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Jon Biloh

I’m Jon Biloh and I own LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. I’ve spent my nearly 20 year career in IT building companies and now I’m excited to focus on building and enhancing the community at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk.

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standards – Facebook at work- similarity has negatives?

Recently I’ve read a little bit about Facebook trying to break into the corporate sphere with “Facebook@Work”. From what I can gather this seems to be pretty much the pre-existing facebook platform slightly modified for a smaller work based network rather than the globe (kind of intruiging how on the surface this is somewhat similar to the way facebook used to work with ‘networks’).

The good sides of this from a UX POV seem fairly clear. People will be exposed to a system at work that they probably already use in their personal life. The learning curve is small.

However, I am pondering; downsides. I theorise that this similarity could bring lots of problems with it.

1: That it looks very similar but isn’t exactly the same…this could lead to increased user disatisfaction from differing features. If they can do something on private facebook and not on work facebook (or vice-versa) then this will annoy far more than a completely different piece of software missing some features.

2: That this tool people use in their work life looks so similar to a very personal website…I wonder whether this could really contribute to putting people off using it. A sort of work/life overflow recoil- its quite a trend with young people that they tend to go to either extreme of being very relaxed about these boundaries being crossed or very protective about it, for the latter people…I ponder.

Does anyone know of any research related to this ‘similarity recoil’ ? A sort of ‘uncanny valley’ of UX perhaps. Is there any solid research for/against different interfaces looking (too?) alike?

What exactly does facebook want during for an App Review?

I got an email saying my App is being reviewed and I need to provide:

  • Detailed instructions describing how our reviewers can access your
  • Valid credentials for us to login to your app and test/review its
    functionality and its use of any Facebook API integration

I am not quite familiar with all these terms, but to me these 2 items seem to be the same thing: the user and password I use to access my App dashboard. But I log in facebook developer using my personal facebook account, so is Facebook asking for my persoanl facebook account credential? I don’t think that is the case. If no, then what exactly is Facebook asking for here?

Unity: Is there any alternative to facebook SDK for facebook ads attribution?

We have a Unity mobile game.
We will be showing ads for it on facebook audience network.
Now in the past when we tried this, the CPI started out good and then got terrible.. Facebook have told us that to avoid this we need to have the facebook sdk installed in our game.

But the facebook Unity SDK is the bane of my existence. In every project Ive added it to over the years, I have spent so many days bashing my face against the brick wall of getting it to build and run, and when it does the weird workaround solution is incredibly fragile.

My question is.. Do we really need the SDK? What do devs using game engines without an SDK provided by facebook do? Is there an API we can call? Surely the SDK itself is calling some api to do the attribution which allows facebook to optimise the CPI for the ads. Can we just call that?

At this point I would try any alternative.

user interface – How to go to a specific year/month on the new Facebook UI

The new Facebook UI looks comfortable, however, there’s a feature missing.

Previously, when visiting a profile, visitor may select year and month on the top bar.

Such feature isn’t seen in the new Facebook UI, how to navigate to a specific year/month on a Facebook profile?

facebook – How do I go back to the original post after clicking photo comment?

How do I go back to original post after a clicking photo comment?

When you click on a photo post on Facebook, it pops up the modal window. You can see the comments on the right. When people leave photo comments, and you click on them, how do you go back to the original photo/post you first opened?

What I’ve tried

Hitting the Escape key doesn’t work (closes the entire popup)
Hitting the Backspace key doesn’t work (closes the entire popup)
Hitting left/right doesn’t work (just scrolls through commenters posts)
Any ideas on how to do this?

I cannot turn off Facebook Messenger call notification

this is driving me crazy, I tried blocking all notifications and permissions completely on the android settings:

enter image description here

, yet whenever someone calls me, the Messenger “call” appears on top of everything and start ringing, i also deleted the main facebook app still no help, i tried tracking what’s going on (in logcat) and this seems the be the main culprit:

SamsungAlarmManager: Sending to uid : 10232 alarm=Alarm{b8a6166 type 2 when 4781666703 com.facebook.orca}

This messages happens whenever i receive a Messenger call, is there anyway to turn this off without root ?


I was the only admin of a Facebook Messenger group chat, and I left the chat. Now I can’t get back in

Like the question says, I was the sole admin of the Messenger chat. We had the setting enabled where new people had to be approved to join by an admin. Since I left, nobody can approve me to join.

Is there any way an existing member can become an admin? Or is there any way around this so that I can get back in?