❕NEWS – Russian lawmaker said that crypto could destroy the country’s financial system | Proxies123.com

As per Cryptonews, Russia has just legalize the usage of cryptocurrency in the country just some time ago, and yet still don’t permit people to use crypto as payment option in the country. In an interview with state-owned news outlet Russia Today, Anatoly Aksakov who holds position as the head of the parliamentary committee on financial markets said the following:

“[Cryptoassets] can be used as a method of payment for goods elsewhere in the world, but not in Russia. The recognition of digital coins as an official means of payment on a par with the ruble would mean the destruction of the financial system, which ensures the stable operation of the entire economy. Our plans do not yet include the legalization of [cryptoassets] as a payment alternative to the ruble.”

What do you think about this?

email – Is it a good idea to use a domain based e-mail accounts to register to financial services?

I normally use my personal email (e.g. @gmail or @yahoo) to create online financial accounts such as online wallets, bank accounts, stock market, and etc. I am currently planning to create an online wallet for my customers to deposit funds to when they make a purchase from my online store–something like PayPal. Is it a good idea at all to use my domain email such as wallet@mydomain.com to register?

There are some things I can think of such as getting your domains stolen (through domain hijacking and other attacks) or your domains expiring by accident and someone snatching ownership of the domain–thus getting access to your financial information. But this is also true for personal e-mails. The only difference is that personal e-mails do not have an expiration so people cannot simply register your personal e-mail under their control and that people cannot change a gmail e-mail address to a yahoo e-mail address while domain names can be transferred to a different registrar and change ownwership.

I just feel it is not proper to be using my personal e-mail accounts when the business gets larger for instance. But i’m not sure what the typical practices are for business owners

Financialplus.ltd – Financial Plus

I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!

Financial Plus

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10% after 24 hours, 25% after 48 hours, 45 % after 96 hours



Minimum Investment:
US$ 50
Maximum Investment:

Start of Monitoring:

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erd – Financial database model

I would like to get your input on what can be better.

There is no way to judge the design of a Dimensional Data Model without an understanding of the business context and the kinds of questions it’s intended to answer.

So make a list of the questions you would like to answer from the data model, providing a specific example for each type of question.

Translate each question to a SQL query against your model.

The design is good to the extent the SQL queries are simple for a human to write and understand, and for an RDBMS to execute.

How do we stop users overpaying in financial web forms?

Submitting my online council tax payment last week, I made a mistake. Instead of specifying £X.00 in a freetext payment field, I missed the dot and accidentally entered by £X000!

I’m currently waiting for my refund request, but in the meanwhile, it has me thinking – is there a suitable solution for preventing this kind of thing happening to others?

❓ASK – Reasons why bitcoin may not be embraced by the financial sectors | Proxies123.com

We as a whole need bitcoin to turn into an ordinary money and something that we can use at all dealers. Indeed bitcoin and its use is effortless, and this is true for the other crypto as well. It would be an extraordinary as a payment system for online sites also, without us agonizing over data fraud and so forth. Nonetheless, as per an ongoing article that was distributed, Ray Dalio says that bitcoin may not turn into this coordinated currency as we are seeking after it to be.

Ray Dalio is an extremely rich person, and as per him, bitcoin is excessively unpredictable and because of this unpredictability it would not be a decent money to use for regular use. This bodes well, as the unpredictability could bring about a misfortune to the purchaser or the vender relying upon what direction the market goes throughout the days that the exchange happens. Moreover, the acknowledgment by banks and governments will be a hard one to accomplish, as it might fill in as a serious competitor with them. Finally, with bitcoin cost being so high, could there be a descending pattern coming that we are not yet ready for?

What do you folks think? Are these authentic reasons with regards to why bitcoin won’t be embraced completely? It sounds good to me, particularly the explanation of instability, in any case, I need to concede that in spite of this I actually am seeking after crypto to turn into a significant currency in our economies in the future.

Dominic Financial Limited – Dominic-financial.com

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Languages: EN

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Dominic Financial Limited has combined the highly experienced professionals of investment. We focus on investment of stocks with high turnover rate and large mutual funds mostly related with public utilities. With over 14 years of accumulated experience, we are ready and strive to be an international leading investment provider and proudly participate in development of investment sector with our great plans…

Investment plans:

0.55-1% daily for 10 days (+principal)
Trial 1.00 – 300.00 0.55%
Basic 301.00 – 600.00 0.61%
Premium 601.00 – 800.00 0.67%
Advance 801.00 – 1000.00 0.73%
Business 1001.00 – 3000.00 0.79%
Enterprise 3001.00 – 6000.00 0.85%
Premier 6001.00 – 8000.00 0.91%
Ultimate 8001.00 – 100000.00 1.00%

Our deposit:

21.11.20 20:21 Transfer Sent Payment: 60.00 USD to account U25874739 from U1294xxx. Batch: 349108123. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to dominic-financial.com User allhyips.


