How to automatically fill, sort and conditionally format 1st day of the week according to given year and month in excell? [closed]

I previously had the answer in Google sheet environment
How to automatically fill, sort and conditionally format 1st day of the week according to given year and month. I would like to do it in Excel but the function (sequence) is not valid .. Any thoughts?

Google Sheet auto fill for 360 rows?

If there are some calculations, such as mortgage or compound interest, and we need to see the results for 30 years, we may start by create 2 rows.

And then we highlight row 2 and then “drag it” to row 60, and then to 120, 180, …, then all the way to 360, and we can see the result.

Is there an automatic way to just highlight row 2, and tell Google Sheet to “copy it” or “extend” or “auto fill it” for the next 360 rows?

Otherwise, if we notice an error in a cell in row 2, then now we have to drag it to row 60, 120, 180, …, again, little by little, all the way to 360. – How to fill complex shapes within its border?

I just made this shape by combining a rectangle and numerous arcs together. I finally grouped them to create this one complex shape. The only trouble I’m having is filling the object. Whenever I try to fill it, this seems to happen.

The second below image is my end goal. I would appreciate any help.

My end goal is this image:

Restrict editors to only able fill today’s date in data validation date – Google sheet

I have used the data validation date > ‘valid date’ so that in the range of cells I want, will already show the calendar drop down. However, would like to ask for guidance on how I can restrict the editors to only able to pick today’s date & tomorrow, but not the date before today or the date after tomorrow.
would really appreciate the help, thanks!

unity – How to move a player (with camera) towards a target object until camera fill target object?

I’m trying to solve this ‘algorithm’ problem.

I have a player and a camera on it. I want to automatically move this player towards a target object and stop it when target object completely “fit” my camera.

So my question is : how can I detect when a camera perfectly (not too near and not too far) frame an object ?


user research – How to tie SurveyMonkey respondents to unique IDs so we can track their data across survey they fill out anonymously?

Looking to send SurveyMonkey links to ~100 users for an alpha test. It’s an anonymous survey and they will be required to complete 3. We would like to be able to track their responses across all 3 surveys, but they will be completing the surveys anonymously.

Has anyone had experience with this? A coworker said there a way to add a line of code in the email recruitment feature that will create a unique respondent ID for us but I’m not finding how to do this anywhere.


Auto Fill Forms for Safari, Edge, Firefox and Friends [closed]

Is there an autofill forms for other major browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Edge? Like there is for Chrome?

plotting – Fill regions in DateListPlot

Let’s use some sample data


data1 = TimeSeries({1, 2, 1, 3, 0, 0, 0, 2, 22, 14, 21, 7, 11, 5, 10, 
18, 73, 38, 103, 21, 35, 31, 46, 31, 35, 94, 71, 48, 78, 71, 74, 
95, 95, 56, 102, 101, 129, 69, 60, 62, 20, 77, 52, 71, 56, 70, 33,
31, 25, 22, 15, 17, 11, 3, 7, 156, 7, 55, 27, 16, 11, 17, 32, 10,
15, 21}, {"Feb 26, 2020"});

dticks1 = System`DateListPlotDump`DateTicks(data1 /@ {"FirstDate", "LastDate"}, 10, {"Day", "/", "Month"});

plot = DateListPlot(data1, FrameTicks -> {{Automatic, Automatic}, {dticks1, dticks1}}, 
       FrameTicksStyle -> {{Automatic, Automatic}, {Automatic, FontOpacity -> 0}}, 
       Mesh -> All, PlotRange -> All, ImageSize -> 500)

which produces

enter image description here

Now I want the following: fill with a color (e.g., red) the rectangular regions on the plot from

  • March 7 to March 25 and
  • April 3 to April 26

Any suggestions?

Can I Fill Recaptcha without a Service

Is it possible to fill recaptcha manually or I need a service to fill it in GSA Ser. Plan to use Captcha Breaker for those not needing it but manually do it for recaptcha.

Thank you

How to fill in UK Visa application that requires 2 years of addresses, when child is less than 2?

The form automatically requires two years of addresses to proceed with the application, to get around this simply say she has lived there for two years. This is a design flaw of the page and is the only thing that can be done, they will be able to see how old she is elsewhere in the application, and is only a four month difference.