Filter by merged cells in Google Sheets?

You can try the following

            ArrayFormula(vlookup(ROW(1:21),{IF(LEN(A1:A21)>0,ROW(1:21),""),A1:A21},2)) >= DATE(2020, 10, 30))

enter image description here

What we do is create a virtual column for column A.

(Try the partial formula by itself and see how it behaves.)

What filter does she use? [closed]

Ok guys I’ve tryed looking for this filter forever & she says this filter in her TikTok videos that angel.grwmx uses the filter from instagram or Snapchat which I don’t know what filter it is maybe you guys can help me out , please 🙏🌸✨

This is her TikTok

How can I make views exposed filter case-sensitive?

When I use the exposed filter, if I search for "IMAG" all results showing image show up. Is there a way to have the exposed filter search case sensitive?

themes – How do I add a div class to the posts in a filter and not the entire filter element?

I am having some troubles with the Isotope filter gallery, as discussed in my Stackoverflow question here.

As per the first point of the accepted answer, I need to add the class .isotope, to the parent (the .row element) to make it work with URL hashes. Otherwise, it only works when you click on the filter links, as you can try on the live webpage.

Here is the element to which the user told me to add the class:

<div class="isotope row masonry" data-masonry-id="d2546a5a8aed79adf8c0b3b78a16b29f" style="position: relative; height: 969.6px;">

Notice the <div class ="isotope before row masonry bit? That is what I need to add.

However, I can only apply a custom class to the entire Posts element in Elementor. If I do that, it causes the JS to think that it needs to sort the whole grid itself and makes it disappear.

How do I target this specific row element?

mobile – Filter by type of content into specific content

I have some trouble to find a UX pattern that would fit for an mobile app improvement.

I would like to display in the news feed a filter by type of content for example:
News, Event, Project etc…
+ Search bar

(similar to this one)

Moreover I would like to also include this filter + search into specific type of content.

For example, Project can embed (News + Event). So I want to be able to filter News and Event inside “Project”.

The problem is that in my “project” I also want to show a lot of information about the project and I’m not sure it’s a good solution to put the tab bar at the bottom of the infos. Also, I can’t put the filter at the top of my project because it will make no sense to show content before project info.

The main goal is to have quick access to content inside the project and be able to filter it, but also have a quick view of my project info.

What pattern would be the best? Do you have a similar case to show?

I imagine it to be similar to this screen, except I should also be able to filter content into each tab.

enter link description here

categories – Custom Taxonomy Isotope Grid – Filter Buttons Not Working

Am trying to integrate Isotope with WordPress to create a filterable portfolio grid. It’s displaying the Project categories (my custom post type and taxonomy) but not showing posts from that category when the button is clicked.

Any ideas?

$(function () {
// init Isotope
var $grid = $('.grid').isotope({
    // options
    itemSelector: '.grid-item',
    layoutMode: 'fitRows'
    // filter items on button click
    $('.filter-button-group').on( 'click', 'button', function() {
    var filterValue = $(this).attr('data-filter');
    $grid.isotope({ filter: filterValue });

<section id="projects" class="container-fluid">
   <div class="col">
     <div class="button-group filter-button-group text-center">
       <button data-filter="*">All</button>
       <?php $terms = get_terms( array(
         'taxonomy' => 'project_categories',
         'hide_empty' => true,
        foreach ($terms as $term) {
            echo '<button id="category-filter" data-filter="'.$term->slug.'">'.$term->name.'</button>';
        <div class="grid row">
          <?php $projects = new Wp_Query(('post_type'=>'projects'));
                if ($projects->have_posts()) : while ($projects->have_posts()) : $projects->the_post();

      <a class="<?php $terms = wp_get_post_terms(get_the_id(), 'project_categories');
        foreach ($terms as $term) {
            echo $term->slug;
        }?> grid-item col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-12" href="<?php the_permalink();?>">
        <div class="card">
          <div class="overlay">
            <?php the_post_thumbnail( 'full', array( 'class'=>'card-img img-fluid' ) ); ?>
            <div class="mask">
              <h4 class="text-center">
                <?php the_title(); ?>
      <?php endwhile; endif; ?>

Thanks in advance!

multi select – List filter with multiple selection for ID column

In SharePoint 2016 I have a list that uses the ID column in the list view.

For all the other columns I can filter by using the checkboxes for multiple choices, but with the ID column I can not.
Does anyone have a workaround?

Please see the behavior of the ID column and another column.

ID Column doesn't show the check boxes

All other columns do show the check boxes for multiple filtering choice

Effy L.

date – dateRange filter can not properly parse format

I have a datetime column for custom made listing, where date filter calendar can not process given date format.

<column name="ticket_time" sortOrder="150" class="MagentoUiComponentListingColumnsDate" component="Magento_Ui/js/grid/columns/date">
    <dateFormat>yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss</dateFormat>
    <label translate="true">Event time</label>

While column value is displayed properly, filter input values look like this when selected – “2020-10-23 HH:10:ss” and with such value filtering does not work anymore, so i can not ignore that

It would be even OK in my case to have to have only dates in filter, but this dateFormat is also tied with column value, there I need to have time also displayed.

So either I need the daterange to understand the format or either specify different format for filer only with date.

google sheets – Filter causing Circular Reference Error – Not obvious why?

I have 3 sheets. SheetA and SheetB contain data and a third sheet where I want to merge the contents of the SheetA and SheetB in it.

I type this formula in the result sheet (the 3rd sheet):

={filter(SheetA!A1:A, arrayformula(ISBLANK(A:A)=false)),
filter(SheetB!A1:A, arrayformula(ISBLANK(A:A)=false))}

However, I get circular reference error! Not sure what caused it? Each filter in the above expression works correctly.

Filter BCC on Gmail for forwarded email

I have an email that forwards messages to

Some customers send emails and put in bcc.

How can I retrieve thoses emails with a Gmail filter ?

I tried the following searches :


None of them seem to work.

Anyone has an idea on how to make this filter ?