theme development – Loading scripts and stylesheets together failure

I’m trying to load scripts and stylesheets together at same function. At first I loaded stylesheet by itself and it worked after I added admin_enqueue_scripts function in additional to wp_enqueue_scripts.

Now I’m trying to load stylesheets and scripts in the same function, unfortunately that fails to exist, and also prevent CSS to load.

I can’t find any typo’s or something online that related to my issue.

  function loadAssets(){
      wp_enqueue_style( 'style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/style.css');
      wp_enqueue_script('jquery', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/jquery.js');
      wp_enqueue_script('script', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/script.js');

  //Applying those loading references
  add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'loadAssets');
  add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'loadAssets');

How can I load both JavaScript files and CSS files on the same function?

Serialization failure Deadlock found

I am using AWS Services CDN and I get the following error while adding products.

DrupalCoreDatabaseDatabaseExceptionWrapper: SQLSTATE(40001): Serialization failure: 1213 Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction: DELETE FROM {semaphore} WHERE (name = :db_condition_placeholder_0) AND (value = :db_condition_placeholder_1); Array ( (:db_condition_placeholder_0) => s3fs:uri:public://variation_photos/2020/07/378-020720-151910-1_1.jpg (:db_condition_placeholder_1) => 5598575485efd98e13939b3.19896160 ) in Drupals3fsStreamWrapperS3fsStream->readCache() (line 1091 of /var/www/html/drupal/web/modules/contrib/s3fs/src/StreamWrapper/S3fsStream.php).

8 – How to ensure successful update after system failure during updb causing the site to remain in maintenance mode?

When running subsequent drush updb that says “no updates required” does this guarantee the previous updates were successful.

When Drush queues up batch items to be processed for drush updb, it adds these operations:

  • Any module schema updates
  • Any entity definition updates (off by default, not supported after 8.7)
  • A cache clear & post hook update functions (on by default)
  • Toggle off maintenance mode (if it not already enabled)

If the only updates were module schema updates then you might be in a scenario where things are ok; there are no post-update hooks needed (e.g. some batch data ops following a schema change) and only the last step of toggling off maintenance mode didn’t complete.

How do I ensure the integrity of the system when this happens without restoring a backup and running the updates again?

You’d have to audit the list of updated modules to double-check each schema update was applied and there were no post-update hooks missed in the update.

Depending on your update scenario this may or may not be easy, hence the best practice is doing a DB rollback and re-applying updates to ensure data integrity when uncertain.

windows 10 – Win10, Optional Feature “Media Features” Folder Is Empty, Icloud installation failure – Windows Features Application – ICloud Installation Error

Windows Version: 10.0.19042 Build 19042

I am in the process of installing alt store on my PC, and as a requirement for it I need to install the executable version of ICloud (not windows store version) which needs access to my media features. The image of the error provided states that it isn’t installed and when I open up optional features the folder doesn’t have any children packages. I’ve already tried to install the standalone media features to no avail. Is there a fix I’m just not aware of?

SQL Server 2017 SSIS Package Export failure

Upgrading from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2017. Using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio. I am able to publish to one SQL Server 2017, but fail to publish to another SQL Server 2017 with error “An OLE DB error 0x80004005 (Client unable to establish connection) ocurred while enumerating packages. A SQL statement was issued and failed.” I have compared server settings and permissions without success. I must be missing something…

email – DMARC report: systematic SPF failure for a domain

I get DMARC reports sent from various different sources.
All of the reports generally have <result>pass</result> for all of the sections.

However, the reports from Google always have SPF fails:


My SPF record looks like:

"v=spf1 +a +mx ~all"

I am unsure why my bounce domain is failing SPF checks, but it only seems to be on Google DMARC reports.

To be honest, I am unsure what the bounce domain does, should I set up an email address

Any help sorting my SPF and advice regarding would be great.

import – website read failure detection

I have been reading from a website with mostly successes, but occasionally it would fail. Repetition often works. But to avoid aborting a long process midway due to failure, I tried to capture the failure and force the code to retry. So far my attempts have not succeed and I need some tips on a better strategy:

enter code hereTails = {“confirmed_US.csv”, “deaths_US.csv”};
enter code hereFor [j = 1, j <= 2, j++,
enter code hereLabel[Retrieval];
enter code hereRetrievalSite = StringJoin[“
enter code herePrint[“Data Retrieval “, j, ” from “, RetrievalSite, ” at “,TimeUsed[]];
enter code hereCSSE = Import[RetrievalSite, “Data”];
enter code hereIf [ContainsAny[CSSE, “Couldn’t resolve host name”] || ContainsAny[CSSE, “List or association expected”], {Print[“Repeat Data Retrieval due to Failure Code ” , CSSE];
enter code hereGoTo[Retrieval]},
enter code here{Print [“Entering Processing with “, CSSE]}

[ Politics ] Open Question : America has had enough of trump and his constant failure? ?

Latest polls have Biden up by 10 and ahead in every swing state. 

java – TestNG: Customize Failure Exception in Eclipse

I am using Java with Selenium and testNG.
I would like to customize the part in the image, is it possible?
I am using listeners, but i can’t understand how to modify this part.

I am already generating an html report and an Excel one, but I really need to be able to write the TestNG console “Failure Exception”.

Thank you

enter image description here

shell – How to fix this SSH access connection failure?

I’m trying to connect to a server as usual, but now I’m getting errors to connect:

This is using putty from Windows OS.

Using username "admin".
You are trying to access a restricted zone. Only Authorized Users allowed.
Access denied
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

This is trying to connect from terminl in a linux OS:

(root@abc ~)# ssh admin@111.222.333.444
You are trying to access a restricted zone. Only Authorized Users allowed.
Connection closed by 111.222.333.444

This is from linux terminal using FTP:

(root@abc~)# ftp -n 111.222.333.444
Connected to 111.222.333.444 (111.222.333.444).
220 ftp server ready.
Remote system type is System.
ftp> user
(username) admin
430 Require auth before enter.
Login failed.

But if I use Filezilla in Windows OS with the simple configuration in the image below, the FTP connection works (with SFTP doesn’t work with Filezilla).

enter image description here

What could be the problem? how to fix it? Thanks in advance.