How can I read a certain number of lines in a file several times in C?

you have to read the first line of the file in which there is a number that are the times you should read and print the next 13 lines on the screen.

sdk – How to read / write a PSD file with .Net?

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What does it mean to delete a file that is "shared with me" in Google Drive?

I do not use much Google Drive, but I noticed that I had a couple of files in the "shared with me" section of the Google Drive web application. So I decided to eliminate them from view, and the only way to do it is delete them, one by one

A file was deleted.

A deleted file is still accessible by collaborators.

I do not own any of these files. They were share with me. So, what exactly did I just delete then? Can not I eliminate the things I do not have? I guess the last notification indicates that the owner can still access his own file … duh! But the question remains, what is it that I am eliminating then? Removing me from the access list of a file I did not have in the first place? …

Interestingly, most of these files were things like PDF files and shared locations in Google Maps, things that were publicly shared, links that I must have clicked on at different times on different websites. So I never really "collaborated" with any of these people, the owners of these files, so they never shared the links to these files with me directly and I was never on any kind of access list.

sql server – SQL log file to insert / update table

I have a table emp that contains three columns. Let's say EmpNo, EmpName and Age. Empno is a primary key column. I'm getting data from records or text files. If there is no particular Empno, then the row must be inserted; otherwise, that particular Empno row should be updated. This solution should be applied to any database.

Empno Empname Age
1 AAA 25

To update
Empno Empname
Age of empno
1 23

Here are my questions:

1- What is the best method for this approach? Do I need to use a shell or shell script or any other better method for this SQL operation?

2- At some point, if the age column needs to be updated, how to update the row using empno without impact on performance? It's a dynamic change

3- If there are a million rows that must be updated from the log file, how should this approach work?

I appreciate your help

apache2 – Apache configuration problems with file extensions

On my apache server I do not want to serve any file with .config extensions because it could contain potentially confidential information. In my apache2.conf file I added:

    Require everything denied

Then I restarted Apache and tried it. Works. Almost. None of the files db.config, redirect.config, UrlTypes.config or hidden.config are served, which was point BUT, a file called web.config is served (it is in the same directory as the others). Why and what is so special with web.config that it does not follow the indications?

Trying to execute the main file of the bitcoinj wallet template but not found JavaFX

Trying to execute the main file of the wallet template from bitcoinj but JavaFX was not found. When I run the main Wallettemplate file, I get several errors of javafx packages that are not found. When I try to execute everything, I get an error and I lack some cucumber.

All the tutorials are outdated and I have only codified basic things.

Has anyone tried using bitcoinj in intellij and java 10? Thank you.

How to change the template file of a block progamatically

Is there any way to change the template file of a block through the code?
I understand that I must replace the template file in the theme but I want to replace it in some condition.

Document library: location of minor versions removed (permanently) from the OneNote file

Currently, in the environment of our company, we have the OneNote Online file stored in our SharePoint 2013 (site assets) and in OneDrive:

-https: // Web = 1
-https: // Web = 1

In this field, we are experiencing interesting behavior with the creation of versions, the creation and removal of versions and the level of quota for a particular site collection.

We have been testing the removal of secondary versions of the stored OneNote file from the sharepoint and OneNote stored file from OneDrive. The point is that removing the versions does not reduce the overall quota of the site collection, even if the version is permanently deleted. Therefore, the only way out for the OneNote files of massive growth is to increase the quota for SC, which, of course, we do not want to do permanently due to the enormous needs of backups.

My questions basically refer to where the deleted (permanently) versions (or their metadata) are stored.

html – Include pdf with printed data of a BD in another php file

enter the code here

I have tried to include a pdf that prints data from a BD in a php file and I get errors. This pdf was made with the FPDF libraries.

This is the pdf code:

<? php

require ('fpdf / fpdf.php');
require ('src / autoload.php');
require ('src / Fpdi.php');

$ name = $ _POST[‘pdf’];
$ registration = $ _POST[‘registro’];
$ folio = $ _POST[‘folio’];
$ qr = $ _POST[‘qr’];
// $ cedula = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM inscription where int_cedula = $ cedula");
// start FPDI
// $ pdf = new FPDF ();
$ pdf = new setasign Fpdi Fpdi ();
// add a page
$ pdf-> AddPage ('o');
// set the source file
$ pdf-> setSourceFile ('IIICERTIFICADO.pdf');
// import page 1
$ tplIdx = $ pdf-> importPage (1);
// use the imported page and place it in point 10.10 with a width of 200 mm (this is the pdf image included)
$ pdf-> useTemplate ($ tplIdx, 16, 10, 265);
// now write a text on top of the imported page
$ pdf-> SetTextColor (0,0,0);
$ pdf-> SetFont ('Arial', 'B', 21);
$ pdf-> Image ('QR.png', 180, 173, 40, 38, 'PNG', '');
// name modification
$ pdf-> SetXY (80, 16);
$ pdf-> Write (150, $ name);
// registry modification
$ pdf-> SetXY (61, 16);
$ pdf-> Write (0, $ registration);
// modification of the folio
$ pdf-> SetXY (250, 16);
$ pdf-> Write (0, $ folio);

$ pdf-> AddPage ('o');
$ pdf-> setSourceFile ('atras.pdf');
$ tplIdx = $ pdf-> importPage (1);
$ pdf-> useTemplate ($ tplIdx, 0, 10, 288);
$ pdf-> SetTextColor (0,0,0);
$ pdf-> SetFont ('Arial', 'B', 21);

$ pdf-> SetFont ('Arial', 'B', 21);

$ pdf-> Output ();

And this is the homepage where I want this pdf to be included



the macaroon route can not be read (check the network configuration): admin.macaroon: there is no such file or directory in lncli getinfo

I just started connecting for the first time to a bitcoind node. Do lncli getinfo and this is the error message. How can I pass this?

EDIT: I would like to add that I am using lnd in testnet, however, lncli is looking in the mainnet folder