url – Unable to share the link on Facebook

I try to share or add my URL on the Facebook page about us, but it says "The URL of the site you provided is not valid. Please enter a correct URL and try again.

Then I try to debug the Facebook URL of My Website in Facebook Debugger to share. IT says that "We can not review this website because the content does not meet our community standards, if you think this is a mistake, let us know."

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What to do?

FaceBook @ >>>> http://www.worldfitnessshop.com/lng-active-male-enhancement/

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LNG Active Male Enhancement

FaceBook @ >>>>http://www.worldfitnessshop.com/lng-active-male-enhancement/


FaceBook @ >>>> http://www.worldfitnessshop.com/lng-active-male-enhancement/

Why are my Facebook photos losing quality?

The photos in my Facebook account seem to have pixelated more. I compared a photo with an old screenshot in Online Image Diff, and there are really differences. How could I recover my original photos?

[ Facebook ] Open question: How can I increase my Instagram followers quickly?

Do I look for ways that can increase my Instagram followers quickly?
Someone here has suggestions.
Please share .

Why do my Facebook images lose quality?

My Facebook photos seem to be losing quality. I compared one of them with an old screenshot of Online Image Diff and there was a lot of difference. Is there any way to recover my original images?

FaceBook @ >>>> http://www.worldfitnessshop.com/keto-plus-mexico/

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Keto plus mexico

FaceBook @ >>>>http://www.worldfitnessshop.com/keto-plus-mexico/


FaceBook @ >>>> http://www.worldfitnessshop.com/keto-plus-mexico/

How can you recover a blocked Facebook without asking friends for help?

I joined Facebook from a different country where I am normally located: the account was blocked. It seems that one can unlock the account in different ways, but as shown in the example below, it seems that in practice I only ask friends for help when I try, since an error message appears "please select a challenge" :

enter the description of the image here

How can you recover a blocked Facebook without asking friends for help?

Facebook lowering my promotion costs | Promotion Forum

I am very happy that it has dropped by half (around that) from 0.19 cpc to 0.11 cpc. This should make my goals for https://thedrumlesson.com (Facebook page for that) possible with $ 11,000, not $ 20,000 (to get 100,000 followers).


Well, I think it is a higher performance ad is the reason. Any ideas?

https://www.facebook.com/thedrumelesson (promoting this page mainly)

How do I set the price information on my Facebook Marketplace list to be & # 39; Contact the seller & # 39 ;?

When I tried to publish a list in the Facebook Market, it seems that the price field of the form only allows numbers, and will disable the "publish" button if I did not enter a number. This is also the case when I tried to edit the list.

I was browsing the Market and noticed that some of the listings had prices that are "Contact with the Seller". It seems that other people could establish their price as such instead of establishing a number. How do I also set my ad pricing information as & # 39; Contact with the seller & # 39 ;?

screenshot of what I described above

Help number from Facebook – Everything else

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