Amazon web services: the feature does not activate after the SQS message is sent

I have 2 functions configured, one to send a message to the SQS queue and another to trigger when the message is sent. When I send the message in the first function, the second one is not called.

I tried to do this from my code and console aws. I have configured the queue of sqs as an activator in the second function and here is my code in the first function. When I execute this code, the message ID is returned to me.

const params = {
"TableName": "sites",
"Item": {
User ID: event.requestContext.identity.cognitoIdentityId,
siteId: siteIdFinal,,
createdAt: ()

var messageParams = {
MessageBody: & # 39; {params.Item} & # 39 ;,
QueueUrl: & # 39; https: //'

sqs.sendMessage (messageParams, (err, data) => {
yes (err) {
console.log ("Error:" + err);
} else {
console.log ("Success:" + data.MessageId);

How do I get rid of the sliding feature in the mobile for the pages of a single WooCommerce product?

On mobile devices, is there any way to eliminate the function that allows you to slide your finger to scroll through the product images? I just want users to be able to touch the thumbnails and show the main image.

dnd 5e – How does the Ancestral Guardian's Ancestor Protector feature work if you hit something before you start attacking?

The barbaric characteristic of the Ancestral Guardian. Ancient Protectors (XGtE, p.10) reads the following:

Beginning when you choose this path on the 3rd level, the spectral warriors appear when you enter your fury. While you are furious, the first creature you hit with an attack on your turn becomes the target of the warriors, which makes their attacks difficult. Until the beginning of your next turn, that target has a disadvantage in any attack roll that is not against you, and when the target hits a creature with an attack, that creature has resistance to the damage inflicted by the attack. The effect on the target ends sooner if your anger ends.

Assuming I have a hunting diver, what would happen if I hit a creature and then use BA to infuriate? Would the ancestors attack the creature that I hit at the beginning of my turn even though the rage was initiated after the blow?

If then the action arose and hit something else, would you point to that?

I'm wondering specifically if you can use booming leaf to activate the RAW skill.

Leverage is the best feature in Forex trading – Debates and Help

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How to obtain reference feature fields of another type of content in a single node template

I have a type of content called "Resources", which is referenced from another type of content called "Projects."

I can get simple text fields in my single node, for example, the template project.html


How do I obtain more complex fields such as image and file fields?

This does not work, for example,


Thanks for any help!

dnd 5e – Can a rogue Arcane Trickster use Gloves of Thievery with the Mage Hand Legerdemain feature?

The description of Gloves of Thievery (DMG, page 172) says:

These gloves are invisible while they are worn. While you use them, you gain a +5 bonus to the Dexterity (Hand Skill) controls and Dexterity controls made to open padlocks.

The rogue of arcane tricks Magician's hand The feature Legerdemain (PHB, page 98) says:

From the 3rd level, when you throw magician's hand, you can make the spectral hand invisible, and you can perform the following additional tasks with it:

  • You can save an object that the hand holds in a used or loaded container by another creature.
  • You can retrieve an object in a used container or transported by another creature.
  • You can use thieves' tools to open locks and disarm traps within reach.

You can perform one of these tasks without being noticed by a creature if you succeed in a Dexterity (Hand Dexterity) test contested by the creature's Wisdom (Perception) test.

In addition, you can use the bonus action awarded by your Cunning Action to control the hand.

Technically, the gloves are in the hands of the character, but would the bonus they provide also affect the additional actions you can take with this special feature given by being an Arcane Trickster?

Feature request to translate the entire GSA project -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

@sven: I'd love to see a feature available to translate the whole project at once, maybe [tools] section at the bottom of the GSA project?

Currently you need to translate it one by one (keywords, articles, anchor, comments), etc.
But would not it be great to have it available at once? [tools] section?

I probably have not done this because it takes years to translate just one field, but I'm more than happy to wait more than 30 minutes translating all the articles and fields, since I understand that this is a demanding feature.
You can even set up a warning message for people who have not used it, which may take a long time, but for me this would be a tool to save time, since I know it will do all the necessary translations on autopilot instead of checking each Minute if GSA has done the translation.

This feature would be great, oh and one more thing @sven. Your business, dedication to support, development and handling of questions and requests is out of this world. There are only a handful of companies that offer as much as you do. I have not been very active with GSA, from time to time I start to do some SEO tests for research and to think that you are still here, with the same dedication as a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago … I mean , that's crazy … Put that in your resume and you'll be hired by any technology company in the world, if not, they're crazy.

dnd 5e – Is this characteristic homebrew Hexblade warlock variant, Master of the Elements, balanced as a replacement for the Hexblade & # 39; s Curse feature?

