m8crklfd98u45mdlksf4a2 & csf = 1 & e = TgifaX

What would be the correct URL of Excel services?

Keep in mind that the URLs are decoded to make things easier to understand, the original URLs I tested were correctly encoded.

magento2.3.3 – Unstable memory usage / mysql in 2.3.3, I can't find the problem

This is a Magento 2.3.3 that runs on the 4 GB memory drop of the Digital Ocean server, which should be enough, since it is the only thing hosted there. However, I have observed since the update to 2.3.3 from 2.3.0, there is some instability in the use of memory that then leads the site to fail with the Varnish cache or the http500 error during payment. The memory limit for Magento is set to 3 GB everywhere.

Below is the memory usage in the last 7 days:
7-day server memory chart

Normally, the memory usage should be less than 1 GB (without much traffic), however, I have noticed that there is a pattern in which memory would slowly accumulate up to about 2 GB, then something fails and returns to the normal range and then the cycle repeats

I ran the htop command, which I think mysql is using most of the memory and the connection time is more than an hour, I'm not sure if this is normal. However, upon restarting the mysql service, the memory would return to the normal range, which is approximately
htop screenshot

I am not sure how to solve this problem, so any help is appreciated.

Searching – How to find primitive Heron triangles with three rational angle bisectors by MMA?

I would like to find the primitive Heron triangles with three rational angle bisectors.

In a Chinese book, I saw these primitive heron triangles with three sides no longer than 1000, but I'm not sure if they are complete.

How to find these primitive Heron triangles by MMA?

enter the description of the image here

Certainly, I also searched the OEIS, but did not get useful results.

differential equations: they need help to solve the rigid ode and find the point of intersection

Consider the following

[Epsilon] = 10^-4;
t= 714;
s1 = ParametricNDSolveValue[{y''[r] +  y'[r]/r == 
     0.000194519 Sinh[y[r]], y[[Epsilon]] == y0, y'[[Epsilon]] == 0,
     WhenEvent[r == 1, y'[r] -> y'[r] + t h /h1]}, {y, 
    y'}, {r, [Epsilon], 1.5472}, {y0, h, h1}, 
   Method -> "StiffnessSwitching", WorkingPrecision -> 30];

s2[y0_?NumericQ, h_?NumericQ, h1_?NumericQ] := Last[s1[y0, h, h1]]
ff[h_?NumericQ, h1_?NumericQ] := 
 y0 /. FindRoot[s2[y0, h, h1][1.5472], {y0, -10}]
ll[h_?NumericQ, h1_?NumericQ] := 
 0.0001597185705085051` NIntegrate[
   r^2 Exp[-First[s1[ff[h, h1], h, h1]][r]], {r, 0, 1.5472}]
llinterp = 
  Flatten[Table[{{h, h1}, ll[h, h1]}, {h, 2, 5, 0.1}, {h1, 2, 5, 
     0.1}], 1]]
ff1 = 10 h - llinterp[h, h1] + u
ff2 = -u + 10 h1 llinterp[h, h1]

I want to find where the ff1==ff2? using a

ContourPlot3D[ff1 == ff2, {h, 2, 5}, {h1, 2, 5}, {u, 2, 10}, 
 AxesLabel -> {h, h1, u}]

It worked fine, but when t = 7140.000000000001`` ort = 3570.0000000000005 & # 39; & # 39 ;. It does not work. Also, I don't need to use ContourPlot3D Is there far to find ff1==ff2 without ContourPlot3D?

I am using interpolation to accelerate findroot.
Some clue?

Find $ f (z) $ given the module

Analytical function $ f: mathbb {C} rightarrow mathbb {C} $, $ f (z) = u + iv $ with the property that $$ | f (z) | = varphi left ( frac {x ^ 2 + y ^ 2} {x} right) $$

Any clues to solve this? I do not need a complete solution.

Thank you!