Development – How to upload C # files in ASP.NET to the SharePoint Online library

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sass: How to use the necessary scss files worldwide in the angular library?

I try to build an angular library with scss. In my different components, I often need the same scss files to work as expected, but I don't know where to place those scss files to merge into the final angular library / application after installing or linking the library.

Does anyone know how I could solve my problem?
Thank you!

Alternative access assignment: SharePoint AAM does not redirect to the public URL if the URL is based on files

I have configured the AAM. It works well when I navigate to the relative URL (sites / websites). If I browse the full URL (with some pages) it is pointing to an internal URL.

Example (both URLs are configured in IIS):
– Public URL: http: // intranet
– Internal URL: http: // mycompanyintranet

if I sail to http://mycompanyintranet/SitePages/ (Relative URL), will redirect to http://intranet/SitePages/.

But if you navigate to the http://mycompanyintranet/SitePages/Home.aspx or http://mycompanyintranet/SitePages/Forms/AllPages.aspx is not redirecting to
http://intranet/SitePages/Home.aspx or http://intranet/SitePages/Forms/AllPages.aspx.

It was loading by the internal URL and the elements are not loading with the internal URL.

Any solution or did I miss something?

php: error loading files

I intend to upload files, where I insert the name of the file into the database and the file in a folder on the server.

I am trying this way:


Add Arquivo...


function inserir_anexos()
    var dadosajax = {
        'CodigoUtente' : $("#CodigoUtente6").val(),
        'arquivo' : $("#arquivo").val()
        url: './recebe_upload',
        type: 'POST',
        cache: false,
        data: dadosajax,
        error: function(){
  "Erro!", "Tente novamente. Caso persista o erro, contatar Administrador!", "error");
        success: function(result)
  'Boa!', 'Gravado com sucesso!', 'success');

PHP has this way:

$CodigoUtente = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn, $_POST("CodigoUtente"));
$Colaborador = $_SESSION('usuarioId');
$pathToSave = "/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/sparkling/alimentacao";

if (!file_exists($pathToSave)) {
    mkdir("$pathToSave", 0777);

   if ($_POST('arquivo')) { 
        $dir = $pathToSave; 
        $tmpName = $_POST('arquivo')('tmp_name'); 

        $name = $_POST('arquivo')('name');
        preg_match_all('/.(a-zA-Z0-9)+/', $name, $extensao);
        if (!in_array(strtolower(current(end($extensao))), array('.txt', '.pdf', '.doc', '.xls', '.xlms'))) {
            echo('Permitido apenas arquivos doc,xls,pdf e txt.');


       if (move_uploaded_file($tmpName, $dir.$name)) { 
            echo('Arquivo adicionado com sucesso.');
        } else {
            echo('Erro ao adicionar arquivo.');

           $query = 'INSERT INTO raddb.UploadArquivo(CodigoUtente, arquivo, Colaborador)  
           VALUES ( ?, ?, ?)';
           $stmt = $conn->prepare( $query );
           $stmt->bind_param("sss", $CodigoUtente, $name, $Colaborador);

But when I record, I receive this message in the console:

Only doc, xls, pdf and txt files are allowed.

And I am inserting a pdsf as shown in the image:

insert image description here

And in the browser console the file name is also sent, as shown in the image:

insert image description here

But neither insert it into the database nor save the pdf file in the indicated folder.

Can you help

Trash files are deleted, reappear and disappear again. Where are they?

I deleted music files from the trash bin, then I wished I hadn't, days later they were back in the bin, but before I could open the trash, they were gone again! I know they are somewhere then! but where?

Reading large CSV files line by line and conversion to other formats

I have a large csv file and I need to read line by line and convert it to document formats. Below are the codes that work well.
Can I improve it by doing a parallel process? In the following code, I am reading certain fragments and then convert it to Document. Can you do it simultaneously using threads?
Reading the csv file of a given fragment and if the last record is not
// Any help greatly appreciated. The code can be found using the link

Linux: quick way to merge two large files, manually choosing the text in each conflict?

I am comparing two text files, about 25 MB each. I tried using WinMerge, tkdiff, kdiff3, eclipse and notepad ++. All of them stop responding or are extremely slow to search and replace text.

I want to review the two files and decide in each difference what will be combined. It would take me a long time if I cannot replace all the occurrences of certain chains worldwide that I see while doing this. Otherwise, similar conflicts will continue to come again and again.

I know it would be fast if I could use thirst and diff, but I don't know an obvious way to use them together efficiently. So, I wonder if there is any command line or script tool with the same functionality as WinMerge that can handle larger files.

I need to be able to visually see the differentials quickly, including those online, then copy left or right, and also search and replace. I am looking for a Windows application or a Linux console application.

Amazon web services – What is the way to access private S3 files using nginx as a proxy?

I have a website and an S3 bucket with numerous images, which cannot be accessed directly from any machine with a direct URL.

These images will be displayed on different pages of the website ONLY for registered users.

I tried to find a simple way to access the S3 cube files with a specific cookie or an additional header, but I can't find it. It's not possible?

Yes, it is impossible to set an additional header in the browser, but you could make a proxy in Nginx for this purpose (the proxy can configure those specific cookies or add headers when passing a request to S3). But it's still unclear how to enable URL access for S3 cube files from a specific IP address (my Nginx proxy address) or using a specific cookie or a specific header.

Could you please help me?

database – Plesk Obsidian – Upload files to server

Regards! I am working on a database on a website for a small business and I am not used to using Plesk so I am stuck in a problem.

First of all, both the Plesk server and the domain of that page were purchased by the company, so I only had to upload the database. In the database it is required to upload documents to the server from the website, (things like invoices, memos and that) because many of these charges will be made by secretaries who will not be able to access the Plesk site.

The point is that I have tried to put the folder where the files are destined in several sections of the plesk (httdocs, file sharing, etc.) and in none allows me to upload documents, even try to upload it to the section of files shared in public documents and nothing (then I read that only the administrator and Plesk users can do it, but I need it uploaded from the website).

I don't know if I have to make any specific configuration for this, create a folder in a specific place or simply use another external service. The truth would greatly appreciate your help.

I appreciate in advance the time it took to read my concern!