views – Data export feed-icons broken in the IE

I have created a view with data export option to export csv file. In front end icon and link seems working fine in most of browser but in IE icons seem to break.
icons Appear in most of browser –

Icon appear in the IE –

HTML of the feed icon:

<div class="front-feed-icons"><div class="csv-feed views-data-export-feed form-group"><a class="feed-icon" href=";arguments=ABC%20DBM%20East%7HAYS%20DBM%20EAST%7CGEP%20TTA%20pqr%20None%20WEST%7CGEP%20DIR%20pqr%20anc%20estt%7CGEPI%20DIR%20Puerto%20Rico%20D%7CSDA%20ASD%20DASS%20ADDD%7CSMED%20DDSS%20DDDD%20-%20EBT%7SSSSS%20DBM%20SSS%20-%20SSS&amp;type=&amp;com=&amp;sscgr=&amp;eee=&amp;ffff=&amp;_wrapper_format=drupal_ajax&amp;page&amp;_format=csv">
Download full list in Excel