altcoin: what currency (crypto and fiat) to use to measure earnings?

Hi Michal, thanks for the reply. That's true, but with crypto you only have USD or BTC. Based on those earnings, it calculates backwards if your "local" currency is different, but even that fluctuates against the USD.

The problem is that you buy currency X in BTC, let's say 1 BTC. Now in USD, that coin is now worth double, making it 100% more, but BTC went up in price and you sell coin X for 1 BTC. Although in USD it made a profit, it has the same BTC back. Now BTC falls in value and you got 0 BENEFITS.

I concluded that as soon as the coin is purchased, measure in USD. If it sells, don't sell while BTC is rising or rising, but definitely sell if BTC is down, hahaha, then you will get more.

It is difficult because BTC changes to USD and the alternative currency it exchanges will vary in value based on the value between BTC and USD. I like the USDT (the altcoin to match the USD) but it is only on two exchanges and is not accepted as the base currency, plus they had a security breach. Okay, they're taking action and over the table, but they still pose a bit of a risk.

So for me I think it's still a juggling game to find my feet hahaha

trade – Why are prices different in different fiat currencies in the same market?

What I noticed is that prices in different fiat currencies in the same market for the same cryptocurrency are different. But what are the reasons behind that? Does it have something to do with the fiat currency market volume? What variables do I need to know to predict the price difference?

Few examples:

1) Cexio.

BTC / USD: 6286 USD (~ 4749 GBP)

BTC / GBP: 4787 GBP (~ 6336 USD)

The price in GBP tends to be higher (currently + 0.8%).

2) Kraken.

BTC / USD: 6263 USD (~ 4732 GBP)

BTC / GBP: 4743 GBP (~ 6277 USD)

The price in GBP tends to be higher (currently + 0.2%).

BTC / USD: 6263 USD (703.5k JPY)

BTC / JPY: 697.2k JPY (6206 USD)

The price in JPY tends to be lower (currently -0.9%).

BTC / USD: 6269 USD (~ 5363 EUR)

BTC / EUR: 5373 EUR (~ 6280 USD)

Currently the price is higher in EUR (+ 0.2%). But it changes from time to time. Sometimes the price is higher in USD. Why?

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Will cryptocurrency someday replace fiat currency?

Crypto Currency is now over 11 years old and still struggling to be acceptable, but it is spreading and spreading all over the world. What does your mind say?

Debit card – Need to charge currency to fiat card

This is a cry for help! I know I'm new to the subject of cryptography, since I invested in it just a couple of months ago,
But by God I did not expect to have much money and no place to spend them! I live in the United Kingdom, and not just a regular
The shop where I tend to buy products or services, whether on the web or in my city, accepts cryptography directly. I need a
Advice from you, about whether there is even a service that allows me to load all my cryptography in GBP or EUR
And I use it on my debit card, so I can have a real way to spend it?

cryptography – Schnorr Fiat Shamir Transformation

In the Schnorr identity protocol, we can transform the interactive ZKP into a non-interactive one by replacing the verifier function (that is, providing a random challenge value) with a hash function that uses the encrypted function of the tester as input.

s = r + e * x

e = H (r * G)

Validation works by ensuring:

sG == R + e * P

R = r * G

Suppose that in this non-interactive model, the tester chooses a r value in advanceand run R Through the hash function to determine its corresponding my to digest. Suppose that the prover is malicious and seeks to trick a verifier into accepting a Schnorr signature without knowing the private key X. If the prover uses this my value when the signature is built, while an arbitrary is also selected s value, they could go back sG = rG-eP. As the author knows R, e and P, it seems that they could convince a verifier that the signature is valid, without needing to know the private key. What prevents this from happening?

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exchange – Cryptographic credit / debit card provider – Crypto to Fiat process

How does your crypto credit / debit card provider organize its cryptographic exchange process to fiat?

I thought that they would manually exchange crypto with fiat in exchanges through a bot. However, this would not be instantaneous, right? Even if they used an exchange that allows "market operations" and a robot that performs the exchange, I can not see how it would be instantaneous.

Any idea how the card providers solved the problem?

EDIT: Could it be that they buy cryptography in bulk, so there is no exchange at the moment (probably OTC)?

automation – Automated transfer of FIAT to the bank from Exchange

This would vary widely according to the exchange. The transfer and trade of BTC can almost be automated through the larger exchange APIs. Fiat withdrawals could be possible, but I do not remember seeing any API for that recently. Your best option would be to get in touch with the exchanges and ask about it, as I suspect that it is a feature that is available "on demand" for larger customers, and that they might be willing to support you in that.