dnd 5e – Can my family member become invisible?

The invisibility skill that the imp can use reads like this:

Invisibility. The imp magically becomes invisible until it attacks or
until he finishes his concentration (as if concentrating on a spell). Any
the team that uses or carries the imp is invisible to him.

Your character is not a team, so the imp cannot make them invisible too. However, if you hid inside a bag and the imp carried it, it would become invisible and you would be effectively invisible as long as you remained inside it.

As Tiggerous pointed out, the default wizards cannot have a familiar imp. The Find Family spell says:

You get the service of a family member, a spirit that takes the animal form you choose: bat, cat, crab, frog (toad), hawk, lizard, octopus, owl, poisonous snake, fish (quipper), rat, crow, sea horse , spider or weasel. Appearing in an unoccupied space within reach, the family member has the statistics of the chosen form, although it is a heavenly, a demon or a demon (of choice) instead of a beast.

Imps aren't on that list and they're not beasts either.

Is the employer's letter mandatory for a spouse to submit a long-term family reunion visa?

I am currently staying in Belgium with a long-term Type D visa and wish to bring my spouse here. My spouse is currently working in India. My question is whether the employer's letter is mandatory to present a family reunion visa, since nothing is mentioned on the site of the Belgian Embassy in New Delhi / Belgian Consulate General

What place is good for family vacations?

I asked the "Thia Travel Services" for a family vacation, they suggested the best place in the United States. I am looking for the best reviews of the company. Kindly share your thoughts.

UK residents: a non-EU family member who travels to Ireland

I am Maxmos Banda, I live in Spain, Madrid, with a wife who also works here in Madrid. I want to go to Ireland to visit as a tourist but without her. Here I have the Spanish residence permit of a member of the family of the European Union. My question is: can I travel to Ireland without applying for a visa or what exactly should I do? Do I need another travel document if I need to travel alone? Thank you

Family Currency – Family-coin.club

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United Kingdom family visitor visa rejected, need advice if you must reapply

We have recently applied for a family visit visa in the United Kingdom for our uncle who is 65 years old. Visa applied in New Delhi and refused.
We are baffled by the statement that ECA / ECO has received the bank statement and could read the account number but could not find the balance in it. I could understand if they said the scan quality was poor, therefore, they could not read the statement. In point 2, we also briefly explain in my uncle's letter of introduction that he uses the contractor for work and machinery for daily work. He is only responsible for the sale of the crop, taxes, the purchase of seeds and fertilizers and that will not happen until the end of October after his return to India, since the current crop is already planted.

I know that this is not a legal advice forum, but according to your experience, does it make any sense to reapply for the same updated bank statement with a letter from the branch manager indicating the balance and further clarification on the administration of your farm in his absence and letter of support from the contractor or not worth it since they made assumptions to Annex V a] and c] of the rules.

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Find family spells and riddles

When a magician is using relatives to spy on a creature or location, does a Detection and Magic Test Amulet prevent the magician from seeing the person wearing the amulet? Does non-detection avoid seeing a deepgnome?

graphics: efficiently calculate the closest common ancestor in a family tree (each person has two parents)

I am very aware of the ways to efficiently calculate the lowest common ancestor in a tree of nodes that converge on a single root (that is, each node has only one parent). Simply repeat again to the root of each person, then walk back from the root and take out anything common.

In a matriarchal society, for example, this could be used to quickly calculate how two people relate, as long as only mothers are considered.

But if both parents are considered, for example, mother and father, then the algorithm just described is broken.

So I wondered if there is an algorithm to tell two people how they relate in a family tree where both parents are considered. For example, see the Icelandic genealogy application (https://www.islendingabok.is/) that does just that. How do you do it, algorithmically speaking?

[ Family ] Open question: Did I hit my dad and feel horrible?

I have never hit my father, but I did it today and I feel very bad. I don't even remember what happened exactly because it was so trivial, but my father asked me to do something and I got angry because he was pressing me and he pressed me. He hit me with his sock, I activated it and kicked him (he was in a bad mood), he was surprised, my mom was also there and told me not to do it in a serious tone and then they left. But my father is super old and he has had leg problems and has given me luck, I kicked him in the leg that hurt me and I heard him talk to my mother about his leg hurting again (he was better this morning ) and guilt just kills me. I tried to face him for that, but he just says he doesn't want to talk about it and I don't know what to do, there's an awkward tension of & # 39; let's not talk & # 39 ;, so I just stay in my room for now. . He doesn't even hit me, he just screams, is that why this time I got so active that he? What do I do now … (tagsToTranslate) yahoo (t) answer (t) questions (t) Family and relationships (t) Family