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BlackHatKings: cryptographic speculation and investment
Posted by: MervinROX
Time of publication: June 22, 2019 at 09:57 p.m.

vba – Get the result with several elements selected when doing F4

I want to have access to the list of selected items populated through F4.

Public Function String List () As String
Dim strSql The StdBEStringBuilder
Dim strResult As String

Set strSql = New StdBEStringBuilder

strSql.Append ("SELECT article, article description")
strResult = PSO.Lists.GetF4SQL ("Articles", strSql.Value, "Article")

& # 39; I wish the list of articles here
ArrayList = strResult
End Function

Thank you!

Android – FlurlHttpException using Xamarin F4

I'm getting an exception from FlurlHttpException when I make the first https request in the Xamarin F $ application. The mobile devices of destination is a Samsung S10 + with Android Version 9. (PIE). My minimum target version is API level 23. The initial GET is for Azure, but it throws an exception before it leaves the phone.
URL: https: // ???? .azurewebsites.net / AbpUserConfiguration / GetAll, this is resolved in the browser, so I know it's live

exception of the short version:
exception {Flurl.Http.FlurlHttpException: the call failed. The class "md53445bfa005abb70b0a2fcd6c25bc64be.AwaitableOkHttp_OkTaskCallback" was not found in the path: DexPathList[[zip file “/system/framework/org.apache.http.legacy.boot.jar”, zip file “/data/app/com.????.Mobile-efnJv1yo0JoM5swt4qJ1-g==/base.apk”], nativeLibraryDirectories =[/data/app/com.????.Mobile-efnJv1yo0JoM5swt4qJ1-g==/lib/arm64, /data/app/com.????.Mobile-efnJv1yo0JoM5swt4qJ1-g==/base.apk!/lib/arm64-v8a, /system/lib64]]GET https: // ???? .azurewebsites.net / AbpUserConfiguration / GetAll —> Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException: The class "md53445bfa005abb70b0a2fcd6c25bc64be.AwaitableOkHttp_Okkasas.as was not found.


Anyone has some internal struggle in this excpetion of appreciated suggestions.

lens: clicking on the sound and the screen blinking when using Sony 70-200 F4

The "click" sound you are hearing is almost certainly the OSS (Optical SteadyShot) mechanism in the lens. The lenses of virtually all manufacturers that include optical stabilization based on lenses make similar noises when starting or when compensating camera / lens movement.

Their lenses 24-105 and 28-70 do not have OSS, since the IBIS system inside many Sony cameras is sufficient in those focal length ranges. However, at longer focal lengths, the same amount of camera movement results in a greater displacement of the subject as a percentage of the frame size. IBIS is limited in terms of range of motion by the size of the image circle projected by the lens, as well as by the limitations of space and size within the body of the camera. In this way, Sony has added OSS to the Sony OSS telephoto lens longer 70-200 mm f / 4 G to complement IBIS.

windows forms – Lock keys alt + f4 in c #

I'm making an entry form with C # and WindowsForm in Windows 10, which I need the user to fill in order to get usage statistics, but I have the problem that by applying certain windows commands (Alt + F4, Ctrl + Alt + Delete) , Alt + Tab) users can close the form or skip it, I was researching the subject and nothing that I tried works, I hope you can help me.

keyboard – my keys f1 f2 f3 f4 and 3 e d c c do not work

My keys 3 e d c do not work. At first, about 5 days ago, they started working at random, but now they do not work completely. I discovered that my f1 f2 f3 and f4 keys did not work well today, as well as doing a keyboard test. However, what is weird is that if I type ceo or echo .o appears or cep, / p appears. Very rare or some shortcut that did not work in the last 8 months, I used this laptop. The 3 on my numeric keypad works perfectly too. By the way, I'm using the on-screen keyboard.