dnd 5e – Would using a lower level spell for the Warlock & # 39; s Mystic Arcanum feature deteriorate the balance?

I confess that I am disappointed by the level 8 spells available for a Warlock Mystical Arcana function, especially if, for example, having one or more bards in the party (as I do).

(Maddening Darkness seems to have such a huge radius that it would disable your group, Glibness and Dominate Monster seem to be covered by bards, Power Word Stun and Demiplane look disappointing, and I'm not sure how I feel about Feeblemind. that launching it was possibly less ethical than making your agreement in the first place.)

Honestly, level 7 spells look much more interesting, flexible and useful. (Etherealness, Forcecage, Crown of Stars, Plane Shift and Finger of Death). everyone they seem options with a significantly greater flexibility or suitability to fill niches that bards can not cover, especially the role of the blaster.)

From this question, I see that it is not compatible with RAW to choose a level 7 spell (instead of a level 8 spell) for its Mystical Arcane at witch level 15, but this would be unbalanced?

dnd 5e – Does the Draconic Bloodline sorcerer's elemental affinity feature apply to the Dragon Breath spell?

It is a spell and inflicts damage of the chosen type (assuming you choose the same type for the dragon breath as you have for your lineage). That fulfills the requirements to apply the class characteristic to that cast of the spell. That, as indicated in the class characteristic, allows you to add your charisma modifier to a damage roll of the spell, in this case an exhale. Any other respiratory attack would be a different damage roll, and you would not get the benefit. The timing here can be a bit strange, funny, because it never tells you that you have to add it to the First damage roll of the spell, and it does not tell you if you decide if you add it before or after rolling the dice, but the "Yes it works, use it once". The part is quite clear.

Actually I could be weaker than that. Your DM can decide, based on the text of the spell, that each target of each exhalation receives its own damage roll, in which case the bonus would only apply to one target of an exhale. This DM would not limit it to that degree, even if only by theme, the draconic sorcerers actually should be particularly good at using dragon breath, but it would not be an unreasonable interpretation.

Pathfinder: How does the Weapons Champion Weapons feature interact with the Daisho Expertise feat?

The feat Daisho Expertise says:

Prerequisites: Competition with the katana or wakizashi.

Benefit: Increase the damage of the katanas and wakizashi that you handle in a single step. In addition, you can use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Force modifier when making attack rolls with either weapon. This feat counts as Weapon Destination to meet the prerequisites of other exploits.

Special: if you master the katana as a martial weapon, you meet the prerequisites for this feat, although you only get your benefit while driving a katana with both hands (to obtain these benefits while driving the katana with one hand, you must possess the weapons skill exotic with the weapon). You must have skill in exotic weapons with the wakizashi to obtain the benefits of this feat with a wakizashi.

And the Archetype Weapons Champion has the characteristic of Favored Weapons (Ex):

In the first level, the weapons champion selects a group of weapons (from the list of wrestler's weapon groups for weapons training skill) to act as their favorite weapons. She is competent with all these weapons. If the weapons champion has a dowry that applies to one of these weapons (such as Weapon Focus), it applies to all weapons in the group.

The wakizashi belongs to the group of light blades.

Does the Weapons Champion's first-level feature now cause all light blades to use the Dex stat to hit them and treat them as a higher die for damage?

Because, from what I can see, the wakizashi meets 2 criteria, belongs to the group of light knives and is in part a specific feat of the weapon that can be applied to the group of shared weapons.

dnd 5e – Does the UA artillery artifice prototype feature increase cantrip damage once per roll of damage or per throw?

An Gunner adds his Intelligence modifier as a bonus to the total damage that is thrown per hit.

The relevant text in the artillery subclass says:

Any damage roll you do for a cantrip on the wand earns a bonus equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of +1).

The bonus is added when the Gunner rolls any number of dice to calculate the damage. The bonus is added once to the total. The "damage rolls" are defined in the combat rules:

Each weapon, spell, and damaging monster ability specifies the damage it causes. You roll the die or damage dice, add any modifier and apply damage to your target. Magic weapons, special abilities and other factors can grant a bonus to the damage.

With Bolt of fire, and most of the other cantrips, the Artillerist would make an attack roll. If it hits, they make a damage roll and add their Intelligence modifier. At level 5, that roll would be 2d10 + (Intelligence modifier) ​​fire damage.

