minolta – silver film and Super8 Films

I’ve recently acquired a Minolta x700 and a Super8 Vivitar 94P but since I’m a neophyte in analog capture devices, I don’t know what support I should buy in 2020 that will be either kind of affordable, durable and with the best quality output for both of those two devices. I know that I should get some from Kodak but they are a bit rare and I really don’t know what to get. also a lot of Photography shops are closed during these times so I can’t really get help from them.

I plan to capture both color and b&w images/films with a bit of grain if possible.

if someone can light my path I would be extremely thankful.

NB: i will use the Minolta for stop motion and photos in general.

revealed – Has anyone used a peroxide-based bleach for processing C-41 or E-6 films?

I have recently been reviewing what has changed in film processing in the decade or so that I have been far from that.

One of the things I found in the YouTube videos is that there is apparently now a way to process the black and white inversion without requiring toxic and strongly acidic bleach solutions (potassium permanganate or potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid): this " new "process uses a solution of hydrogen peroxide acidified with citric acid or acetic acid, or a two-bath treatment ranging from pure peroxide (anywhere from 3% to 35%, apparently, depending on the rush you are in) to the bath acid and vice versa several cycles

Please note this is do not a rehalogenating bleach such as those used in color processes; it actually removes the developed silver from the film without affecting the undeveloped halide (and apparently can re-deposit the silver complex that forms if the solution is in a horizontal emulsion, resulting in silver stains on the prints if it is bleached face up).

On the face, then, it looks like this bleaching process, with a separate fixing step, should work on C-41 or E-6 films instead of the usual EDTA-based rehalogen bleach, except I remember hydrogen peroxide as being a strong whitener in another sense, that of denaturing pigments and organic color dyes, such as those that form the color image in negative or positive color films. That, of course, would defeat the purpose of using the bleach in the film.

Has anyone tried a peroxide based bleaching process on color films? Does it damage the dye images or are they impervious to the oxidizing action of peroxide?

revealed – Will ferricyanide bleach work well with various C-41 and E-6 films?

I have limited experience in developing color films – I've made some C-41 rolls using a two-bath color developer from a formula I found online, and Kodak Bleach Stabilizer and Fixer several years ago. I also reverse-processed black-and-white film to produce positive images (grayscale slides effectively, although I never mounted the frames).

Now I'm going back to film photography after several years, and the availability of bulk chemistry appears to have decreased, probably related to the closure of most on-site processing labs (less local labs, less revealed / scanning / printing machines in operation, less chemical sources). I'm less than excited about the cost of the C-41 and E-6 commercial kits for a few rolls at a time, let alone the shelf life of those partially used chemical bottles.

Mixing my own developers is not difficult, and the chemical components seem to be available (and in powder form, they will be around for a long time). Stop baths are overrated, and for C-41 I have used a water rinse in the past. Of course, E-6 requires a primer developer, and commercial kits use a color developer that tarnishes on its own, but black and white developers can be used for the first development and exposure to light worked well to expose the undeveloped halide when I first did (IIRC) fourteen steps of E-4, in the mid-1970s.

My main concern is bleach. Modern color processes use an EDTA-based rehalogenator bleach; In home kits this is often mixed with the fixative to reduce the bath count (this is different from the black and white investment, which requires developed silver to be bleached without removing unexposed halide). This chemistry is much more difficult to obtain than CD-3 or CD-4 color developer. I recently learned that some people have been using a ferricyanide based rehalogenizer bleach, similar to the Farmer & # 39; s Reducer or bleach baths used for some printing toning processes.

I remember when I first approached color processing about fifteen years ago, reading that specifically Fuji's color films would produce a deep purple if exposed to ferricyanide, and I never followed it because at the time it was easy enough to get jars of gallon or blix bleach for automatic processor machines. Since this has changed, I need to find out: Has anyone used a ferricyanide bleach to process Fuji C-41 or especially E-6 films and if so was there a purple change?

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Will Kevin Spacey ever get another role after being revealed as a pervert?

Spacey is not what is defined as perverted and making passes when falling drunk is not a sexual problem. Spacey actually has a problem with drinking.

Why the first actor, Anthony Rapp, also gay (who played Tony in Dazed and Confused) even felt the need to tell what happened when he was 14 and at a party in which Spacey, as he described it, was more than wasted No danger ..

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I hope Spacey receives the help he needs for his alcohol consumption, I also hope he gets another role. Talented as an actor and singer.

If Robert Downey could return after the drug arrests, imprison and beat his demons, I do not see any reason why Spacey can not.