It probably does not have enough power, but we can not say it yet.

There are some marginal cases where this feature could be quite useful. For example, if you perform multiclases at a single level of Storm Cleric, the ability to inflict the maximum possible damage to any spell once by brief rest through your Chanel Divinity (up to Charisma fashion times per day) could be pretty attractive But considering all things, this feature probably does not have enough power compared to the Hexblade Curse. First, I will explain why the Hexblade curse is probably more beneficial to a sorcerer, and then I will briefly explain why the overall balance of this characteristic is difficult to judge as written.

Be the best in what you do

An important feature of Hexblade's Curse is that it helps them to be better at what they are designed to do well. A warlock has the best attack cantrip in the game, which invocations can do even better, which attacks several times at higher levels. Hexblades also get the ability to use Charisma to perform melee attacks. All this comes together to mean that the class is likely to attack frequently (at close range or from afar).

In addition to a small healing boost, Hexblade's curse adds a constant amount of damage (which increases as you level up) to each instance of damage to a single target, either by attacks or spells, and doubles your chance of Critical hits in attack rolls That's useful for a class that may be attacking frequently and casting harmful spells from time to time. Its characteristic proposal would be useful to avoid certain resistances or immunities (and the multiclass synergy mentioned above), but not for much more. Add this to the fact that Eldritch Blast does one of the least resisted forms of damage (Strength), and has a feature that is helping this class solve a problem it did not really have.

However, even if this feature is extremely useful in your particular campaign (you may have enemies that are vulnerable to thunder or resistant to necrotic ones), the balance of this feature would still be difficult to calculate. This is because Hexblade & # 39; s Curse is not designed to be a unique feature: it is a part of the class that evolves over time.

What will this do at later levels?

Many of the features of Hexblade are designed to make your Hexblade's Curse stronger at higher levels. Not only does the damage bonus increase with your ability, but the class features of levels 10 and 14 are specifically designed to add features to the Hexblade curse. So, what happens now when the character goes up in level? You will have to propose new features 10 and 14 to let us know. Without those characteristics of levels 10 and 14, we can not judge the overall balance of Master of Elements.

Your function needs a more careful wording

Finally, the Master of the Elements is somewhat difficult to judge because its exact boundaries and its nature are not clear. As written, it allows you to:

change the damage of any spell you cast to cold, thunder, or lightning damage

There are no limits to this change as it is written (only for a damage roll, a round or a throw), which raises several questions. Are you changing the nature of the spell, so this spell will do this new type of damage the next time you cast it? If not, what happens if it is a concentration spell like Hex or Hadar Hunger: the change will last the entire duration of the spell? What if the spell originally caused more than one type of damage: can you change one part of the spell's damage to cold and the other to thunder, or do you have to change the damage of the entire spell to one type?

Depending on the answer to any or all of these questions, the balance of this class function could change. The ability to overcome a resistance or immunity (especially against necrotic damage, which is one of the most common types of damage by sorcerers caused by their spells) could be quite useful. But without clarifying a little the nature of this characteristic, and some more clearly defined ways that this characteristic grows with the character, it is impossible to fully evaluate its equilibrium.

Replace theme feature – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I am a PHP developer but I am new to WordPress so there may be simple things that I do not know how to do.

I made a change to a theme file to change the behavior of the theme. I only changed 6 words and everything within the same function.

You can see the comparison of original and modified files here:

So, I know that these changes can be lost in a theme update … and I'm not very attracted to this idea … so I made a secondary theme, I copied the file and made the changes there. Everything is fine, it works very well but …

I wonder if a topic update where they modify a line of the same file but in another function can affect my site. And if so, is there anything I can do?

I do not know, maybe I can replace the modified function of the functions.php file instead of a child theme.

If that is possible, how can I do it?

centos – m4: /etc/mail/ 176: can not open & # 39; / usr / share / sendmail-cf / feature / & # 39; relay_hosts_only & # 39; .m4 & # 39 ;: no There is such a file or directory

I've searched for an answer to this error everywhere, and I still find only the person I would get if sendmail-cf had not been installed. Yes, the file does not exist, but do I try to do it and with what content or do I simply comment on that line? The setup and configuration tutorial that I used said what to do host name >> / etc / mail / relay-domains and then run m4 /etc/mail/> /etc/mail/ but when I execute the m4 command the error appears in the title.