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8 – Error when referencing Paragraphs in Feed mapping

I’m trying to import JSON data via Feeds in a Drupal 8 content type.

When I map the fields in Feeds, all is well until I map a Paragraph field.

After selecting the Paragraph type, the Fields remains empty until the page is saved:

Note: Field options do not appear until a type has been chosen and saved.

But upon hitting ‘Save’, this error shows on page load, and the Paragraph field settings remain unchanged.

This same error shows with my original Paragraph as well as a simplified test version with one plain text field.

Notice: Array to string conversion in DrupalparagraphsFeedsTargetParagraphs->getSummary() (line 118 of modules/contrib/paragraphs/src/Feeds/Target/Paragraphs.php).

DrupalparagraphsFeedsTargetParagraphs->getSummary() (Line: 389)
DrupalfeedsFormMappingForm->buildSummary(Object) (Line: 309)
DrupalfeedsFormMappingForm->buildRow(Array, Object, Array, 13) (Line: 128)
DrupalfeedsFormMappingForm->buildForm(Array, Object, Object)
call_user_func_array(Array, Array) (Line: 532)
DrupalCoreFormFormBuilder->retrieveForm('feeds_mapping_form', Object) (Line: 278)
DrupalCoreFormFormBuilder->buildForm(Object, Object) (Line: 91)
DrupalCoreControllerFormController->getContentResult(Object, Object)
call_user_func_array(Array, Array) (Line: 123)
DrupalCoreEventSubscriberEarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber->DrupalCoreEventSubscriber{closure}() (Line: 573)
DrupalCoreRenderRenderer->executeInRenderContext(Object, Object) (Line: 124)
DrupalCoreEventSubscriberEarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber->wrapControllerExecutionInRenderContext(Array, Array) (Line: 97)
DrupalCoreEventSubscriberEarlyRenderingControllerWrapperSubscriber->DrupalCoreEventSubscriber{closure}() (Line: 151)
SymfonyComponentHttpKernelHttpKernel->handleRaw(Object, 1) (Line: 68)
SymfonyComponentHttpKernelHttpKernel->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 57)
DrupalCoreStackMiddlewareSession->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 47)
DrupalCoreStackMiddlewareKernelPreHandle->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 106)
Drupalpage_cacheStackMiddlewarePageCache->pass(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 85)
Drupalpage_cacheStackMiddlewarePageCache->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 47)
DrupalCoreStackMiddlewareReverseProxyMiddleware->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 52)
DrupalCoreStackMiddlewareNegotiationMiddleware->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 23)
StackStackedHttpKernel->handle(Object, 1, 1) (Line: 708)
DrupalCoreDrupalKernel->handle(Object) (Line: 19)

How to consume one RSS feed from another RSS reader?

Some feeds seem to not to work well with aggregators such as so I’m looking at work-arounds.

What I have in mind is to run something like liferea or a CLI alternate on a VM which has, for my purposes, 24×7 uptime.

Without delving into API’s and consuming programatically, how can I "sync" a local liferea with the remote? Point being that the remote runs, as above, 24×7, or close enough to perfect uptime.

Looking to chain ‘RSS` readers, or chain them for a poor-man’s aggregator, along the lines of similar questions.

‘Fatal Error’ from importing RSS feed

Trying to troubleshoot an error here. I am working on importing an RSS feed from the Wix page to a new WordPress page. Any ideas what is broken here?

enter image description here

8 – How to render the feed display of a view as an xml file to download?

I have created a custom entity. I have used a controller for view_builder.

"view_builder" = "DrupalmymoduleEntityControllerMymoduleViewBuilder"


class MymoduleViewBuilder extends EntityViewBuilder {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function view(EntityInterface $entity, $view_mode = 'full', $langcode = NULL) {
    $view = Views::getView('rss_feed');
    $render = $view->render();

    $result = Drupal::service('renderer')->render($render);
    return ('#markup' => $render);


I also tried:

print $render

But this is also not working. Can someone puts me in the right direction?

Or do I need create another route for that? but the question is still, how will I download the feeds view as xml file?

Which AWS product is best suitable for FB news feed type application

Among lightsail,amplify and EC2 which AWS product is best suitable for a FB news feed like mobile app and website

sharepoint online – Can you attach a file to a Task Form in Nintex O365 and have it feed the List or Document Library?

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Can GSA-SER Can be used to submit Podcast Feed url to podcast directories ?

Can GSA-SER Can be used to submit Podcast Feed url to podcast directories ?

Does twitter moments appear as a feed?

Can users subscribe to it and be abreast with updated tweets? Or is it only a slideshow of the creator’s tweets that he/she wants to showcase? What is the best metaphor or analogy for the same? I am looking for a solution where I can publish my thoughts about a certain topic on twitter if possible. Today I think the only alternative is to own a dedicated account. Just looking out for other options.

differential equations – NDSolve PDE of function u[x,t], boundary condition needs to feed an expression of t into u[x,t] as x

I am trying to obtain a range of numerical solutions of the following convection-diffusion-reaction equation:

$$frac{partial u(x,t)}{partial t}+0.01frac{partial u(x,t)}{partial x}=-10^{-12}frac{partial^2u(x,t)}{partial x^2}+10
^6cdot left(u(x,t)right)^2+left(10^6cdot10^{-8}cdot10^{-8}-10^{-3}(10^{-8}+10^{-8})right)cdot u(x,t)+10^6cdot 10^{-8} cdot 10^{-8}$$

With the initial and boundary conditions:

$$u(0,t)=0\u(x,0)=0\frac{partial u(x,t)}{partial x}|_{x=0.01t}=0$$

I used NDSolve as the following:

eqn = D(u(x, t), t) + 0.01*D(u(x, t), x) == -10^-12*D(u(x, t), x, x) + 10^6*(u(x, t))^2 + (10^6*10^-8*10^-8 - 10^-3*(10^-8 + 10^-8)) u(x, t) + 10^6*10^-8*10^-8
uval = NDSolve({eqn, u(0, t) == 0, u(x, 0) == 0, (D(u(x, t), x) /. x -> 0.01 t) == 0}, u, {x, 0, 10}, {t, 0, 600})

As you can see, the boundary condition $frac{partial u(x,t)}{partial x}|_{x=0.01t}=0$ feeds $0.01t$ as $x$ into the partial derivative of $u(x, t)$ with respect to $x$. But running this in Wolfram Mathematica gives the following error:

NDSolve::conarg: The arguments should be ordered consistently.

Apparently NDSolve doesn’t accept feeding an independent variable as another independent variable into a multivariable function. How do I solve this?