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My Facebook business page does not have an icon to upload photos in comments, so users cannot upload photos in post comments.

Do you use the pay promotion on Facebook or promote in a more organic way? The | Forum Promotion

I recently worked on a Facebook page with a friend, and I noticed that Facebook gives you the option to pay to promote your content to more subscribers. Base the amount you pay based on the number of potential customers that you think you can attract. Also use the categories you put on the page, so people can find your page in the middle of other pages. do you think it's worth it? Would larger or smaller companies benefit or both?

Get a list of Facebook groups for sale across the United States, 38 million members




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Facebook page related to appointments for sale with 26k followers




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I will make you a killer Facebook ad for your product for $ 5

I will make you a killer Facebook ad for your product

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I will create the best video ads for your business for $ 10

I will create the best video ads for your business

I will create the best video ads for your business


Do you need video ads for your business?
Do you need YouTube ads?
Do you need videos from Facebook or Instagram to promote your business? If so

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Website package and some great Facebook pages

I will sell all this as a package (which is what I prefer) or one at a time, but the price will be higher one at a time. I have an FB page related to the sale of cars that has around 100k followers, one that is a dating page that has 26k followers, one that is related to commercial investment with 56k followers, and a maxbounty affiliate that is active with 7800 more sites.

I don't really use the sites much. They are really just to generate offers, but I have seven sites and five Facebook pages. If they are sold all together, I will take $ 6000, which is $ 500 each, but the price will be much higher in some (cheaper in some) if they are sold one at a time.

If someone is really interested, I will send a PM and provide more information and details on how they make money, traffic, etc.
This site has more than 550 articles that are unique. The articles are not the best in the world, but I was really using it for a deals landing page that I was handling from a large Facebook page. This is a great site to run FB ads and cpa deals. I have an FB page with her, but I prefer to keep her and she has 123k followers.
This is a 13 year old site that we have used to promote bingo cpa offers / gambling games that pay $ 130 per registration. This has been going very well over the years. It has a Facebook page with approximately 700 followers. I will teach someone how I make a few thousand dollars a month with him and with the other gambling page included in this package (it's a bit black but profitable)
This is a unique site with a unique product that is in great demand for Internet marketers. The site gets sales (yesterday I sold a copy of the list) and by using the free Google AdWords method, it can produce $ 30k a year with ease. He earned $ 1800 last month, but some of those sales come from posts on Facebook forums and pages.
This has a great FB page with more than 100k followers that is included. Recently I have been using it to sell leads from "we buy junk cars." I will teach this method highly profitable to the buyer.
This site is newer, but the Facebook page has been around for years and has 56k followers.
This is a great CPA-based site that makes money with We also use it to sell leads to wholesale real estate investors in the "we buy ugly houses" industry which is very profitable.
This site was used as a homepage for horse racing cpa offers / gambling games that pay very well.
This is a very profitable group that earns money selling training and services. I have done well with this group that runs some different affiliate programs. The most profitable was hosting, but with hosting affiliates they pay after someone has registered for 60 days, so it takes a while to charge, but there are several methods that have worked well on this page.
This dating page has 26k followers and is used to market cpa dating offers that pay more than $ 120 per registration. I use it to collect emails and it is very active and receives emails daily.

Develop a business page on Facebook for $ 50

Develop a business page on Facebook

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Quick start
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Full pageOnly for $ 70✓ Page creation ✓ Buttons ✓ Configuration ✓ Business details ✓ Optimization ✓ Complete design ✓ Slider ✓ Posts

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Social proOnly for $ 130✓ Full page built, optimization and configuration ✓ Complete design and content ✓7 publications and administration

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Does anyone else find it funny that liberal Democrats think that the only reason Trump won is because the Facebook ads planted by Russians? 😅😅😅?

I doubt that many liberals read Facebook advertising. Extra payment to not see advertising on social networks. Political advertising is twice as boring.

I doubt Trump could have won an election to become a dog hunter if Putin had not manipulated the elections for him. Putin does not deny it either. Basically he admitted it when he said he would have done anything to prevent Hillary from winning the elections. If Hillary had one, they would probably have expelled him. Now, Putin is president for life because those who challenge him fall from skyscrapers or get poisoned. A dozen Russian hackers have been charged here in the United States and are still working in the Kremlin. In fact, Putin has promoted them all. That is the kind of evidence that liberals look for. Why would the Russians give Mitch and Trump billions of dollars? So much money, that Republican senators are known as the Moscow mules.

Facebook prohibited

I hope everybody is fine. I have a question about Facebook. The other day they permanently dismantled my account and I have been sending emails asking why. Mainly I only receive the same constant email that they cannot verify the account. I set up the account with a false name so that my ID I sent them does not match. I have tried to open new accounts, but they are all marked as suspicious or something, so I cannot access these new accounts. Could it have to do with my IP address or something? I…

Facebook prohibited