Facebook ads approved, published. But the ads are not running.


I have some problems with facebook.business. I have created a couple of ads. They have been approved and published. The account is connected to PayPal, but unfortunately the ads don't seem to be running. No money is spent on the account. What could I be doing wrong?

Is there any way to contact Facebook to ask them?

Thanks in advance

How can I stop receiving invitation notifications from Facebook?

Like the one shown below. I do not want to receive any invitation notification.

enter the description of the image here

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Google Tag Manager: Track links from a Facebook ad to an external site, but it’s shown in my analysis panel

I am placing a Facebook ad. The call to action in the ad is a link to a programming response card hosted by a third-party service, not my domain or my server.

I would like to track the links of the Facebook ad to the third-party service.

Can I do this by adding the tracking code of my Google site to the third-party response form? I know that I may put it there. But will you register visits to that response card in my Analytics panel?

[GET][NULLED] – Custom Facebook Feed Pro (by Smash Ballon) v3.9.1


(GET) (NULL) – Custom Facebook Feed Pro (by Smash Ballon) v3.9.1

How to receive email notifications of new Facebook messages in 2019?

This is a follow-up to this question: How to receive email notifications of new Facebook messages?

Facebook changed its notification options, so the accepted answer or the screenshot of the aforementioned question no longer apply.

I would like to receive an email every time someone sends me a Facebook message. What I need to do? I checked the notification settings settings page, which contains the following categories:

  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • More activity about you
  • Friend Updates
  • Friendship requests
  • People You May Know
  • birthday
  • Groups
  • Video
  • Events
  • Pages you follow
  • Market
  • Fundraising and community support
  • Other notifications

I have read all your descriptions, and none of them mention private messages. What did I miss?

blog blocked by facebook | Proxies123.com

hello BMFers!
so I have a free blog, here is the link, the problem I face is that every time I try to publish links from that blog, Facebook does not allow it to me, and I receive a message that says it is against the standards of the community!
Can you help me, please?

Facebook registration function – Web application stack exchange

Although the configuration Customers visit my business at my postal address (unchecking this box will hide the address of your page) is marked, the page still does not appear when people try to find the place to register.

What could be missing here?

enter the description of the image here