Macros are not available when using the file downloaded from Google sheets

I have downloaded a file of Google sheets with prefabricated macros. When I went to Tools to find the Macros tab, there were none. Does anyone know how to find it in this case or how to solve this error?

User warning: the following file system module is missing: module deleted in the system table, but is it still an error?

I am using D7 and I get the module warning errors. I deleted the records through:

drush sql-query "DELETE the system where type = & # 39; module & # 39; AND name = & # 39; MYMODULE & # 39 ;;"

But it still appears. Where else should I go to eliminate this?

Could not open input file: D: xampp phalcon-devtools phalcon.php

I installed everything correct, but I can't find the file .php and I see the folder and not bring it, what happened?

The environment variables are correct, phpinfo() it shows me that if I have phalcon

But when executing it it shows me this error:

enter image description here

apache spark – Reading json file from S3 to Kinesis

I have some json files in S3 that must be added to kinesis as json data. I am planning to use spark transmission to add data to kinesis after reading the json files of s3 in my spark data frame. Is there a batch approach to this? I also discovered how the transmission approach that adds data to kinesis is used (, but I still don't know how to read and add the json data in the data frame and the kinesis sequence

Any ideas or experience?

magento2 – Magento 2 FTP File Manager

And when frontend calls him, he doesn't answer. It means an error "css" or "js" 400.

Magento works fine, but it doesn't execute commands like di: compile because you can't find them in directories.

And going to the directories are only in the form of shortcuts, what will it be?

Here is an impression:

Thanks in advance. I'm sorry for bad English.

feyncalc – FeynRules error: "Incorrect head FC", followed by "Filter" and $ Aborted when trying to generate the UFO file

I've been trying to create the UFO files for a particular Lagrangian QCD,

LQCD := LQuarkD + LUpS + LDownS + LSU3;

in vain. the


it works like a charm but


it produces the "Wrong FC head" errors, followed by "FilterRules" and "$ Aborted" in subsequent lines.

Can you help me solve this?

usability: how to handle the data that is entered in the file that is activated by switching

Here is a hypothetical test case

Test case
The user is asked if he wants to provide an address
Response Options: Yes or no

The user answers yes and the fields appear to provide an address
The user enters the information
After all, information is entered that the user decided to change the response to DO NOT
The fields disappear

The user decided to select YES again
The fields appear and …

Should we previously fill in the fields with the information previously entered?

What is the best user experience?

linux – How do I install a linux_raid_member file system with my Ubuntu machine?

We have a server that has just died after ten years of service.

It has four hard drives. Two are in a Raid 1 matrix and two are in another.

I have managed to merge the first two into one with mdadm with this command

sudo mdadm –create –level = 1 / dev / md0 –metadata = 0.90 –raid-device = 2 / dev / sdd / dev / sdc

The partition that I need to access now is under the file system & # 39; linux_raid_member & # 39 ;. Is there any way I can mount this to view and read the files on this hard drive to remove them?

The file sidebar occupies more than half of the page

This might be a stupid question, but it bothered me for 1 hour and I still can't solve it. I accidentally clicked on something in the file management after which the "files" sidebar occupies half the page. [See attached screenshot] I tried to drag the right border of the sidebar to make it narrower, but it can no longer be dragged to the left. How could I restore it to normal? Thanks in advance.

iframe: What is the safest way to display a pdf file sent through webRTC on a web page?

I am creating a WebRTC application that allows a user to send a .pdf file that is displayed in the second user's browser. That bit works fine by assigning the blob that is sent to the src attribute of an iframe on the receiver side.

I am a little suspicious of the combination of iframes, pdf and third-party content, so I have been experimenting with the sandbox attribute in the iframe.
But in sandboxing, the only way I can get an iframe to display the pdf using the browser's PDF add-in is by configuring


But that seems to be doing exactly what I am trying to avoid. As long as you only grant this permission to the sandbox, is it enough to mitigate the possibility that a malicious pdf does something undesirable in the recipient's browser? Or is there a better solution?