[ Politics ] Open question: How many billions more people will be born before the world finally realizes that genocide is the only solution?

to overpopulation and pollution? Stupid and weak first, gas chambers are preferred.

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How many false accusations should Democrats make against Trump before someone finally does something about this president?

Conservative news is lying to you. I've seen Fox's experts twist the facts, so if you want the truth in this matter, read the complaint, everything is online for everyone to see. Pelosi would NEVER begin an investigation without a heinous mistake on Trump's part, and he has done so. What the Cons are not telling you is that many people "marked with the red flag" Trump's request to dirty a political rival. For you to know … According to former NSC officials, about three or four people are usually present for phone calls with foreign leaders, either the national security advisor or the deputy national security advisor and the principal director of the region of the country Bottom line? Trump is a liar! And so are many Republicans who try to discredit the NSC.