Although Eldritch Explosion involves multiple damage rolls, it is not a valid candidate because the Wand Prototype feature only applies to the author's cantrips:

When you do it, you invest it with an artillery gunner of your choice, even one you do not know, that has a launch time of 1 action.

However, if you had some way of doing Eldritch Explosion a cantrip gunner, then the Gunner would add his Intelligence modifier to the damage roll of each attack.

zip – How to disable the Chrome download lock feature?

Recently, I tried to download this zip file with Chrome v72.0.3626.121.
Chrome simply deleted the file as soon as it was downloaded.

A simple message informed me that "Chrome has blocked jd-gui-windows-1.4.0.zip, because this file can be dangerous". I did a quick search that ended up on a Google support page.

This page explains why some downloads may be blocked. Among the proposed reasons, I saw this: "We believe it can be a malicious, unwanted or unusual file."

So I sent this file to virustotal.com. You can consult the detailed report produced. virustotal.com did not find any problem with this file. For my part, I use the program in the zip regularly for years.

How can I disable this Chrome feature?

dnd 5e – Can you win endless XP using a Flameskull and its auto-revival feature?

Yes, but …

It's not that big of an agreement. As NautArch points out,

With respect to Combat XP, the DMG simply says:

Each monster has an XP value based on its level of challenge. When the adventurers defeat one or more monsters, usually killing them, defeating them or capturing them, divide the total XP value of the monsters evenly among them.

Technically, you're just killing him, let him reform and then kill him again … but did you really kill him?

If the DM determines that this is a valid "XP factory" and that killing it is the same as defeating it, you will have to understand the cost of that factory.

A Flameskull has a challenge rating of 4 and is worth 1,100 XP. Assuming you have a group of 4 players in level 4, each time you kill the Skull, each of you gains 275 XP. 275 XP per hour at the cost of fighting a creature that can cast a large number of spells an unlimited number of times is not much. With the minimum minimum of 2,700 XP required to be level 4, it would take 14 hours and 14 encounters with this skull to reach level 5 and another 28 hours and 28 encounters to reach level 6.

Think of the cost of fighting a creature with 40 HP, 13 BC, with multiple resistances, immunities and condition immunities. It's not as easy as killing him instantly, because if you can not kill him instantly, he can throw a fireball every time he resuscitated. Or, it can flee, attack or, otherwise, lengthen the encounter to become more deadly.

In general, the characters are not destined to have 14 medium challenge matches a day and are not equipped to fight so many times without resting a lot. It is not a great feat, it is more a strategy with a great cost. And if he wants to continue fighting, he can never stop to rest a lot or leave him alone for more than an hour because, in all probability, he will flee or do something to stop his difficult strategy.)

This does not say anything about whether your DM really allows you to do this in a vacuum or do it at all. But yes, if you want to make a very slow XP grinder, you can do it.

types of personalized publications – WordPress add-on to replace Canny for feature requests?

There are some add-ons that come close to replacing Canny.io as UserNoise, but it seems that all options lack crucial features, such as limiting the votes that a user can cast.

With Canny starting at $ 50 per month for only 100 users, does anyone know anything that can run on WordPress?

Google Sheets unique feature – Web application stack exchange

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Reference spam feature

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dnd 5e – Does the Stand Against the Tide feature of the hunter hunter require that the new target be within reach of the first enemy?

Yes, the new target must be within reach of the same attack.

The description of the property says:

Stand against the tide. When a hostile creature misses you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to force that creature. repeat the same attack against another creature (other than herself) of your choice.

To make an attack, you need to do this in order:

  1. Choose a goal Choose a target within the range of your attack: a creature, an object or a location.
  2. Determine the modifier. The DM determines if the objective has coverage and if it has an advantage or disadvantage with respect to the objective. In addition, spells, special abilities and other effects can apply penalties or bonuses to your attack roll.
  3. Solve the attack. You make the attack roll. In a hit, you do damage, unless the particular attack has rules that specify otherwise. Some attacks cause special effects in addition to or instead of damage.

The feature allows you to choose a target instead of the creature, but the requirement is not removed to be in the creature's attack range. Note that it must be the same attack, which means that if you use a Vorpal Longsword in the previous attack, you can not change the attack to use a normal short word. Any "attack" effect will be applied automatically, for example, if you have launched Thunderous Smite before and still have it active. However, Paladin's Divine Smite does not apply automatically.