blockchain: is it possible to install and work with the Hyperledger browser from the Fabric client node?

Is it possible to install the fabric client node? I am working with the Aamzon managed blockchain and I don't see a way to use or have the Hyperledger browser ready in the AWS managed blockchain. Is it possible to have the endpoint for it on this network and how? I have seen people using AWS hyperledger blockchain templates to generate the endpoint, but not in the managed version. If this is not possible, is it possible to install and use it on the structure client node and not on the network?

It would be a priority to generate a hyperledger browser endpoint in the AWS-managed blockchain network if this is not possible, how to do it in the fabric client node or if it is ok or possible? Any idea or suggestion is welcome !

command line – Ubuntu restored to fabric (?)

Well, I was trying to uninstall a program called Kodi. I executed the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remove kodi *
sudo apt-get purge kodi *

I was reading it on this site:

So, the next thing he says to do is this:

rm -r ~ / .kodi /

After this, I am not sure what the terminal output was, something about which the command cannot do that because of something.
Then, the Ubuntu welcome appears, like when you first install it. I went to the desk, it was empty, all my files disappeared. I rebooted the PC, just to realize that it is a new installation of Ubuntu. Can anyone explain what the hell is going on?

azure: how to update the link of the 443 port certificate for applications gracefully while performing the Service Fabric Cluster certificate renewal

I have performed experiments with the renewal of the SFC certificate by adding a secondary certificate. All applications continue to work. Then I start updating the fingerprints of the application certificate republishing. Now the application is in a failed state because port 443 is still linked to the previous certificate since I haven't updated all the applications yet. Once all applications have been updated, port 443 can be linked to the new fingerprint and all applications will be healthy and available. Applications use Http.sys and share 443 with different routes.

How can I avoid downtime or unavailable applications while publishing all applications with the new fingerprint?

python 3.x – Fabric: running "systemctl state" in process stopped

I experience unexpected behavior with fabric 2.5 in Red Hat:

When executing & # 39; systemctl status & # 39; While the respective process is running, Fabric returns as expected:

>>> from fabric import Connection
>>> hostname = ''
>>> c = Connection(host=hostname, user=foo, connect_kwargs={"password":"bar",})
>>> result = c.sudo('systemctl status postgresql-9.6.service)
postgresql-9.6.service - PostgreSQL 9.6 database server
 Loaded: loaded(/usr    /lib ...)  ...
Active: active (running) since ...  ...

However, when executing the same thing in a process that stops, Fabric returns with exit code 3:

>>> result = c.sudo('systemctl stop postgresql-9.6.service)
>>> result = c.sudo('systemctl status postgresql-9.6.service)
postgresql-9.6.service - PostgreSQL 9.6 database server
 Loaded: loaded(/usr    /lib ...)  ...
Active: inactive (dead) since ...  ...
Traceback (most recent call list):
raise UnexpectedExit(result)
invoke.exceptions.UnexpectedExit: Encountered a bad command exit code!

Command: "sudo -S -p '(sudo) password: ' systemctl status postgresql-9.6.service"

Exit code: 3

Stdout: already printed

Stderr: n/a (PTYs have no stderr)

react: what are the compatible office user interface fabric versions for each version of SPFx?

We recommend that you use the versions of the Office UI Fabric React package included in the project in the Yeoman Generator of SharePoint Framework. For example, version SharePoint Framework v1.7.0 uses Fabric React v5.131.0

Note: Fabric React versions 2.x or earlier are not compatible with SharePoint Framework.

Source: Office UI Fabric React.

In addition, SPFx 1.8 is compatible with Office fabric React 6.156.0.

Source: SPFx 1.8 is now compatible with Office Fabric React 6.156.0.

There are some changes in the use of Office UI Fabric icons in SPFx components as mentioned here.

In addition, you can check the SPFx and Fabric React Release Notes below and verify their typing compatibility if that helps.


  1. Versions of SharePoint Framework.
  2. Fabric reaction demonstrations.

Copyright: Use of my photos of an American brand product to print on fabric panels for sale

Copyright law is complicated and varies greatly depending on many important factors, it only becomes more complicated when it begins to deal with intellectual property and trademark law.

Your best option is to consult a copyright lawyer in your jurisdiction for advice.

IANAL, but based on my limited understanding. Ownership of the copyright of a work does not necessarily grant you the right to freely sell such work, only to restrict others from doing so. For example, in some countries it is illegal to publish or sell any image that contains a person unless he has obtained a model release of that person. You cannot publish or sell the image because its similarity is in it, and you cannot reproduce the image due to its copyright.

On the contrary, in New York, this is based on the expectation of privacy. For example, I can take and sell a photo of someone sitting on the street, but if they are in a sidewalk cafe with some kind of barrier, although I can see them from the street, I cannot sell the image because they are not considered as "in public".

When passing from the image of a person to a brand (what could be argued is the public image of the group of people represented by the corporation) many additional considerations apply. In fact, the answer could be completely different for different brands because each one will have its own licensing policies and practices for its brand.

I hope that gives you an idea of ​​the complexity of some of the problems at stake, and I am dramatically simplifying things to prove the point. Again, if you are concerned about copyright, contact a lawyer for advice.

Rendering: What is the minimum configuration of the system to render photorealistic human and fabric with PBR?

We need to render a realistic human figure with muscular movements with realistic real-time fabric simulation.

The figure has no background. That's just the human figure with fabric will appear on the screen.

What is the minimum system requirement to render up to 45 fps in real time?
I use the game engine of the unit. Is the representation physically able to do this?

(Note: I'm not asking for development, just to execute it)

I attached the sample photos to indicate how much realisam I need. please refer to them


human sample

Online sharepoint: the fabric of the user interface of Office reacts to the problem of representation of the menu of the third level command bar

I had a similar problem I use the spfx extension to render the navigation (the starting point was the starter kit). My problem was that when the command bar was reduced while minimizing the width of the browser (actually in the mobile view), the floating submenu could not be clicked.

I fixed it by simply deleting the value itemType (itemType: ContextualMenuItemType) to declare the object "IContextualMenuItem" for the elements of the command bar.

Fabric paint designs for beginners – Everything else

Caveman Art & Craft Studio is the best art and craft training center in Madurai. Both professionals and budding artists train with us, and our arts and crafts are displayed in prestigious institutions. We specialize in Batik paintingAfrican Painting, Thread Art, Pop Art, Size of soapQuilling Paper, Feather Crafts, Fabric painting, Jute Painting, Oil Painting, Paintings, Watercolor paints, Card making, and so on.

Windows Server 2016: How to protect the stability of host fabric in Hyper-V with high load

We have a server running Windows Server 2016 with 4 physical cores (8 hyperlinks) and Hyper-V installed.

Now, let's say that there are two virtual machines, each configured in Hyper-V to have a certain number of X cores. Let's say that each of those virtual machines is under a very high load: 80% to 100% CPU load.

If I want to safely preserve a margin for the host to remain healthy so that I can use the remote desktop on the server to manage it, what is the maximum number of cores that I can assign to each VM in Hyper-V? Should I leave a "free" kernel so that the host remains stable / accessible? If so, can I leave a free partial kernel instead of a full kernel?

Is there a separate configuration to specify the amount of CPU that must be kept for the host machine?

Also, in Hyper-V, does a core mean a physical core (of which there are 4 in this example) or a logical core (of which there are 8 in this example)?

Any help with this is very much appreciated.