Minimal deposit: $1
Maximal deposit: $100000
Referral comission: 1%
Payments: Instant
Features: SSL,DDOS


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Creation Date: 2020-11-18T16:35:50Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2024-11-18T16:35:50Z

Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.



Recreating a financial year with dates, works in excel but not in Google sheets

So I am trying to recreate something like this picture:
Financial Year in excel

But I just found out that the cell B7 does not work, the cell B7 contains the formula:

=IF($A$3=”Financial Year”,((CONCATENATE(B9,$C$3))-DAY(CONCATENATE(B9,$C$3))+1),EDATE(Summary!$C$15,-11))

In the above A3 cell is the one where I choose Financial Year, B9 is month January, C3 is the cell with the calendar year 2020 and the Summary tab is the picture here:Summary Tab where cell C15 is the starting date with the formula: =EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1)+1

Error I am getting from Cell B7:

Function Day Parameter 1 expects number values. But “January” is a text and cannot be coerced to a number

“Virusy” Money Game. A new financial game !!!!!! – Other Money Making Opportunities

Virusy Money Game. A new financial game, new investment opportunities for investors who can grasp opportunities.

I. What is Virusy ?

The game joins players around the world as a Doctor to help patients infected with the virus and receive rewards.

Activate the globulin and save one patient per day to receive money. Become a Trainee and progress to PhD level starting at 0.3 ETH. Each cycle earns 120% – 150% depending on the level and type of Globulin. You can also make a quick profit from buying and selling Globulin Box at VIRUSY MARKET. Your profits will spike as you train doctors to inherit and own enough VRS.

II. How can you play


First you need to register a new account (“student” level), then deposit 0.3 ETH to buy KIT (trainer level). Click CHALLENGE to play the mini game “FlappyVirusy” and receive free DNA (or you can buy DNA at the SHOP).


After having DNA, please TAP into KIT to combine into Globulin box. There will be 2 cases after 8 hours.

Success: You’ve got a Globulin Box. (You can enable the Box to make a profit every day for the rest of 30 days. Or you can bring the Box to market and sell it to make a quick profit.)

Fail: Don’t worry, you will receive your KIT back and be rewarded with a key to unlock a random treasure. You have to continue the CHALLENGE to find the DNA to combine with the KIT again.


After 8 hours of Render, you are lucky enough to have a Globulin box. You activate Globulin Box, 1 of 3 types of Globulin will appear, corresponding to 3 different interest rates paid to you daily for 30 days:

·         GREEN Globulin: 4% per day, 120% total.

·         YELLOW Globulin: 4.5% per day, total 135%.

·         RED Globulin: 5% per day, for a total of 150%.

How to receive profit: Every day, profits will automatically add to your account.


Build your community to receive the following rewards and benefits:

  • ·         Increase the rate of successful rendering.
  • ·         Increase the activation rate of the High-quality Globulin Success Box for higher profit.
  • ·         Receive commissions when your Downline sells Globulin Boxes.
  • ·         Receive 100 VRS bonuses when your Downline buys the KIT for the first time.


Use your ticket to win one of the following items:

  • 5 VRS
  • 1 DNA
  • 0.03 ETH
  • 1 set of KIT
  • 1 Blue Globulin
  • 0.3 ETH
  • iPhone 11



  • KIT: 0.3 ETH (Quantity is limited in the day).
  • DNA: 0.003 ETH.


  • Super Green Globulin: 1500 VRS (150% interest for 30 days)
  • Super Yellow Globulin: 1800 VRS (180% interest in 30 days)
  • Super Red Globulin: 2100 VRS (210% interest in 30 days)


After successfully rendering, you can sell Globulin Boxes at the Market for a quick profit.

Each Globulin Box sale has a 24-hour period.

1. Successful sales:

  • Upline is rewarded 0.0015 ETH
  • Transaction fee 0.0015 ETH.
  • you get 1 KIT (equivalent to 0.3 ETH)
  • 10 VRS
  • 0.009 ETH

(KIT can resume rendering)

8. What is VRS?

– VRS is the token used to buy Super Globulin.

* How to own VRS:

1. Selling Globulin Box on the Market (+ 10VRS per transaction).

2. Create community:

– Level up: increase Globulin box’s success rate.

– Receive a hot reward of 100 VRS when inviting F1 to become a Trainee and every time F1 successfully purchases Globulin Box.

website: https://virusy.online/

Does Morocco have a financial entry requirement?

Most countries have a proof of funds or means of subsistence requirement but I cannot find any info whatsoever about Morocco other than "Visitors who do require a visa must provide pay slips and bank statements from the previous three months with their application."