[ Politics ] Open question: Wouldn't it be good to return to the family's breadwinner? If only the women had stayed in their places, would we be doing a killing?

[Politics] Open question: Wouldn't it be nice to return to the single family? If only the women had stayed in their places, would we be doing a massacre?

dnd 5e: Does a sorcerer receive the benefit of his family's magic resistance feature?

No, a sorcerer with the Chain Pact function does not receive Magic Resistance if they choose a Quasit, Imp or Pseudodragon. First, a variant rule is only at stake if the DM chooses it. However, even if the DM decides that relatives of pseudodragons (for example) are one thing, it still does not benefit the Warlock.

Some pseudodragons are willing to serve spellcasters as relatives. Such pseudodragons have the following trait.

Then "some pseudodragons" will be familiar to share the Magic Resistance with their teachers. The sorcerer, however, becomes familiar with find familiar spell, which says:

You get the service of a relative, a spirit that takes an animal form that you choose: (…)

The Pact of the Chain says that:

When you cast the spell, you can choose one of the normal ways for your relative or one of the following special forms: imp, pseudodragon, quasit or sprite.

In other words, the sorcerer's relative is not any type of pseudodragon, much less one with the variant. It is a spirit that takes the form of a pseudodragon (and can take a different form each time the sorcerer chooses it). The spell says that:

(…) the relative gains the statistics of the chosen form (…)

However, the statistics of a creature are defined on pages 6-11 of the Monster Manual. The short definition is that, if you look at the entrance of a creature, it's all in the yellow box. This does not include variant features such as the Family feature: they are in green boxes on the side.

Apart from all that, a generous DM could, of course, allow a Family Chain Pact to give his teacher Magic Resistance. However, it should be noted that this is making the Pact of the Chain much more powerful than it usually is, so DMs who think about it should consider it carefully.

An even more generous DM could allow any player to obtain the service of a creature with the family variant. This should also be considered carefully, as it effectively gives the player a more powerful version of the Chain Pact feature for free.

Google Play Store: Can I buy apps again so they can be shared with my family's library?

The documentation establishes:

Any application or game purchased after July 2, 2016 is eligible to be added to the Family Library. If you purchased the application or game before July 2, 2016, you are eligible for Family Library if the developer has made available past purchases. You can find out if this is the case by touching Read more on the application details page.


I have applications that I bought before this deadline that I would like to share through the Library of my family. Unfortunately, when I visit the Play Store page for these applications, they offer me a Install or Uninstall button instead of To buy button.

This leads me to ask:

  • Can I buy these applications again with my main Google account so I can share them through the Family Library?

  • If I buy them with a child account linked to the family, will they be shared with the other members of our family?

[ Christmas ] Open question: Is it wrong to feel irritated because I bought all of my family's Christmas gifts and my girlfriend wants to put her name on the labels with mine?

I received gifts for my family and she did not help pay for any of them and she's putting her name on the label with mine. I understand that we are together, but she is not doing the same for me with her family and I said something and she said, will you help me buy my family's gifts? I think this is unfair and she also puts her name on my Christmas cards, but she does not put mine on her. I'm just a little irritated to pay for these gifts and she did not help me and she's making it look like she did it and I do not want my family to get something for her if she can not even get something for them. This is how I feel.