magento2 – Magento 2.4.2: Overriding Carrier.php of Magento Fedex module doesn’t work

I got to override Carrier.php in Magento-fedex module which is seen in the screenshot below.

enter image description here

The structure of the overriden Fedex module under app/code in the project is as below.

enter image description here

registration.php, modul.xml are all edited accordingly. Also ran the upgrade commands. The change doesn’t seem to have taken place. Am I overriding the module the way it should be?

magento2.4 – None of the FedEx shipping methods shows up in the frontend

FedEx configuration is done properly in the Magento admin to allow Ground, Home Delivery and 2nd day shipping methods to the Canadian customers as the screenshot below shows.

enter image description here

In the checkout page, I see the message as below.

enter image description here

I don’t see what is going wrong. Could you please suggest possible solutions?

Google Sheets – Create Searchable FedEx Tracking from Barcode Scan

We use about 100 Google Sheets to track incoming packages for various companies. When we receive a UPS package, we scan the barcode, assign it to a sheet, and when we search the tracking number in Google Drive we get the resulting sheet. When we receive a FedEx package, we do the same thing, but the information in the barcode is many more digits than just the tracking number. When searching the tracking number, we get no results.
Additionally, using a formula like =RIGHT(A1,12) will display the tracking number in the sheet (if it’s FedEx Ground/Home), but the formula results aren’t indexed in Google Drive.
Is there a way to make this work without entering the FedEx tracking numbers by hand?

electronic items – Fedex Taiwan bound duties, taxes on personal package?

I live in California and purchased a laptop which was received at home and I arranged to have shipped to me in Taiwan via Fedex, declaring the value as-paid and accurately stating the product and in original packaging.

Fedex in Taipei has had the package several days, repeatedly stating their representative is reviewing the duties, asking what the electronics technical details are, etc. Given this information is well published by the manufacturer and is even on Wikipedia, and the clear documentation, and the original clear packaging, I am at a loss as to what is happening. I am told by the senders to expect to pay duties or some sort of fee which I do not understand and Fedex seems unable to explain to me (by their Taipei staff) after several attempts to call. Oddly the agent responsible for this is regularly unavailable and other staff answer field my call.

What is customary to expect when I have personal electronics shipped to Taiwan for my own use from abroad? What is the type and purpose of any fees (what am I paying for) and what should I expect those things to be specifically? Should I be questioning the legitimacy of personal shipments of packages treated differently than if carried in my airline luggage?

I’m quite frustrated by the strangeness of this situation and find it odd, especially to pay fees for something I already paid taxes, etc–rather high ones at that. I think this frustration comes in part due to a complete lack of awareness of what’s going on and the apparent lack of competency and communication from Fedex regarding expectations (with them or other obligations). Thanks for responses which provide insight into these details and shipping of this type to Taiwan.

visas – Regarding sending passport to CVAC from (FEDEX)

I read on one of the websites that prepaid return envelopes from ups or usps are only accepted and other companies(Fedex) are not accepted for returning!!.Since I paid the amount and the labels i got are from FEDEX, how and what shall I do for the next process.I havent sent my documents yet. If VAC does not accept FEDEX envelopes while returning back to me then on what basis should I be sending the documents from FEDEX. Is there any other way for it.

FedEx Tracking in Google Sheets

I work for a company that sends packages out daily. We track the numbers in a Google sheet that populates via a Google form we use.

Recently we have had some packages go missing and I have been tasked with setting something up that allows us to watch the packages and make sure they are not getting lost in an effort to be proactive.

My thoughts were to do some sort of status updates with the tracking number, currently using lovelyAPI’s package tracker add on, but I would like something custom if possible.

enter image description here

Column x, y, z, aa, and ab are all populating through the package tracker and I have a formula to hyperlink the FedEx site and insert the value in F.

Is there a script that can do the same thing for me using the FedEx API?

I would also like to go a step further and have some sort of conditional formatting that would highlight the row in a certain color if the date I have in column A is older than 2 days and column Y does not return “delivered” or something like that. Can anyone help me out with this?

Trying to automate the whole thing but I am not but a mere peeon with little to no knowledge of coding.

add sku to fedex shipping label

By default there is order # on fedex shipping label, I want to replace that with sku # but haven’t had any progress with it. I’m not even sure if that’s possible, but if it is, can any show me how?

Magento 1: Wrong Fedex request sent

I have using magento 1 and notice that when large size of packages request sent to fedex then this request is devide in two small packages like if total weight is 250 Lb then request is sent with weight of 125 + 125 so it means two request sent.
but right now its only sent first request of 125 LB and second request not sent by magento.

so that’s why its also showing a wrong rate from fedex.

Any idea please share.

magento2 – Question about the return currency of Magento Fedex

We have a multiple website in the USA. UU. and Canada

For the US website UU., Fedex API shipping quote. From the registration, I can say that they return the currency in CAD to the US website. UU.

enter the description of the image here

The base currency was set to CAD, but from the fedex shipment record, I can see that they return the currency in CAD (US reach). I don't see a conversation about currencies there (for the US website). What I can do?

Shipping: Fedex only occupies approximately half of the customer addresses that USPS does not have

We have problems with customers trying to place orders. Approximately half of them receive errors that indicate that there is no shipping method available for this address. When they are written correctly and confirmed without problems.
(We have verified them manually in google, fedex and easy shipping)
Residential delivery is enabled, and many of these addresses that are having problems, worked perfectly well within bigcommerce and the fedex native module there. So trying to figure out where to start looking.

We have reissued several keys for the USPS module and it never fills anything. Web service addresses confirmed, etc. I have looked here for some, but it seems that most of the people who have problems with fedex / usps are residential problems, we have it enabled as mentioned above.